Amidst the bustling metropolis, there is a night of silence that stays within me.

There is a silent prayer for a sweet serenity. There are questions I ask yet I have fears to hear the answer.

  • Do you still love me?
  • Do you miss me the way I miss you?
  • Do you still have faith in me?

It’s been too long that we talk yet we fail to communicate. Is this the space we’ve been looking for? Is this the chance we talked about?

To keep on saying, “I’m so sorry” is an arrogance. Now, I won’t say that. But to hear nothing about what you feel on my deception to you and your family seems to be a silent attack. I think in other way, you may have been silent because you have accepted me as I am.

I have fears. Yes, I’m afraid, that’s why I’ve been too silent. I am also afraid with your silence.

Jerry G. Gervacio|Mandaue City|Contact: Send Mail
Blog I author (Bisaya): Ambot Lang!

1 thought on “Silence

  1. silence is a form of non-verbal communication. if this dominates in a relationship no one knows where the other stands. there is a lot of assumptions or guessing. the receiver will usually interpret this negatively. silence (for a long period) in a relationship conveys different meaning it could be interpreted by the receiver as a form of rejection, emotional may be viewed as pride, immaturity or even cowardice. the receiver will usually feel that she/he don’t exist in the person’s life. however short periods of silence may be a cry for attention and space

    improved your communication because it is very important in a relationship.don’t suffer in silence. silence is a poison,seek healing. the best cure is to connect, start talking. Be honest with your feelings. do it today.

    Ask yourself: what am i afraid of? am i afraid of what may be her reaction? if she listens or not? if she will trust me or not? if she will accept me or not?

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