The Last Dawn With You

Sweetest love flowed in a midnight of September.

I remember the glory. I remember the gratification. And now I am sure that you, too, remember the fulfillment of the endless beauty of true love. It was a dream that came into reality.

No one between us had imagined that it was our last midnight together. Even now, after several September have passed, I still cannot believe that I was sipping the last drop of joys with you.

It was a midnight and dawn of love with you. Now, I face the day with little pangs of feeling alone and abandoned. I become a child whose treasured toy was stolen – and cannot be returned. I am at lost not in the dark but in daylight!

I was wrong when I ignored the lessons of life. We were wrong when we both believed that we could not be happy together. For we had used our eyes and ears, now we both suffer. I hurt you and it always hurt me to realize that twice, I saw you cry. The first when you told me, “J—-, I love you so much”; then when you said, “I’m sorry”.

You left.

Least expected, a force brought me to where you are now. Far from my imagination, we saw each other few months ago. We just both exchanged our sweetest smile.

You have shown to me that you are happy with your newfound affection. You said that you feel that I am happy now with another woman you used to hate.

We got another mistakes.

I am always here, waiting for you. I believe your heart waits. We’ll both together, soon.

Jerry G. Gervacio|Mandaue City|Contact: Send Mail
Blog I author (Bisaya): Ambot Lang!

6 thoughts on “The Last Dawn With You

  1. matay, mahigugma man sad ta’g daghang babaye ani oi..

    i can savor the aroma of love in every corner of this page..

  2. I thought this is a fresh one but this was posted on June 20, 2007. Although I feel the lonely and sad tone of this post I still see hope and optimism on the part of the author.

  3. yes weng, this is an old post. but this is always “fresh” to me because our memories live within my heart. she may not be the one in my heart for i think i found the right one. our love is like dead star.. may not be visible but it is there.. in space. we just dont know when it glows again..

  4. kuya you found the right one? congrats!!!! am happy for you
    am not sure if am correct, in our Philippine Literature class we discuss about the story entitled DEAD STAR.

  5. Everyone who reads the story Dead Star, with his heart open will surely get enchanted with the lessons of love, joy and life that lurk within the story. The lessons are within the lines, waiting to be discovered..

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