English Class with Miss Repulle

Perhaps my most influential high school English Teacher in Santa Maria Goretti College was Miss Rosario Repulle. I remember her as compassionate, and soft-spoken yet tough. She motivated us to be attentive by either not saying a word or by looking innocently at us, a technique which now I believe as most effective that time.

There were always something we look forward to in her class – something we enjoy, something to learn upon.

I could still remember her subtle way of convincing and persuading us to read good materials, and to write. She encouraged us to keep a journal or a diary. Thank you Ma’am, I still bring today my ‘journal habit’ which commenced the day you tell us the benefits of keeping journal.

One classic requirements in her class was the home reading report, which I enjoyed a lot. It opened my interest to literature. My final home reading report was a lengthy novel entitled, Five Hands, a psycho-thriller novel. It was in first year during that time. My sister, Nang Jingjing as I called her, religiously guided me so that I better understand the novel. She guide me in looking for the meanings of difficult words in the dictionary, a very important skill I learned both from my sister and Ma’am Rosario.

She may have not known it but when she returned my composition paper with her positive remarks, I felt like I was really good. It boosted my confidence and encouraged me to read more and to write more.

Then, I began to imagine myself as a successful and prolific writer in the future.

I got my first taste of the ‘glory of the byline’ with the “Wall Paper” project. Indeed, it was the first time my writings were read by other students in the campus. It made me feel happy and gave me the feeling that I was really a writer. (Now, I am.)

We used a sheet of manila paper for our wall paper. Using colored pens, we wrote poems, anecdote, quotations, news, editorial in the manila paper. Some drew caricature. I poorly did my caricature. Of course, the wall paper must have good lay-out and basic newspaper parts. We did it in group, later individually.

Those were just some of the memorable project we work on in Miss Repulle’s English class. Her influence to me is eternal. Like me, she had touched almost all of her students.

English class with Miss Repulle is very memorable because through her class, I saw my potentials. Through her advices, I learn how to fully develop my potentials.

July 2007, Mandaue City

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3 thoughts on “English Class with Miss Repulle

  1. Remembered the days when I have to cram looking for Home Reading Report samples, haha. Teachers could either make or break us. I used to be really timid and shy back in elementary but when my high school English teacher started encouraging,me I decided I can be better and developed myself into a much more confident one.

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