Types of Software Piracy

So you don’t want to be involved in software piracy. You must first know the several types of software piracy.

Microsoft Philippines lists five [5] types of software piracy.

End-User Piracy[1]

End-user piracy is the illegal copying of software without licensing each copy. Sharing or giving a copy of the original CD or the latest PC game to a friend is already end-user piracy. There are also uninformed business owners who assume that Volume Licenses cover their Windows desktop operating system. By installing these Volume Licenses in PCs, they are committing piracy since the license only covers windows desktop upgrades.

Pre-installed Software[2]

Another form of piracy is pre-installed software, or software already installed in PCs bought in computer stores. Always look for and insist on proper license documentation in assembled PCs and be informed on what you are actually paying for.

Internet Piracy[3]

The Internet is a haven of piracy. You could download almost everything armed only with an Internet connection and a PC.

When you see a website which allows you to download certain licensed software, verify with its publisher if distribution is allowed.


You may have seen imitation copies of software products on stalls in malls or sidewalks. This is counterfeiting or the method of copying an authentic copy of licensed software and reproducing it to resemble the actual product. Even registration cards and serial numbers are included in the package so it appears like the original product. Avoid being fooled by counterfeiting by understanding the features of an authentic copy of the product.

Online Auction Piracy [5]

Beware of online auctions, which sell unlicensed products at a really low price. Most likely it is too good to be true.

Sometimes these deals include a special offer to lure you into buying the software, which is non-genuine. This is called online auction piracy, which violates the original terms of sale. The Not for Resale (NFR) or OEM software may not be sold by a third party.

Be sure you won’t be a victim of software piracy. Help IT!

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5 thoughts on “Types of Software Piracy

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  2. Is there in piracy if someone use open source software commercially in office ? Coz , how would someone get licence number of that open source software if someone willing to use it in office / home ..

  3. Piracy is been a big problem in the Philippines. The government had to put up a department to deal with this alone. The Optical Media Board is what it came about and fortunately they have been doing good. Less pirated movies and records can be seen on the street. Lately they focused on illegal use of software and found out that even some companies practices such. An instance which happened last week where a call center company Garrett & Talon which has an in house account – JUSTFLOWERS was raided by the authority because of illegal use of operating system (windows). When OMB raided the company they found out that only 1 OS was legally bought and was used to run 100 or more PC’s. The case is now on going. Kudos to OMB!

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