What is the ‘truth’ behind ‘communal action’?

The question, “how can CBCP’s quest for truth be satiated?” [1] asked by Candido Wenceslao in his Sun Star Cebu column Candid Thoughts is worthy to ponder upon. Truth as talked about by Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in its statements seemed to be very elusive.

Wenceslao added:

Is truth the one that the political opposition, militants and civil society groups believe: that everybody in Malacañang is corrupt? Or is truth the one insinuated by the Arroyo administration: that it is clean? [2]

The truth should be based on evidence. It must not lay upon mere hearsay. The testimony of Rodolfo Lozada, Jr. in the Senate may be true but he must present evidence and he must be consistent and reliable enough to qualify his statements as “truth”. In the same way, what the Malacañang men are saying as the “truth” must be substantiated.

Truth can be gauged based on facts and evidence not on how dramatic the statement is presented. When Lozada testified, he touched the nation’s sensitive emotions with his tears. He appeared to be telling the truth. He must had been. But as the Senate hearing progressed, the quest for truth shifted to quest to console the “star witness”. Console Lozada by showing to him that many support him. Supporting does not always equate to believing.

[The] ‘truth challenges us now to communal action,’ the CBCP said in a statement signed by Archbishop Angel Lagdameo. ABS-CBN online reported. [3]

What is communal action? Are we going to streets to shout for “truth”? Are we going to join those groups planning to do radical actions? CBCP is not clear on what communal action means.

While CBCP “challenges us now to communal action”, I challenge every Filipino to listen to both sides and to evaluate the circumstances. Instead of being too radical, let us all calm down. Let us also remember that will happen to our nation if we keep our emotions up and ignore reasons.

Clerics must remember how the people in Jerusalem welcomed Jesus Christ. The same people condemned him. Several statements are reported hailing Lozada and even former Speaker Jose de Venecia. Some even said that de Venecia sacrificed his political ambition just to let the public would know the truth behind controversies on the aborted NBN deal. Let us remember that de Venecia even on the last minute tried to save his political prowess. De Venecia obviously said bad against the administration – after all, it ousted him.

What is the ‘truth’ behind ‘communal action’? The intention to overthrow the government. If we will, what then?

[1] [2] Sun Star Cebu, Wenceslao: Prayer power
[3] ABS-CBN News Online, Communal action needed after NBN exposé – CBCP

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13 thoughts on “What is the ‘truth’ behind ‘communal action’?

  1. hmm for me there is no truth (my life principle) for truth is one’s version/interpretation of fact, it just depends on whose side one is camped at…

    communal action? not another edsa event? please… lozada is a pebble thrown in a serene lake, he is sending off ripples but some ripples wane others bounce back…

    great post!

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    I agree.

  2. Magandang araw sayo.Maraming salamat sa pagdalaw.Sana ay makaboto ka.

    Overthrow the government? Hindi lang dapat itapon,dapat duraan, tapakan,tadtadin ang mga payasong politiko na panay ang arte. Binababoy ang gobyerno sa pamamagitan ng pag-arte.Itinuturing na entablado ang senado at tayo ang mga manonood.Ang Lozada Movie ay siguradong papatok sa takilya.Ano kayang coming soon?

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    Kahit nakakainis na palabas, mabuti pa ring tingnan natin kung ano ang ending nito. Lunukin na lang natin ang inis.

  3. but evidences could be easily fabricated. on this situation, the truth for me is the consistensy of the testimonies and not the mere connect-the-dots-defense.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    While i agree that evidence can be fabricated, i also believe that not all evidences can be easily fabricated.

  4. we are out of focused kasi. instead of asking lozada whether he was abducted or not, the blue ribbon should force neda and the dotc to produce the documents which lozada and the powers-that-be had signed to okay the nbn deal. that’s it. the hell with occular inspection of the naia! idiots.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    You are saying it right. we must focus on the issue. but sometimes the glamour is on the sidebar.

  5. i believe that what whistleblowers expose have underlying truth. they are not not define as saints or holy people who have clean or pure hearts.even if their motives for exposing government or an organization’s wrongdoing or anomaly are personal the subject of thier exposee still needs to be dealt seriously. This time i go away with making comments about Lozada’s emotional way of exposing things. I have been listening to all reports since Lozada’s quote and quote abduction. I have high regard to Presisdent Arroyo’s courage, her effort to bring this nation to economic progress but even if she has done a big change i cannot tolerate another person who follows thesame footstep with Estrada. I will continue to document reports from news, senate investigation hearing, interviews and make my own conclusions after all facts are gathered. i have nothing to say about Lozada’s crying (its not actually the nucleus of the issue) besides he is a human being a person with affect.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    i respect your belief. thank you for bringing you opinion here.

  6. it was an interesting post….for me i will never look back to what was happened… the damage has been done so how can we ever knew who was telling the truth… so just let do for what the people are thinking of and wait for what the result.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    all of us are waiting for the result. we cannot afford to let this issue ruin our economy.

  7. There is something about Lozada that makes feel him to be not so sincere. While there might be some color of truths to what he say but he is just too good to be true…

    What is truth for CPCP? I understand that these bishops have the responsibility to heard the flock but should they be involved in politics? Even Jesus said, for Caesar is for Caesar for the father is for the Father…

    The current investigation at the senate will surely produce no output but a call for indignation to overthrow a government again, and again, and again. Fanning the amber of hate and disperation among poor filipinoes in their plight who is in search of a savior hero. It only shows disrespect and lack of trust in our constitution – the fundamental law of the land. Why not take the better alternative laid out for this problem?

    When can the filipino people say enough? We tried this before but we end up to the same problem again… is it worth the try now?

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    I agree to what the presidential son has challenged to lozada: bring the matter to proper forum.

  8. well i never heard CBCP calling for arroyo’s resignation that if am correct. in fact Lozada never said Arroyo is better to resign from her post. The religious people and ordinary people gathered yesterday during a holy mass offered for Lozada were united not to oust arroyo but to support for Lozada who is for them a credible witness of the ZTE broadband deal scam.

    ill attend the holy mass today at redemptorist church in support of Lozada.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.

    thank you for reminding me about the ‘motives’ of the Holy Mass offered to for Lozada. Im not against of it.

    I still stand on my conclusion on this post:
    “What is the ‘truth’ behind ‘communal action’? The intention to overthrow the government. If we will, what then?” I suspect that intention. And it is clear on the action.

  9. mahilig sa melodrama ang Pinoy. pati totoong buhay, ginagawang teleserye. kaya patok ang zarzuela ni lozada ngayon. ang dami pang kelangan ilabas at malaman ng sambayanan bago makapag pasya.

    i am in agreement when you said that we all need to calm down and try to consider both sides. it becomes impossible to see truth when we are impassioned by all these drama.

    the clergy is becoming more involved with issues at hand, paticularly with this Lozada/NBN brouhaha. although i commend and subscribe to their role in ushering the people to the truth, i also believe that they should do it with a conscious effort not to sway people’s minds beyond logic.

    mangyari kasi, pag simbahan na ang karamay, people tend to follow blindly.

    jusmio, ilang bese na ba tayo nag People Power, wala pa ring pinag bago? how about giving a chance to sanity and logic?

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.

    that’s why, i wish jun lozada to go directly to his point. if he knew the the president’s men and the president herself have direct participation on the alleged corruption in the aborted NBN-ZTE deal. I’d like him to be like Clarisa Ocampo with unquestioned credibility and always been consistent. In Lozada’s case, I see many flaws in his statements.

    I agree with Sun Star columnist Frank Malilong’s observation that Lozada is having publicity overdose. “Lozada is having an overdose of publicity and it is not helping him. Somebody, please tell him to get hold of himself before he suffers a burnout which would be tragic for the nation.”

  10. meanwhile, the Church needs to do double time in making the Faith appealing at least to those of us who are unable to appreciate its relevance to the times.

    Sundays in the Philippines may fill the churches up to the rafters with the faithful. But how faithful can these people get? Beyond the church walls, most seem to leave their faith behind after mass like they do with misalettes.

  11. i do not see Lozada’s dramatic way of presenting his points (he is a human being). i suggest that you all gather facts first. first and formost people who stand for lies are highly organized and financially equipped. they can always threatened a whistle blower for a libel case. what is really the call for the catholic church is not merely about the call to tell the whole nation about ZTE Broadband deal but rather a support for truth, a support for whistle blowers who want to expose the wrongdoings of government officials. this includes support for people who stand by the truth, who fight against corrupt government like other projects that were a product of malign corruption and that includes CICC, overprice lampost, railroad projects, hello Garci scandal and all other transactions that were doubted for corruption and overpricing. It is not merely the president herself alone. if corruption continues the rich people, the businessmen, the government leaders will not be affected it is the ordinary people who will be directly affected. are we going to continue shutting our mouths, do nothing, are we so hopeless already.
    this is not an ordinary truth and consequence game. you will see that you only have two choices now its either truth or end. i love this nation so much and i will never be an idle if my nation is persecuted already. but the reality that we have to accept is that knowing the truth is a long process and if we will have the truth in our hands what we should do about it. that is actually the essential question what to do about the truth.

    i still have hope for this nation and i still can hope for some honest government officials.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.

    Everybody hopes that this nation will be better. But how? It boils down to the way we vote for our leaders. Honest goverment officials? Look instead to honest citizens. If we have honest citizens, we can have honest leaders.

    It is not necessary that we all go out to shout in redress to our government. Being aware is more than important. Being objective in taking of issues is very essential. Being calm is the most important.

    St. John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us.
    Live Jesus in our hearts.

  12. lozada has already done his piece. let neri do his part in the same forum, the senate, not in the justice department which for me is self-serving for the people in the executive branch of our government.if the witnesses testify separately in different forum we will have a chop-chop truth which is difficult to assemble.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    I agree.

  13. Lozada’s testimonies inconsistent and emotional as they appear, might still have little truths. The truth that is being suppressed doesnt guarantee salvation from corruption but it may correct and prevent future similar acts. However, Lozada should, must stop the hype, of stirring the public sentiments into something against his testimony. If he is a witness, let him be a witness and let him testify into the courts of the land and not create a false truth that seems to incite the people and negating the truth that should be revealed.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    I prefer Lozada to remain as credible witness than a famous star.

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