Thursday’s Snippet

In programming, an ABEND (also abnormal end or abend) is an abnormal termination of software, a crash. With some indicators, is GMA’s administration close to an abnormal end? Wait and see.


Some say CBCP’s position on the national crisis is just right but many are discontented. Do they expect the clerics to say: Go to EDSA and revolt? Multiply politicking


CBCP will not stop “Gloria resign” calls. Will the clerics won’t stop people who tag the president as “evil”? Let them answer.


New Senate witness Dante Madriaga, accused GMA and FG as part of the “Greedy Group plus plus” (GG++ – not C++) and allegedly advanced $41 million in kickbacks from the $329-million broadband deal with ZTE.


Will ZTE sleep in peace without getting back the $41 million? If it is true that the company had given $41 million. The deal has been aborted, remember.


Senator Pangilinan wants to ensure that Madriaga is not a “Trojan Horse” as IT Administrator ensures a malware-free system. Political tricks can be misleading.


Does credible witness need to be emotional? It appears. But whether Madriaga cry a thousand times, his testimony must be substantiated to be convincing.


To Sen. Madrigal: It’s FGI not FG. It’s better to be sure before which egg to pick. Did the good senator picked spoiled egg? Politicians can explain why the their claim is true and can explain well why it becomes false.


Cebu lawyers launched “Peso for Truth”. The fund will help not only whistle-blower Jun Lozada but other future witness who are willing to tell the truth. I pray someone also launches “Peso for Victims of Natural Calamities.”


No less than former Senate President Jovito Salonga with the Kilosbayan and Bantay Katarungan filed at the Office of the Ombudsman a complaint of plunder and corruption yesterday against President Arroyo. Under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the president is immune from suit. “She is indeed immune from suits but not from investigation,” Salonga told reporters. Let legal battles begin.


A big rally in Makati is set tomorrow. In Cebu, Cebuanos for Truth (C4T), a new interfaith group is organizing a prayer rally tomorrow afternoon at the historic Fuente Osmeña rotunda. No children please. It’s too risky for them.


If I won in a promo, I like to a holiday tour for two to Europe. Former COMELEC chair, Ben Abalos will go to America. This reminds me of the song, Buffalo Soldier. Will Abalos sings, I’m a buffalo soldier in the heart of NBN deal?


Yellow is not gone but green is new color of protest. Is it okay to blue? The color green represents the quest for honesty, truth, and hope. The suggestion came from the La Sallian brothers, and even the Ateneans posed no objection to it, Inquirer reports. It’s fun to add new color to life.

St. John Baptist de La Salle
Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts


Have a break. A cup of coffee for you.


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1 thought on “Thursday’s Snippet

  1. Sakit sa ulo ng mga nagkalat na issues na ito. Thanks sa Snippets. Parang express newspaper. Have a nice day!

    batang buotan says:
    Maraming salamat din.
    Kape muna tayo.

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