The Lucky Guy

‘Some guys have all the luck’ sings Rod Stewart. True enough.

The song goes;

Some guys have all the luck
Some guys have all the pain
Some guys get all the breaks
Some guys do nothing but complain

I don’t have all the luck but I am lucky enough because I loved and had been loved.

I have pains but not all the pains in this world. I simply let go of pains and did not compromise.

I got breaks, yes. The greatest break I got is my freedom to love.

Fortunately, I don’t complain. I don’t complain because there is nothing to complain. There are instead many dreams to live on.

All of my friends have a ring on their finger, they have someone
Someone to care for them, it ain’t fair, I got no one

Now, some guys see me as poor man (pretending to be well and happy) for not having ‘someone’. They see me as lonely because I am alone. On contrary, I am one of the happy beasts in town.

People within my circle are asking when shall the ‘long table’ be set. When shall I get married? Interesting. Why, does getting married makes me a lucky guy?

I think not.

Freedom makes me a lucky guy. Now, I have all the luck because I am free!

3 thoughts on “The Lucky Guy

  1. you are certainly right. getting married is not an alternative to achieve success, joy or achieve happniness is a matter of choice.the use of freedom in a rightful way.

    but i beg to disagree with the term you use to describe or label yourself as ” beast ” i am not having a friend like that. you are not a beast, you are a person worth loving and valued. indeed you are a virtuous man.

  2. hi Anonymous;
    thank you for dropping by. i am deeply touched with your words; that i am “a person worth loving and valued. a virtuous man.” When i wrote this post, I didnt notice that i used word that has different interpretation by different readers.

    thanks for your comments..


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