Algorithm March of the CPDRC Inmates

Ladies and gentlemen, The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center Inmates..

Male inmates doing the record-setting Algorithm March with 967 inmates in 56 columns!

Female inmates doing the Dayang-dayang…

Visit also:
Japanese Algorithm Dance (compiled from various episodes of Japanese children TV-show “Pitagorean Switch”).

Japanese Algorithm Dance description says:

This dance is from a very popular children TV show in Japan called “Pythagorean Switch” -English TItle. An anime FANSUB group called DATTEBAYO ( had subbed few episodes of these series. I felt like stripping only the Algorithm Exercises from the series. So please enjoy!

posted by Jerry G. Gervacio, Cebu City, July 25, 2007

2 thoughts on “Algorithm March of the CPDRC Inmates

  1. sa asa man lagi ka nalingaw: sa post nga ‘gi-atay ra’ o sa blog ko in general? bisan unsa i take that as a compliment. daghang salamat

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