She speaks

she speaks..

Last Saturday I got the courage to call her. And I even deserve an applause for having the confidence to tell her that I really love her. (Do I have the right after all?)

She speaks (not spoken as I still hear her saying those words)..

love has always been there, jerry.. never was the time that i despise you.. i always adore you but things are on its on hold on us..

i respect your priorities in life and so in return i wont ask you things you can’t give right now.. i want you to feel free to do things you think you need to do..

i’m sorry that i don’t have enough courage to stay.. i don’t want either to make you feel bad about just because you can’t be here with me..

Will I’ll be happy then? Or sad? Or no feeling at all? Now, I ask my time to speak…

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2 thoughts on “She speaks

  1. Those lines seem to make me feel sad however, it�s relieving to know that you both gain strength to communicate each other again.
    Allow me share to you this very well known prayer in psychology
    by Fritz Perls

    The Gestalt Prayer

    I do my thing
    and you do your thing.
    I am not in this world
    to live up to your expectations
    And you are not in this world
    to live up to mine.

    You are you and I am I.
    And if by chance
    we find each other,it’s beautiful,
    If not, it can’t be helped

  2. Hehehehehe…when your in love make your you are ready to give up things or ready to be hurt. Or sacrifice is all it takes. Either way be prepared.

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