Most popular website among young Filipinos

Friendster is the most popular website among young Filipino Internet user according to the Young Filipino Internet User Report 2007 of Digital Filipino[dot]com.

The same report revealed that research, social networking, and gaming are primary reasons why they use the Internet.

Earlier, Friendster reported that Filipinos have the most number of Friendster account.

In less than a year since I join Friendster, I already got 243 friends added. Of 243, I personally know at least 10 percent. Most of them are just online friends whom we share common interest – reggae music. I don’t accept all friend request but I don’t have second thoughts to add someone who love reggae music. This is probably the essence of social networking – of Friendster.

The best thing Friendster has done to me is my opportunity to get in touch with long lost friends. In Friendster, I ‘meet’ again my friends in college. I got ‘refreshed’ communication with my former students. Most of all, I can be whom I want to be in Friendster.

Many parents expressed concern about Friendster phenomenon. There are several reminders that Friendster may be used as medium for crimes.

The Young Filipino Internet User Report 2007 must encourage the experts to evaluate this phenomenon and then propose recommendations.

Jerry G. Gervacio|Mandaue City|Contact: Send Mail
Blog I author (Bisaya): Ambot Lang!

3 thoughts on “Most popular website among young Filipinos

  1. dili diay youtube ang pinaka-popular nga website bai? sa ako sang nasayran, ang myspace og multiply naka-abante naman sad sa friendster.. hinuon, kung filipino youth ang hisgutan, siguro friendster….

  2. Sa mga batan-on bai, Friendster gyod kuno. Hinoon, kinahanglan pa gyod ni i-validate gyod.

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