Whatever and Well

Whatever and Well
The message in Missing Felimon’s Englisera

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I loved more than one woman in my life. But not once did I told one of them the Bisaya equivalent of “I love you.” Day, gihigugma ko ikaw. I didn’t really know why. Was it because I felt that it might not be “appropriate” to say so? Or was it because I was afraid that she might laugh at it? Maybe, I simply found it comfortable to express my innermost feeling in a foreign language than with my first language.

I realize this not until I first hear Missing Felimon’s song, Englisera. The song artistically beats my mind and rythmically touches my heart with its sincere message I understand.

Englisera relates to our contemporary society which still have some traces of colonial mentality. As the line goes, “Bahala nag luod basta gikan sa Hollywood’.

Many still find all those that come from other countries as better than those come from our own country. According to Wikipedia:

In the Philippines colonial mentality is most evident in the existence of favoritism for Filipino mestizos (primarily those of native Filipino and white ancestry, but also indigenous Filipino and Chinese, and other ethnic groups) in the entertainment industry and mass media, in which they have received extensive exposure despite constituting a small population in the country.

This is manifested by many who prefer to listen to English song to be “in” than Bisaya songs which often tagged as “baduy”.

Englisera is not just a song about love. It is not only about a man who fall in love with a lady who went away with “dirty old foreigner” to fulfill, at least her American dream.

Giingnan ko sa imong friends
Nga nikuyog ka kuno sa imong ka textmate nga kano
Nanglimbawt akong balhibo sa nasayran ko nga
Ang kano otsenta na..

The last stanza of the song doesn’t discourage us to learn English nor to use English. It’s on the mentality towards it.

Still I, say i love you though your hurting me so
Bahala nag makahilak ang lolo kong magbabalak
I tell him, well my lolo i’m your stupid apo
Naminaw lang unta ako sa tambag mo
Now i’m too hurt to learn an English word or two

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by Jerry G. Gervacio
Mandaue City, June 2007

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