English Rules!

“English Rules!” was the motto of the Department of Languages and Literature of Blancia Carreon College where I used to serve as instructor.The striking line emerged when the “Speak to me in English” campaign was launched, making the entire campus an English speaking zone. The campaign was inspired by the government’s, as well as the institution’s concern on the deterioration of the use of English language.

I personally believe the great advantages of graduates who are proficient in English. But of course, skills are on top.

After I left my teaching profession, I haven’t heard much about the program. However, I am sure that the program sustained.

As classes start, I always recall the good old days when I was serving as moulder of the young minds.

Jerry G. Gervacio|Mandaue City|Contact: Send Mail
Blog I author (Bisaya): Ambot Lang!

2 thoughts on “English Rules!

  1. it’s a great program indeed. it helps to prepare the students for their chosen profession and it also helps the students to gain more confidence when conversing with foreign nationals and some high-ranking professionals…

  2. ENGLISH RULES!!! ………………I’m sure that campaign encouraged a lot of students to learn good English. Honestly, i am not conscious with grammar and tenses usage especially when i am into casual conversation with my friends. English happens to be one of the weak subject I struggle to cope with when I was a student. I appreciate teachers who read my work and make corrections. If i don’t see any red marks on my paper I would feel that the teacher did not read the contents of my paper or otherwise the teacher got lazy correcting my paper.

    Thank you so much Sir Jerry Gervacio for helping me with the correct use of grammar, tenses, punctuations, formulation of paragraph and many more while I was doing my research in the past. You sacrifice a lot for my paper work and yet you never asked a single amount from my pocket or at least a token as a repay for the consultation i had with you. You are expert in the field of formal writing which I am very weak at. Honestly, I had a hard time talking to you in the past, i remember telling you to correct me if my english is wrong while we were having our online communication. I was really conscious because I know that I am talking to a highly credible person knowing that you work as technical writer, a Masters Degree holder and a former college professor. i really thought you don’t speak cebuano. You are a blessing to me. Thank you so much. I would be very glad to still receive corrections from you. heheheh

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