Footnote to aspiring Technical Writer

Writing skills and technical knowledge form the foundation of technical writing career. One do not need to be a software developer to become a successful technical writer (in IT). He only needs to understand what the developers do.

Although some companies prefer to get a very “technical” writer – those with technical degree – many companies have apprehensions that “technical” writer will soon get more interested on coding rather than writing/developing online help systems, designing web sites, and delivering multimedia training.

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Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice

Choices! There are many choices. Early this year, a friend ask me if he needs to say goodbye to his MS Office 2003 to welcome 2007 Microsoft Office system (Microsoft Office 2007).

Instead of an answer, I asked, “why not give a try?” Then, I cracked a joke, “give me your money for that pretty expensive software and I will give you free office tool – the OpenOffice. Several days later, we started to use Office 2007 at work. My friend then frequently ask about what pretty features Office 2007 has.

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Sex without strings

Many men and women in their twentysomethings admit having sexual contact with a partner before getting married.Today’s twentysomethings are not always oriented to marriage. Relationships are seen as getting-to-know-you better and not necessarily romantic relationship. That’s why, I don’t wonder why instead of “love”, we talk more about “sex” and “relationships”. Are Filipinos live in a culture of sex without strings and relationships without rings? Yes, I think so. Only few have the courage to admit – thanks to “Christian culture”.

Sex is for fun. It is one of the freedom enjoyed by young and single. Indeed, the freedom and pleasure loved by most smart, young, and single men and women.

There is romantic sex. There is also casual sex. For engaged couple – those who only count days before they will finally sign the marriage contact – romantic sex can be the best description for their sexual activity. Casual sex is the no-string-attached sex – an expected part of the dating scene. When we talk about this among friends, many of them agree that casual sex is no-strings-attached sex. It requires no commitments beyond the sexual encounter itself, no ethical obligation beyond mutual consent. Sex is no longer a big deal as in the past.

It is no longer uncommon to hear someone getting drunk, suddenly feel hot and horny and got great sex! Partner’s name no longer important. That’s casual sex.

Working singles, specially men, most likely to go to nightclubs to socialize with friends. Clubs are good place not only for socializing, and for drinking but also for a good place to find casual sex hookup. Do you go to clubs to find a wife or husband? Fool! Go there to find sex with less and no responsibilities at all.

I used to believe that one night stand is a fiction. Now, I’m convinced that some tales come true!

Are girls evil?

Good question.

Girls can be very complicated; they will try to trick you with loaded questions, give you guilt trips, and try to control your life. I can speak for all guys when saying; girls care one of the most dangerous things in this world, they may seem nice and sweet, but they come straight from the devil. They are manipulative, unpredictable and downright insane, says boredmate a gentleman who write pretty good things about significant human experiences. In his post, girls greatest secret unveiled, he suggested “some weapons to combat” girls’ evil acts.

Are girls evil?

Give me a minute. Just take a look on this. Urban Dictionary defines girls as “the creation of satan, designed to destroy the existence of mankind“. A pretty good definition. How do they say so without proof?

Common, here’s the proof that girls are evil:

First, girls need time and money:
Girl = Time * Money

And we know that time is money:
Girl = Money * Money

We also know that money is the root of all evil:
Money = Evil ^ 1/2

Money ^ 2 = Evil

So we are forced to conclude that:
Girl = Evil

Now, are you convinced that girls are evil? Here’s my encounter with them. Girls make me happy. At least for many occasions girls help me discover that life is a pleasure thing.

As I looked forward to taste many times the rub-a-dub of sensual stuff, she (now I refer to a girl I know) exploited it with her evil intention to put me down. How petty I was. How petty it was for a gentleman whose spirit was corrupted with evil thoughts of a girl.

Now I think of evils in this world. There are many evils around us. There are pretty good evils in workplace, in malls, along highways, even in slum areas and in temples.

Are girls evil?

Yes, they are. Evils temp. Girls do. Evils corrupt our minds. Girls do. Evils exploit. Girls do. Evils kill. Girls do.

Yes, girls are evils.

But I love them. I love evils. I love girls.

Are all girls evil?

No. Not all girls are evil. Some girls are angels like some girls I know. The girl who reads this is an angel. The girl who curse me for exposing the fart of their evil life is a sure evil.


I really never knew what I wanted until I was in a career I believe that I wanted, only to realize that I wanted something else.

Choosing a career indeed put me in crossroads.

No one knew but when I was in grade school, I wanted to become priest, or become the Pope, and saint. I didn’t know why.

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