Good news is good

We are accustomed to read and hear issues and scandals; and even lured to sensational news. Crimes, scandalous government and private transactions, break-ups of famous showbiz couple, and gossips are juicy and get more space and airtime.

Stories about growth and development appear to be ordinary and less appealing. Most likely, these “good news” are given less priority.

We’ve been hearing complaints about media highlighting only the bad news, Lorenzo Niñal observed.

While many wants to read and hear more “good news” from mass media, I doubt Filipinos can sustain a week without any reports about issues and controversies. I’m even afraid if it happens.

Press mirrors our society. We are not a Utopia nor a community of robots. As we journey we stumble upon conflicts, thus issues surface.

A friend noted, “we suffer overdose of negative reports”. However, he admitted that we cannot stop media from reporting or highlighting “bad” news. After all, that’s most of us want.

We have options though. We can filter news and get only what we desire. To get a healthy dosage of the day’s information, I hang out to Good News Pilipinas, a pretty good site that reports all good things about Philippines and Filipinos.

While the dramatic and trivial episodes of Senate investigation on alleged anomalous NBN deal upset me at times, I also get a big grin while reading about “good news”.

Take good news to nourish you and bad news as stabilizer. After all, we can murmur: good news and bad news a day keep doctors away.

Really? Smile, just for today.

JGG|Mandaue City
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Seeking way out

In the recent national issue – aborted National Broadband Network (NBN) – ZTE (China) deal, the buzzword is “seeking for truth”. There are also nice-sounding “mass for truth”, “prayer for truth”, and CBCP’s call for “communal action”.

We are eager to know the truth as who are involved in the alleged “kickback” or “commission” – whatever we may call it. We equally welcome and waited for the missing link that directly point the Palace as the force behind the alleged anomalous deal. Unless we see this missing link, the clamor continues. If the link does not really exist and if proofs free the Palace from the anomaly, suspicion of cover-up will surely surface. Whether we like it or not, many – through mass media, already found the Palace “guilty”.

We have been in the long journey of seeking the truth with faith that truth will set this nation free. We quest for these freedom: freedom from constant political turbulence, freedom from economic setbacks, freedom from corruption and wrongdoings in the government and private sector.

The Filipino nation is getting sick and tired of being so politically and economically sick and tired. While everyone is seeking way out of this desperate condition, each faces the national dilemma as to “how”. This national dilemma is clearly manifested in the Senate investigation to the alleged NBN-ZTE anomalous deal.

As an observer to the Senate investigation and to the reaction of some religious and civil society groups, I wonder what is the direction of this nation.

The alleged anomalous deal, the Senate inquiry, the clamor of the people, mistrust to government leaders, the overdose of media coverage, exaggeration, are not new since we overthrow the dictatorial government.

We never slept and awaken without controversy. Many are already immune of it. Some are making fun and money by playing with it. One reason of this is the lack of cohesiveness among the Filipino nation. Another is uncontrolled emotion. We push leaders up like gods, and pull them down like evils.

We condemn criminals and later tag them as better than the other, and even hail them as “hero”. We are consistently inconsistent. It seems its difficult to stand – it’s easy to follow where the multitude are.

In the end, we will lately realize that we are blind followers marching towards dead end.

JGG|Mandaue City
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What is the ‘truth’ behind ‘communal action’?

The question, “how can CBCP’s quest for truth be satiated?” [1] asked by Candido Wenceslao in his Sun Star Cebu column Candid Thoughts is worthy to ponder upon. Truth as talked about by Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in its statements seemed to be very elusive.

Wenceslao added:

Is truth the one that the political opposition, militants and civil society groups believe: that everybody in Malacañang is corrupt? Or is truth the one insinuated by the Arroyo administration: that it is clean? [2]

The truth should be based on evidence. It must not lay upon mere hearsay. The testimony of Rodolfo Lozada, Jr. in the Senate may be true but he must present evidence and he must be consistent and reliable enough to qualify his statements as “truth”. In the same way, what the Malacañang men are saying as the “truth” must be substantiated.

Truth can be gauged based on facts and evidence not on how dramatic the statement is presented. When Lozada testified, he touched the nation’s sensitive emotions with his tears. He appeared to be telling the truth. He must had been. But as the Senate hearing progressed, the quest for truth shifted to quest to console the “star witness”. Console Lozada by showing to him that many support him. Supporting does not always equate to believing.

[The] ‘truth challenges us now to communal action,’ the CBCP said in a statement signed by Archbishop Angel Lagdameo. ABS-CBN online reported. [3]

What is communal action? Are we going to streets to shout for “truth”? Are we going to join those groups planning to do radical actions? CBCP is not clear on what communal action means.

While CBCP “challenges us now to communal action”, I challenge every Filipino to listen to both sides and to evaluate the circumstances. Instead of being too radical, let us all calm down. Let us also remember that will happen to our nation if we keep our emotions up and ignore reasons.

Clerics must remember how the people in Jerusalem welcomed Jesus Christ. The same people condemned him. Several statements are reported hailing Lozada and even former Speaker Jose de Venecia. Some even said that de Venecia sacrificed his political ambition just to let the public would know the truth behind controversies on the aborted NBN deal. Let us remember that de Venecia even on the last minute tried to save his political prowess. De Venecia obviously said bad against the administration – after all, it ousted him.

What is the ‘truth’ behind ‘communal action’? The intention to overthrow the government. If we will, what then?

[1] [2] Sun Star Cebu, Wenceslao: Prayer power
[3] ABS-CBN News Online, Communal action needed after NBN exposé – CBCP

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Enhancing Online Reading

We print information in blocks like this post. We traditionally write and print this way – blocks or by paragraph. But a research indicates that the human brain is not “wired” to read text in the traditional way we print it, which is in blocks.

A company called Walker Reading Technologies, conducted scientific research that would revolutionize online publication and reading. The study concluded that “the natural field of focus for our eyes is circular, so our eyes view the printed page as if we’re peering through a straw.” [1]

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A Dreamer’s Dream

I am a dreamer. Last night I dream my most elusive dreams.

I can’t reveal when was my last casual sexual encounter. It was gruesome yet pleasantly and superficially exciting. Until now, the casual encounter with a horny user tickle my lower extremities. I entertain the idea of casual sexual encounters but never love it the way I love the sexual encounter I had with the most beautiful creature whom I think I love.

My sexual encounter with the one I think I love just exist in my imagination.

From deep slumber, I was awakened wet. I switched on the light and scribble to my journal a night’s dream that keep on flashing even after the cold yet erotic dawning of February. I can share here a part of it but not the entire transcript of glaringly vivid and graphic details of another very elusive sexual encounter (but this time, only as a dream).

I saw her smiling – a smile that captivated rugged spirit of masculinity. Her eyes were tempting and silently trasmitting electrostatic message only both of us can decipher. I kissed her – a passionate kiss of newly weds. And there I stood before her – both of us revealing the innocence of the newborn; nothing on, nothing to hide on. I had shaky knees as I stared her curves and goddess stature.

I was gazing her perfection like the way I should when I buy a fertile tract where I could plant my fruit. A minute or two of gazing before I claimed ownership of her. I could not wait for another second to possess her. In turn, she could not even wait longer to submit her softness to the robust force I had.

Both of us were panting as God’s air was not enough for us to breath. We made our own world – a world like no other.

No one can tell how long the Earth’s most pleasurable bath could be. Neither I can tell you how long I sip the sweetest nectar on Earth. As far as I knew, I had lost myself. I lost the world where I live because I migrated to the highest form of pleasure and happiness.

As much as I never knew how long I left this world, I likewise never knew how I lost her. I lost my position as I lost my treasured posessions. I am then awakened and goes back to walls of realism.

But I was there, I insist. I’m wet – my sole evidence. I’m sure I was with her. I opened my eyes. Said my prayer:

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for me.
St. John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

It was a cold dawn of February. When, I opened the window facing south, I saw the little drops from above – morning blessing!

Now, I’m awake but still dream because I still ponder on why I was wet. Does dream come true?

JGG|Mandaue City
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