Seeking way out

In the recent national issue – aborted National Broadband Network (NBN) – ZTE (China) deal, the buzzword is “seeking for truth”. There are also nice-sounding “mass for truth”, “prayer for truth”, and CBCP’s call for “communal action”.

We are eager to know the truth as who are involved in the alleged “kickback” or “commission” – whatever we may call it. We equally welcome and waited for the missing link that directly point the Palace as the force behind the alleged anomalous deal. Unless we see this missing link, the clamor continues. If the link does not really exist and if proofs free the Palace from the anomaly, suspicion of cover-up will surely surface. Whether we like it or not, many – through mass media, already found the Palace “guilty”.

We have been in the long journey of seeking the truth with faith that truth will set this nation free. We quest for these freedom: freedom from constant political turbulence, freedom from economic setbacks, freedom from corruption and wrongdoings in the government and private sector.

The Filipino nation is getting sick and tired of being so politically and economically sick and tired. While everyone is seeking way out of this desperate condition, each faces the national dilemma as to “how”. This national dilemma is clearly manifested in the Senate investigation to the alleged NBN-ZTE anomalous deal.

As an observer to the Senate investigation and to the reaction of some religious and civil society groups, I wonder what is the direction of this nation.

The alleged anomalous deal, the Senate inquiry, the clamor of the people, mistrust to government leaders, the overdose of media coverage, exaggeration, are not new since we overthrow the dictatorial government.

We never slept and awaken without controversy. Many are already immune of it. Some are making fun and money by playing with it. One reason of this is the lack of cohesiveness among the Filipino nation. Another is uncontrolled emotion. We push leaders up like gods, and pull them down like evils.

We condemn criminals and later tag them as better than the other, and even hail them as “hero”. We are consistently inconsistent. It seems its difficult to stand – it’s easy to follow where the multitude are.

In the end, we will lately realize that we are blind followers marching towards dead end.

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3 thoughts on “Seeking way out

  1. i came to a point of feeling tired already when i heard about hello garci scandal or mass cheating during 2004 elections because i feel those were just black propagandas of opposition leaders. its tiresome though but i see that there is no point of getting tired all throughout my life. i get tired because i did not bother to get involved, what i did was just to sit down (isn’t it really tiresome to just sit down and do nothing). i see a suffering mother who never lost hope for her wayward son. she continues to remind him and directs him towards the right path. i see a suffering mother in the eyes of every innocent children and it says never lost hope.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.

    I’m glad I sense the spirit of hope here. Though you cannot discount the reality that we are living in a disastrous world. And we are seeking way out of this desperate conditions brought by political clashes (social clashes).

    As what Schopenhauer thought, we live in the worst of all possible worlds and happiness is an illusion. And the the key to making life bearable for Schopenhauer is simply this: extremely low expectations.

    But we expect too much from our leaders. How sad.

  2. if we do our part as individual citizen of this nation then we can bear all of this because not a single accusation can torn us down if we are doing the right thing and if we are honest. i contradict to the statement “happiness is an illusion” because joy is a choice. it is within our reach. we oftentimes base happiness in the context of success, economic progress actually more of the external appearance of a nation. we never learned that true joy is something that starts within us. we have been experiencing set backs, failures, economic instability, moral terrorisms. and with these people usually say aside we are immune, we better flee, this is a worst country (not at all). but seldom do i hear people say we can get over with this, seldom do i hear hopeful people, seldom do i see resilient people.

    if you curse your own country and believe that this country is really worst then naturally you will see all the worst here and forget about the spark of goodness in every Filipino you met.

    batang buotan
    Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts here. I agree that only us – Filipinos can rebuild this nation. For “happiness is an illusion” as philosophy of Schopenhauer – like you many disagree. I stand on my opinion that “The Filipino nation is getting sick and tired of being so politically and economically sick and tired.” That’s why, many appear to be unaffected with social issues. Issues only confuse anyway.

  3. this why i dont watch the telly
    apathetic nako, really.
    im just tired of this circus fanfare.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you.
    LOL. It makes us sick sometimes.

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