There is a smile that imprints in my heart and soul. It is the smile that brings me to joy and solitude.Now I see the smile. What a wondrous smile! It lasts for few seconds yet the magic it continuously brings to me is eternal. Now, as I close my eyes, I see the timid, sweet little smile. It lights up my world. Now, my world shines, shimmers! It awakens my heart from deep slumber. It is indeed an enchanting smile – a smile that transcends beyond the world I believe I have known.

The smile takes me to another world – a very beautiful world. I see it like the biblical Eden, where I feel all the glories – no haste, no worries, no fears.

Why in this world fruits lost its sweetness? Why in this world smile fades out?

The smile is now gone. Where is the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen? Where is the smile that made me man enough to face uncertainties? Where is the smile that assured me that I will be picking upon joys from disappointments?

Now, I miss the smile. And I’m sad. It makes me sad.

One day, I know, I see your smile again.

Jerry G. Gervacio|Mandaue City|Contact: Send Mail
Blog I author (Bisaya): Ambot Lang!

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