Old Songs

Tonight my heart sings. My melodies waft through the breeze of pristine evening. When everyone sleeps with serenity, my heart incessantly chant even no one listens, even no one hears. My heart sings until its melody fades out like darkness at dawn.

My heart sings olds songs to refresh the memories that sustain my hope. With silent prayers that someone out there listens, my heart sings the songs with notes of smile, of encouragement, of admiration, of promises, of hope, of assurance, of shattered dreams.

I believe a magic spell envelops my evening. There is a fairy that comes to take my heart away from the dungeon of emotional slavery. It only takes a magic wand to set my heart free. My heart sings as it seeks freedom – and gives freedom to another who ask for it.

For the second time, my heart appeal to High Power for blessings. May His power envelops me tonight as my heart says its second incantation for a deep sleep. So that as dawning comes, this heart becomes a legend.

May all things done as planned.

Jerry G. Gervacio|Mandaue City|Contact: Send Mail
Blog I author (Bisaya): Ambot Lang!

5 thoughts on “Old Songs

  1. wheww, what a nice prayer.. happy birthday sir!! 🙂 i just pray that everything u wished for will soon be materialized..

  2. very nice!!! i see a lot of magical words but i know it comes from the heart. MAY THE HOLY TRIUNE GOD LIVE IN YOUR HEART AND IN THE HEARTS OF ALL PEOPLE AMEN.

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