Narco-politics and the 2010 Elections

Election in the Philippines is very expensive. To run for national or even local positions, one has to spend millions of pesos. This is one of the reason of the emergence of narco-politics. Drug lords would finance the election campaigns of political candidates for obvious reason – protection of drug syndicate.

Felix Mediavillo of The Manila Bulletin Online reports, narco-politics has apparently found its way in the Philippines following reports that big-time drug lords financed the campaign of several elected officials.

In 2007 local election, the term narco-politics became clear to me when Dilaab Foundation (Cebu) launched an advocacy against it. The tag line was very popular then, Ayaw Ipalusot Kandidatong Shaburakot. The advocacy of Dilaab Foundation gained momentum especially to the youth.

I recalled narco-politics when I attended the Cebu Bloggers Meet-Up organized by Janette Toral and Max Limpag, and hosted by Sun Star. Janette Toral presented insights on how bloggers can actively participate in the 2010 presidential elections. She stressed the crucial role of bloggers to promote transparency in Philippine elections. Electoral transparency is a prevailing issue which affects the political stability of our nation.

I agree. A blogger can participate and effectively communicate ideas to shape opinions so that voters can have a wise decision whom to vote for.

I foresee that the issue of narco-politics will then be more visible in the synchronize local and presidential elections.

The area of concern is to communicate to voters on the nature of narco-politics, the ways the means to identify the candidates who are supported by narcotic syndicate. I think with the help of Dilaab Foundation, this can be very feasible. This way, no voter can be decieved!

Today is a good start to prepare for an election that will shape our nations destiny.

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13 thoughts on “Narco-politics and the 2010 Elections

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  2. How I wish Philippines would have a two-party system subsidized by the government itself. We could have eliminate this kind of problems, election would be more relevant. No minority elect-canditates.

  3. Communicating the Philippine water crisis

    I am posting a communication briefing paper on how a senator can generate public support for the water crisis issue. Hope our presidentiables generate ideas from this.

    Eero (

    Mind Bullet Briefing Paper: Communicating the Philippine Water Crisis as a Defining National Issue for Candidates Running for the 2010 Presidential elections.

    I. Rationale

    Defining moments are very important in capturing the imagination, hearts , minds of the people to genuinely entrust leadership. Through conscious efforts and expected historical milestones, defining moments can be laid out as a story line leading to a positive perception or conclusion. Defining moments establish how the market (electorate) will perceive and decide what to do with the product (politician). Simply put, defining moments in history will determine the market positioning of candidates running for President in 2010.
    read more at:

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  5. Its good that there are some organization that helps educate the voters. But still its up to the filipinos if they will let these politicians win in the coming elections. Our values seems to be of lesser importance to us.

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  9. Well, I definitely agree with you there, “Election in the Philippines is very expensive.” I just hope it became successful. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I’ve been looking for interesting topic as this. looking forward for your next post. Keep posting!


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