Why third wave?

This blog was first known as Technie – a little twist of techie. Though I don’t see myself as real techie, I intended Technie to focus on technology. My posts were limited to such topics.

When I decided to close my personal blog (in English), I posted to Technie essays of various theme and topics such as politics, emotions, and personal experiences. Technie, as a blog title, then became unfitted to blog content. I personally picked Serenity – a favorite word since I first experience inner peace. This blog had been known Serenity.

third wave
Today, I name this blog as “third wave” (all letters in lowercase). The blog title, third wave, is most appropriate as this is the third name “I install” (sounds techie) or I say, “I baptize” (sounds angelic) to my blog. As I personally see, I now emerge into third stage of blogging.
This is third wave, a third force!

I decided to re-engineer this blog as part of my blog enhancement efforts. My apologies to Alvin Toffler whose work, Third Wave continue to inspire me and continue to drive me to aspire.

This is not a blog patch nor an update. I hate to call this as upgrade. I just implement blog re-engineering. May the spirit of blogging dwell upon us.

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