Forget your ‘English’

We can tolerate a girl who says “ip” instead of “if”; “fepol” instead of “people”. “Red” is easy to pronounce but should no be confused with “rid”. Fuchsia pink is difficult to spell.

“English is my favorite subject sir but it’s difficult”, says a 13-year old girl in an English remediation class. Another one added: “Mga brayt man mi sir pero ma-wrong ispeling man gyod”

Even English textbooks used by some schoolchildren are not free of grammatical flaws. In composition classes, you’ll read many disastrous essays. I remember how a student of Expository Writing course who almost give up because of “poor English”. She majored English. A year ago, I heard that she passed the LET. I am confident her self tag “poor English” has improved a lot.

I was surprised when I read about the “disastrous answer” of Bb. Pilipinas candidate No. 15, Janina San Miguel. Least expected, she was crowned as Bb. Pilipinas-World.

Lorenzo Niñal transcribed her answer in his blog post, My pami-ley. This is how she (Janina) said everything:

Tan: The question is what role did your family play for you as candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?

Janina: Well, my family’s role for me es so important, becos… der was dow, dir, dey was da one… whoo’s…very… haha… oh, I’m so sorry. Um, my pami-ley, my fami-ley… oh my God. I’m… OK, I’m so sorry. I, I told you dat I’m so honfident. Eto, ahmm wait: Ahahahaha. Um, sorry guys becos des was really my perst pageant ever! Because I’m only seventeen years old. And, ahaha-hee. I, I did not ikspek dat I came from… I came from one of da taff ten. Hmm… So… but I said, dot… my family es da most important persons in my life. Thank you.

Six months ago, I wrote Englisera in my blog Ambot lang! I shared my ‘encounter’ with a college student. Here is the excerpt of our IM conversation:

jg: what keeps you busy there?
julie ann: I’ok where you now can I have no appointment, u?
julie ann: I’m here to to take the chance with my friends can I?
jg: What do you mean?
julie ann: I’m saw my friends can I friends to where you now? r u take the launch
jg: what?
julie ann: are u a foreigner? or else in the phils.
jg: i’m not..
julie ann: y you can’t take the launch me also you your webcam?
julie ann: oi we have not reply now can I know you?
jg: im sorry, im working on something here
julie ann: ok I will understand can I know ur work?
jg: im a [… my work..]
julie ann: because I’m a student where? I hope you are my inspirations? he he he ……
jg: what do you mean?
julie ann: He he he joke only friend
julie ann: ok I’m fine.
julie ann: ok where you now in the UN?
jg: UN?
jg: what does UN mean?
julie ann: united nations wher you now?
jg: i dont understand…
julie ann: you don’t understand un oh my god
jg: huh?

Many have read “He is the cow”, an essay written by a Bihari (India) in a civil service examination.

The cow is a successful animal. Also he is 4 footed, and because he is female, he give milks, [but will do so when he is got child.] He is same like-God, sacred to Hindus and useful to man.

But he has got four legs together. Two are forward and two are afterwards. His whole body can be utilised for use. More so the milk. Milk comes from 4 taps attached to his basement. (Horses don’t have any such attachment.)

The candidate passed the examination. Finish reading this essay and forget “your English”.

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  1. good afternoon. I just want to react and share that, joining in a certain pageant is not an easy, their are some circumstances that we never mean to happened. Like what happened to Janina San Miguel, lets not only projects and visualize in one angle but also whats something inside her, I think she did her best to make it, fighting her nervousness and overwhelmed young lady who made it to the top ..factually, that was so amazing to make it on the top 10 cause all of the candidates are also smart and competitive.

    lets consider that E is our second language, lets gave her a chance to change and learned from it and develop more.


    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing your sentiments.

  2. Lolz….Isn’t it weird That this Competition is called “Binibing Pilipinas” But they require Their Candidates to Speak English?

    Kaya nga Binibining Pilipinas di ba?

    Sino ba pasimuno nito? Foreigner?

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing your sentiments.
    Teka lang, Filipino muna ang gagamitin ko. Tama ka.
    Bakit nga ba English ang ginagamit nila samantalang Binibining Pilipinas yun.
    Sandali, maitanong nga, “mga kaibigan bakit nga ba?”
    Sumagot kayo!
    At kung hindi.. kung hindi ay..
    wala kayong sagot. LOL.
    Ewan! Ambot lang!

  3. i also watch Bb Pilipinas last Saturday night. i would have appreciated that contestant had she answer Tan’s question even if she would have wrongly use proper English grammar. but it was so shameful that she did not understand the question, plus her wrong English grammar, wrong pronunciation of words and inappropriate behavior in front of the crowd. she could have asked in humility to rephrase the question even if she would have resort to requesting for Filipino translation. its good to be honest than letting over confidence rule your life. I wonder what kind of screening the organizer did, most of the contestants do not know the value or worth of Bb Pilipinas title . so what is beauty then when the brain is empty? they say it remains a beauty

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing your sentiments.
    The organizer must learn some lessons.
    They must.

  4. This is why both ABS-CBN and GMA refuse to start on open captioning project. Dr. Liza B. Martinez, Director at Philippine Deaf Resource Center work hard to have this language tool institute.

    Captioning benefit for all parties, not only for people with hearing loss, e.g. Deaf people. Senior citizen, those who are taking ESL (English as Second Language) route, and children in home and classroom setting. Also in noisy environment or place where television sound must not turning on would be tremendously helpful toward their establishment.

    Here in this country, the Philippines, there is virtually no legal mandate for all television sets that is made locally or imported, requiring to have chip that include parental control and/or closed caption capacity. There in North America, all television set above 13″ or more are require new televisions to have built in decoder circuitry.

    In this Line 21 Captioning will prevail.

    With continuing abuse of DVD piracy in this DVD Region 9 (my Mac set at DVD Region 1 – North America) I get immediate disgust at slobbish job that the way DVD makers marketing their illegal DVD titles. English subtitle is rather horrible. It is so banal enough for me to stop after few minute of viewing and return to owner of DVD I lent from.

    Not only I am American, easy to claim that I speak English naturally, English is a second language to me (when I was a boy) back then. Both of my parents are Deaf, and my native, first, language is American Sign Language. Figure it out yourself how my English has gotten improve. Schooling, of course, but reading does help. Fiction or non-fiction, who care but DO read will take you places where no one else can ace you. Enough said.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing about these things.

  5. Ngayon lang Pumasok sa Isipan ko…..

    Bakit Binibining Pilipinas ang tawag sa Beauty Pageant na ito Kung English naman ang Ginagamit na Medium of Expression? Dahil ba may Foreigner na Hurado?

    Dapat Pala “Miss Philippines” na lang ang Tawag diyan

    batang buotan says:
    Tama.. Tama..

  6. atots..ahahaha..nalingaw ko sa imong ka chat…bwahahahhah!!! random ni.wa ko nananghid nga ga-link tka.lolz! hasta sad imong blogspot.(fanatic????) dili wuy, mao man gud to imong bisdak nga site so mao to…ako sad ko gi-link!!!

    tambay ko diri soon.

    batang buotan says:
    Gusto gani unta nako siya nga agnihon sa English skills enhancement class karong summer, aron magklasmeyt ming duha. Salamat sa pag-link! Maayong adlaw!

  7. I agree with imbestigador…a nation can only be as progressive as its culture, language and heritage. If the Philippines will not learn to preserve our heritage we are like a country that has forgotten its past and will be looking forward to no future.

    I likewise share the same sentiments with the Jerry. Heck, if you don’t know how to speak English very well, why not answer in the language you are comfortable with? The trouble with us Filipinos is that our knowledge of English is degrading while we never either progress using the vernacular. Who’s fault is it then? For me it’s the educational system–the hodge-podge curriculum–that’s dragging our future leaders, scientists, innovators and statesmen behind their foreign counterparts.

    By the way, please add my blog to your favorites in Technorati and link me up:

    I have added your blog in my links! Thanks!

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  8. I agree with imbestigador. It should not be mandated that you speak English to compete. A contestant should be allowed to respond in the language/dialect where she can best express herself. There needs to be an interpreter, of course. If interpreters are allowed in the international arena of these women objectification extravaganzas (sorry, but they are that) and not incur the slightest bit of demerit for utilizing one, I don’t see why they can’t do something similar in the local pageants.

    batang buotan:
    I agree with your ideas.

  9. I just saw a YouTube video of her response. It’s pretty painful to watch. She really should have responded through an interpreter. If they didn’t have those, I wondered if a mimed answer would have been better.

    batang buotan says:
    Yes, I agree, she should have responded through an interpreter.

  10. English is our second language? So Filipino is the first?

    I beg to differ. In my opinion the Philippines doesn’t really have a first language considering the aptitude of Filipino your average Juan dela Cruz has. English is another banana given that not only is it “difficult” for some people but also of the Filipino accent that turns foreigners off.

    There is the confusion between which to patronize, the national language or English, the lingua franca. This is something that the government has to reconcile and actively promulgate.


    As per Janina San Miguel, all things considered, it was a beauty pageant. So we can safely conclude that she’s got the looks. We can only hope that she can shape up her vocabulary, diction, and accent before the main competition.

    But I still can’t get over the fact that the question given to her was so insubstantial, and she couldn’t even answer it…

    Oh well. Beauty has it’s price.


    batang buotan says:
    I’m not pointing Filipino as a our first language, because to many Filipinos, it is not. If you argue that English is not our second language, then are you saying that it is a foreign language to the Filipinos? If it is “another banana”, hmm.. that ends up this talk.

    I think we don’t need to choose between Filipino and English. We both need to learn and be able to communicate using both language.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Peace!

  11. I beg to differ to any Filipino national that English in the Philippines is a “second” language. Truth of the matter of English is that it is a “co-language” albeit through colonial intrusion. The problem is, it is so engrained into the fabric of the Tagalog language that Taglish is derived with people speaking, reading and listening to English 50% of their waking hours and not even know it.

    Remember, English has been in the Philippines going on 100 years. Second language? Perhaps in 1900 through 1936.

    Their lies the true embarassment of the people of the Philippines towards this airhead of a beauty queen!

  12. I’m an American of Filipino descent. A good friend, who was in the U.S. Marines and happens to be Caucasian observed something very profound during his assignment in the Islands in the late 70’s.

    He was totally impressed and surprised that when visiting small barrios in the provinces in the Visayas, far away from Manila and other major cities, that the village locals spoke clear and fluent English. Accent and all. You see, in those days, English was PART of the Filipino persona, and was not viewed as an ‘optional’ extention. A person speaking Tagalog and English and understanding basic Spanish actually defined the linguistic characteristics of an average Filipino living in the United States in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

  13. tagal na nito pero ngayon lang ako magko-comment, yung nagcomment kasi sa itaas, pang-asar, laki ng problema eh….

    nga pala, i’m a filipino of filipino, japanese, irish and spanish descent but i can only speak filipino, english, japanese, bisaya and ilocano not spanish…

    hirap kasi kay janina, nagyabang pa, sabi niya “I don’t feel any pressure right now..” kaya expected na magaling talaga sya, kahit ako, napahanga sa confidence niya, eh nagkamali, tapos nagkamali uli… kaya tapos ang career, eh nanalo pa… intriga talaga… sana nagtagalog na lang siya, wala namang masama eh, nasa Pilipinas sya, yung mga foreigner na judges, ipatranslate nila yung sagot nya kay dennis trillo o kaya kay marian rivera. di ba?!

  14. oopppss, sorry i forgot my english…. 🙂

    batang buotan says:
    Magaling.. magaling! hehehe.. Teka, I also forgot my english!

  15. What’s more pressing of concern is not the English language. However, the coined term of Asian.

    Why do so many Filipinos solely identify themselves to the term, ASIAN? I mean, I think many Filipinos love the term, of course of its geographic location, but also because Asians are known to be innovative, industrious and intelligent. I have no problem with that. Except, because China has the largest population in the world, and Japan has one of the richest economies in the world, these two nations have dominated the stereotypical agent.

    The problem is, Chinese and Japanese men are known to have the most embarassingly small penises in the world.

    So, when Filipino men proudly say that they are Asian, they are saying, I have a university diploma and a penis that is only seen under a microscope made in China.

    I mean really, Pinoys. When addressing other nationalities, such as white-Americans, Latinos, blacks or Middle Easterners, just say FILIPINO, Pacific Islander, Asian but not Chinese, or Hispano-Asian. Damn, some ladies have seriously stated that they slept with Chinese guys, regretingly, whose pubic hairs were longer than their TOOL! Gross and totally embarassing. I would have slapped his face for wasting my time.

    If a man can’t make my eyes pop in and out during ecstacy, he’s no man AT ALL!

  16. P.S., the photo of VERPO with a peace sign? Filipinos, please do NOT do that in public while visiting the United States. People might think you are a Chinese or Japanese national. You know what that means? You probably have a small penis!

    Just be yourselves, excercise the Island hospitality we are known for worldwide, your fluency in English, your smiles, your hard work ethics, your Malay-Hispanic-Asian mixture of cultural traditions and customs, and your ability to speak Tagalog, English, a provincial vernacular and understand a lot of Spanish. This is what Filipinos/Filipino-Americans are known for.

    You may find it offensive when people refer to the Philippines as a Hispanic nation. Don’t be alarmed. It just means people are hospitable, family oriented, predominantly Catholic, passionate in love, tolerant towards other skin colors, yet just like all Latin countries are still finding their way to end corruption, poverty and economic-political instability.

    What sets Filipinos apart from the general Hispanic groups, is of course the usage of Spanish as the first language, and the fact that Filipinos are known to be educated and highly regard education as a tool for its progression.

    What sets Filipinos apart from the general Asian groups, is the ability to be fluent in English, Catholic, and a mosaic of cultures blended into one that some people feel the Filipina women to be extremely beautiful (despite the various shades of skin color) and the Filipino men are much, much more endowed. Also, here in the states, many Filipinos tend to marry other nationalities. This is not a bad thing, it is because they CAN!

    This is why, we American born Filipinos have a problem with Filipino nationals dogmatically insisting that Filipinos are solely Asian. They are not. It is only one part of their mosaic cultural linguistic blend. I never want anyone to think that ‘all’ Filipino men have embarassingly small penises and unable to satisfy a woman in bed. It is simply not true.

    You guys think I’m crazy don’t you. Well the fact that I admit it means I may not be that crazy at all!

    Pass it on.

  17. What is a repulsively ugly girl like VerPo, commenting anything about a beauty-queen?

  18. Girls, VerPo has “beauty-pageant” experience.

    She was fourth runner-up in the now defunct Miss Philippines Monkey pageant.

    However, there were only two contestants!

  19. Hey VerPo! Do you go grocery shopping at the market, or do you climb on trees and swing on vines to gather fruits and veggies?

    Because GIRL, you are UGLY!

  20. Wow, to the commenter VERPO,

    You are Filipino, Irish, Spanish blah..blah..descent? Then why are you not pretty?

  21. Verpo, baby, I’m one of the tedious 20.

    Listen here sweetheart, your comment that you “didn’t want to make a rebuttal regarding my comment for the sake of not causing any problems is very noble of!

    What you fail to understand about us American born Filipinos, is that we would be stupid to reveal to any national that we may or may not speak Tagalog, or may or may not READ in Tagalog, for it is our way of staying superior to you. No FOB would understand this concept.

    May I say, your writing skills in Tagalog are impressive. We’d like to see how you can debate in English. You impress us with your bi-lingual skills. However, it just means you are ignorant in TWO languages oppose to one.

    Furthermore, the fact that you are -maybe- 25% Filipino, 25% Japanese, 25% Irish and 25% Spanish is beautiful. However, judging by your photo it is fair to say that you are 100% UGLY!

    Secondly, someone as gorgeous and fine as Ms. Philippines, who screwed up on her final question can most definitely be of a debacle to laugh about.

    But, by your less than beauty-pageant material photo, I don’t think you should make any kind of comments, whatsoever! It would be an oxymoron if not hypocritical.

    In fact, I heard you were so ugly when you were born, that the doctor slapped your mother.

    “sika ading ado problemom!” oops sorry, I forgot my Ilokano!

    Now, would you care to respond? WE are eagerly awaiting!

  22. Verpo, are you male or female. If you are Chinese, don’t bother answering the question. That in and of itself explains it!

    Peace out!

  23. By the way, never, ever judge a book by its cover. There maybe a lot of chapters worth reading.

    Hey, remember we are American born FILIPINOS.

    Know the rules,

    Know the players,

    And let the chips fall as they may!

    You forget our grandparents and parents ARE FROM THE ISLANDS! We know alot more than you think, baby! We would never ever reveal that to you.

    Now you know why.

  24. batang buotan;

    Peace out our pinoy-national brothah! Thanks for posting our comments. You have a class-act page.

    You are a gentlemen and a scholar. If you ever want to know what we mean by FOB’s? Do a character study on VERPO!


    Filamericans are in the house!

  25. P.S. The reason we WRITE in English? So 900,000,000 first and second language speakers can understand us, oppose to 90,000,000. It’s all about the power of economics and communication, not back door gossip! DIG VERPO? (Los Angeles slang for “do you understand, Verpo?)

  26. VerPo sugar!

    If you have any comments of my colleague’s comments being LONG or short, they have the integrity to address US, instead of insulting us by using Tagalog thinking we do not understand.

    So, you are Filipino-Japanese-Irish-Spanish, but speak 4 languages and don’t understand Spanish? Well, so what. You think just because you don’t understand Spanish, other Filipinos CANNOT? The world doesn’t revolve around your repulsively ugly exterior.

    Filipinos who blame Spain and the U.S. for their economic and political situation today, well, you have valid justifications, and your views are totally respected.

    Now, please look closely at the one who calls ITSELF Verpo. Now, if she/he blamed her parents for her un-evolved pre-Darwin features, is it justified? If Verpo were female, should she blame her mother for not being sexually appealling? If were male, should he blame his father for having a extremely small penis?

    Verpo has two options;

    1) Be depressed and bitter all her life and blame everybody but herself for her depression and bitterness.

    2) Parlay her features and study the theory of evolution and be a seasoned motivational speaker regarding the subject. He or she (VerPo), would make a formidable speaker, since her appearance enhances her field of study.

    Something to think about!

  27. VerPo,

    Due to the fact that we respect the handsome Mr.Batan Buoton, were going to extend our hands in a truce.

    In doing so, please remember and reinvent what you think of stereotypical American born Filipinos.

    The Rule:
    You may think we are “white-washed” American born Filipinos that speak only English. You have that right and thus should be respected, no doubt. What you don’t understand, if one BROWN brother speaks only English, and he was born in the U.S., he still REACTS in Filipino when insulted! Understood?

    The Game:
    When visiting the United States, and see a Filipino lookin’ individual, don’t approach them in Tagalog assuming they are Filipino. If they are, don’t expect THEM to be OBLIGED to address you back in Tagalog. Why? Here are some reasons;

    1) He was born in the U.S. and lives here. He did not have a choice,
    2) He doesn’t speak Tagalog, but maybe understands his parents’ provincial dialect. And, he doesn’t have to explain himself to you, It is none of your business,
    3) He may be Indonesian or Mexican,
    4) He’s a Filipino national “pretending” to be American,
    5) He wants to practice speaking ENGLISH to everybody so his English skills improve for better employment opportunities.

    These are just a few. Whether you like them, believe them or not, it ALWAYS should be respected! Understand?

    Let the Chips Fall as the May!
    You see, some American born Filipinos are assholes and some are not. You cannot judge ANYBODY’s dignity or integrity by one’s language or external appearances. You invest time and formulate a dialogue, which can lead to an association, which can lead into friendship.

    We are TWENTY Filipinos in this dorm from ALL walks of life. To have YOU make a comment to US in Tagalog, assuming we would not understand, is taken as a hard-core INSULT. It shows your very, very limited outlook of Filipino people world-wide.

    With that said,

    Peace out VerBo, and have a good life.

    @Batan Buoton,
    Some of my female colleagues think you are just too fine! They would love to climb your tree! LOL!

    Stay cool, bro! Thanks again!

  28. P.S.

    1) He was born in the U.S., and only speaks English.

    3) He could be Hawaiian, Indonesian or Mexican.


  29. Okay, I’ll break rank and redirect it from the one named VerPo, to the subject at hand.

    This Miss Phillipines World’s butchering of her final question at hand, has turned into a linguistic debate regarding English.

    Well, perhaps it is because the Philippines has done so well in international pageants in times past without expressing themselves in Tagalog.

    The P.I. beauty pageant resume’ looks like this:

    Miss (3 top five finalists)
    Miss Universe……2 winners (5 top five finalists)
    Miss World………0 winners (3 top five finalists)

    Winners and runners-ups total 16 women (not including the numerous semi-finalists).

    Now, my question is, did any of them “forget their English?”

    Again, these are stats from stupid beauty pageants. However, this serves as an argument to the English language proponents’ attempt to make a symbolic point.

  30. P.S., Don’t compare the success of Philippines to the U.S., Venezuela, Puerto Rico and India, but to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

  31. Batan Buoton, I’ll also break ranks from the VerPo fiasco, and comment on the justified previous comments at hand.

    Yes, it is true that a language ‘should’ be an anchor preserving a nation’s cultural heritage. Filipinos naturally compare themselves to thier Asian neighbors. Rightfully so. China, Japan, Korea,..The point is, each of those nations evolved differently, as did the Philippines.

    Likewise in Europe, you have Germany, Italy, France, Britain as the power players in that region. Now, Switzerland, which boasts three official languages – French, German and Italian, has equally developed as an important component in European and global affairs despite not having the historic, economic and political legacy of her larger and more established counterparts. Why? She used her past foreign intrusions, and used them to develop a distinct European nation.

    Language, for the most part is the strongest cultural feature to define an identity for most countries. However, there are always exceptions to the rules. I suggest the Philippines rethink their options.

  32. To our co-horts in crime and fellow classmates from Gloria Dominique’s dorm, yeah baby!

    Filipino-nationals have a tendency to look at lighter skinned people as beautiful and regal. It’s a one dimensional outlook.

    “Ooooops I forgot I have brown or dark brown skin.”

    Well, baby let me tell you a couple of things about dark brown/brown skin.

    a) The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice!
    b) Once ladies have brown, they always come back around!
    c) Once they have dark brown or black, they never go back!
    d) If ladies have white, some are good, most are ‘allright’!
    e) If ladies have yellow, they ask, was that a girl or a fellow?”

    Now, for Chinese or Chinese Filipinos? Sorry, but they give Filipino men who are well endowed and beautiful Filipina women a very bad reputation. I agree, why do Filipino-nationals solely want to be identified with China and Japan? Other than the obvious reasons concerning economy, innovation and education, most -if not all- Chinese or Japanese men are mythically or factually renowned for having small penises.

    Some American ladies refuse to even date Chinese or Japanese men for the reason of;

    “They have nothing to GIGGLE, to make me WIGGLE!!!”


    “OOOOOOOOOOOOOPS, I forgot I was dark, dark BROWN, baby!

  33. OOOOOOOOOOPs I forgot. Staying within the English or Tagalog usage theme…

    Gentlemen, if you could make a lady scream while exercising your “brown” in her, does it matter what language she’s screaming in or speaks while experiencing ecstacy?

    So why all this fuss?

  34. Dominique’s Dorm, y’all just too, too CRAZY! You speak the truth, but in an unorthodox, almost shocking, fashion.

    Filipino, Pacific Islanders, Hispano-Asian (whether by blood or decree), are more appropriate.

    Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, or from the Mongol stock.

    Filipinos are from the Malay stock. Just like the Pacific peoples of Hawaiians, Guamanians, Polynesians, Tahitians, and what not. Trust me, they will never be mistaken for Chinese or Japanese. Especially naked!

  35. VerPo, I was one who did not agree on the truce. So I am breaking ranks with my co-ed dorm mates.

    You really have a lot of nerve!

    Re: “Wow, this person had a long comment, I’d like to comment, but if I do, it might lead to a lot of problems” EH(?). F-off!

    Re: “Oh, I’m Filipino/a?, Japanese, Irish and Spanish. But I speak Filipino, English, Bisaya, Ilocano but not Spanish”……Who CARES! Boastful FOB!

    Re: Janina, blah, blah, blah, blah…What, can’t write in English? Are you ashamed of your heavy ass-gramatically challenged accent?

    Re: Photo…oooops I forgot my plastic surgery appointment!

    Question everybody here on the eastside campus wants to know..
    VerPo: Veronica Po or Vern Po. What are you? A female or a male? We can’t tell by your god-forsaken photo!

    I have to hand it to you though, if you are a man, you have balls to post your photo. Likewise, if you are a woman, why the hell would someone who LOOKS like Janina San Miguel give a damn about your thoughts?

    OOOOOPS, sorry! Is my comment too long for you to read? Why, judging by your photo, I know you don’t have a date this evening!


  36. Hi Batang Buoton. I never got a chance to make any comments before the truce. I just stopped by to see what the commotion was all about. Now I understand.

    @VerPo. Hey, that wasn’t cool. Some people know as many languages as you do, but play the game a little differently, you know?

    Regarding my male counterparts, understand that they are guys and this is cyberspace.

    There is a saying that “it is better to shut-up and have people ‘think’ you are stupid, than to talk and have people ‘know’ you are stupid. Also, sometimes ‘silence is golden’.

    Don’t ever use a language to talk about someone in the third person form. You don’t know if the person you are talking about is able to discern what you are saying. You see, that is the advantage we have as natural English speakers whose parents and grandparents are from the Philippines. It’s for us to befriend other nationals or to test them to see what kind of people they really are. It is to our advantage not to admit that we understand or speak Filipino.

    These are the cards we play with. Remember that.

  37. P.S.
    @Verpo. I think people like you, mistakenly grouped all Filipino-Americans into one generalized stereotype. That is very unwise. Ooops, you probably know that now.

  38. @VerPo.

    If you have anything to say to anyone, say it directly to them. Don’t use another language to elevate yourself and feel a sense of superiority. Assumptions have a way of shocking you!

  39. @VerPo.

    FYI: Some Fil-ams don’t speak or understand Filipino and don’t care to learn. Some do, and won’t tell. Do you understand the meaning of “poker-face?” You never let the dealer know what cards you have been dealt with. That concept works beautifully in a multi-cultured and multi-lingual city like Los Angeles. Some of my Filipino room-mates have even learned to be fluent in Spanish, but will never tell a Spanish speaker that. There are 40 millions Hispanics in the United States. You know how big of an advantage that is?

    With that said, I have to quote one of my colleagues who said, “a brown pinoy may have been born in the U.S.,speaks ‘only’ English, but when insulted, he ‘reacts’ like a Filipino. Don’t be fooled again.

  40. Hey bro’ B.Buoton, what’s goin’on?

    Came back from a mini-sabbatical only to find the eastside dorm buzzin’ about a FOB named VerPo.

    First off, is this an individual a dude or a chick? Wow, there is a fine line between respected Filipino-nationals and FOB’s. This VerPo character definitely crossed that line!


    a)Verpo’s penis is small, god, it is small!
    b)”data butu ni Verpo, nag basit, apo nag basit!”
    c)el penis de Verbo es muy poquito, dios mio, es muy poquito!

    a)Verpo’s mother looks like a horse, and she also has a big vagina.
    b)”data ropa ni inang ni Verpo, kasla kabalyo, kun dakul ti uki na”
    c)”La cara de la madre de Verpo es muy similar a la cara de un caballo, y tambien, su madre tiene una vagina grande.”

    Hey Verpo, since you speak English also, it would have been respectful for you to translate it, considering you were making a comment of a previous commenter, who you thought didn’t understand. It’s called respect, and you “dissed” us.

    By the way BITCH, I’m Ilokano! But I wrote ALL my comments to you in all the languages that I know!

  41. P.S.


    By the way bro (assuming you are a man), my comments were directed ‘to you’- not to Mr. Bouton ‘about you’.

    What a tangled web you weave, if at first you try to deceive.

  42. LOL about the reps’ of Chinese world-wide. It’s all good fun (I think?)

    Hey, what do you call a gorgeous and vuluptous Chinese woman and a handsome Chinese man with a ten inch penis?

    Answer: A fairy tale!

  43. Hey Verpo!

    So you are part Japanese? How many Filipinos did your grandfather or great grandfather KILL during World War II?

    Were they the soldiers that threw infant babies high into the air for target practice?

    Or were they the soldiers who raped young Filipina women, and afterwards killed them after by stabbing their bayonettes or spears into their vaginas and into their guts?

    So, why do you boast about being ‘part’ Japanese, stupid? Especially when you LOOK Chinese!

  44. yep, yep, yep! aggreed!

    born in the u.s.

    speak and understand english only,

    when insulted, reacts like a filipino!


  45. Verpo, I initiated the truce and I’m sorry for the lingering anger amongst my colleagues.

    May I make a suggestion. In the future, please do not post your photo with your comments. Your back door insult and your photo opened a big can of worms.

    Oooops, I forgot! I don’t need to tell you that anymore! EH.

  46. Hey, Janina fucked-up! What can we say? We Filipinos/Filipino-Americans can laugh all we want.

    Have you seen what’s between the legs of Chinese Filipino men? Hell, you thought Janina’s answer was ridiculously funny, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet until you’ve seen the penis of a Chinse man.

    Bring a magnifying glass…a strong one!

  47. VerPo, I’m Filipina, Black and Puerto Rican! Can you handle all that hot brown passion with kinky hair?

    Or does your racist Japanese-Irish extraction prevent you from dipping your tree into a milk-chocolate river?

    What?….wait a minute, someone said you look Chinese. Forget my offer.

    What?….wait a minute, are you a chick? Hey girl, sorry, I don’t go there. With a name like Verpo, I didn’t think you were an Asian-lookin’ female. I assumed you were a dude who looked as good Batang Buoton…I know HE can handle a little bit of my chocolate thunder! LOL!

  48. UPDATE:

    Chinese men make me giggle,

    when they drop their pants, and there is nothing to jiggle,

    so, don’t marry one, for at night, then can never make you wiggle!

  49. The problem with Tagalog is that without English people will think that Filipino people are spin-offs of Chinese or Japanese culture.

    If the Filipinos really wanted to be solely an Asian country, take out all the American and Spanish contributions into the culture.

    Religion, and all the 5000-10,000 loan words,

    Catholic church, and all the customs and traditions that developed,

    The usage of days, time, months and years, they are spanish,

    Rename the currency, for they are spanish/mexican

    Take away the central form of government, American idea

    Take away the present educational schools system, American idea

    And of course, rename the Islands, named after the King of Spain.

    What do you have? 7000 different islands. The same thing Magellan saw.

    If this all could be done, I am all for it!

  50. Hey everybody, please look at VERPO’s picture. This is why Filipinos do not want be be called ASIAN.

    Faggots like him, or ugly women like her is the real reason.

    Oooops, I forgot, they are smart. What bullshit excuse!

  51. Chinese and Japanese: Mongol stock, yellow, slanted eyes, sharp noses, small penises.

    Filipino: Malay stock, brown, round eyes, flat and sharp noses, larger penises.

    I don’t care what the fuck language you islanders speak, English, Tagalog, Bikol, do not ever, ever speak Chinese on the islands and stop intermarrying with them.

    Do you want the next generation to look like VERPO?

  52. Here’s an idea regarding the linguistic quandary in the Philippines.

    Make Tagalog/Filipino the ONLY official language of the Philippines.

    Begin eliminating the other major vernaculars beginning with Cebuano, being that that is the largest spoken dialect in the islands.

    Then next Ilokano, because behind Tagalog, it is the 2nd most spoken vernacular on the island of Luzon.

    Put the Chavacano speakers in concentration camps and eventually exterminate them, because they remind the philippines of their spanish colonial atrocities. There’s only 300,000 of them, so it would be easy.

    The other dialects will eventually cease because they will not challenge Tagalog for supremecy.

    Far-fetched, right? You don’t the elite Manilenyos haven’t quietly thought about this already?

  53. Mr. Buotan, on a serious note.

    Lets call a spade , A SPADE. The language called Filipino is a politically correct term for Tagalog right?

    If English is ever abolished in the Philippines, look for Cebuano and Ilokano to be next on the list. They are the only two dialects and peoples that can defy the new masters of Manila.

    They say “Tagalog -ooops I forgot Filipino- is the REAL Filipino language of all the islands.

    Please, when are you NON-Tagalog bros’ going to wake up?

    Batang Buotan
    You are right, Filipino is the right term.

  54. I hear it all the time here in the states.

    In Japan, they speak Japanese.

    In Korea, they speak Korean.

    In Vietnam, they speak Vietnamese.

    Why can’t the Philippines speak Filipino -oops I mean Tagalog- only?
    Because the Cebuano, Ilokano, Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray, to name a few, also are major vernaculars.

    Japan, Korea, and Vietnam only have one language, why? Were there ever any other dialects within thier borders, also? If not, why?

  55. Mr. Bouton,

    Your article and many nationals do have a valid and pressing point. However, if English is eliminated, I would respect that. But who is to say that Tagalog – oops I mean Filipino – will do to the other major vernaculars, that many fear English is doing to the Filipino culture.

    If the majority of people in the Visayas, and Northern Luzon (Cebuano and Ilokano speakers) feel that Tagalog be the sole language to define Filipino culture, I will accept it, and support it.

    Is it more acceptable that Tagalog, oppose to English, be the vernacular that eventually eliminates Cebuano, Ilokano, and others for the sake of a national identity? That is the underlying plan as we here see it.

    I mean, through English, our Filipino composite of friens from Manila and other provinces and I have celebrated our “Filipinoness”, albeit with obvious geographic and cultural differences.

    What’s your take?

  56. Bro’ Bouton! Good Info-peice!

    The comment of the Philippines’ English ‘dereriorating’ can be looked two ways.

    On one hand, it can be viewed as an insult. Given it’s harsh sling, it fuels cultural advocates to point to unsing a sole vernacular to develop the Philippines in the future.

    On the other hand, it can mean that at one time the Philippines’ as a collective whole, was able to speak English really, really well. So well, that in the 1940’s, it had the 2nd richest economy in all of Asia.

    The degree of ‘how’ well they spoke it, of course, can be debated until hell freezes over. Respectully taken into consideration are the many internal and domestic events that occured ‘to’ its deterioration. We know it did not happen overnight, and we also know its easier said than done to restore it.

  57. The quandary that we American born Filipinos are sensitive to, is the plight of our colleagues from the Visayas, primarily Cebu.

    The ones who we know, have acknowledged that thier parents have an accent when speaking Tagalog and have been berated when visiting Metro-Manila. Many Filipinos of the Ilokano dialect have had similar experiences. Both are known to be ‘provincial’ languages, but one is known to be both ‘provincial and a peasant farmer’s’

    Mind you, it may not be as severe as our berating of VerPo, for Filipinos are known to be polite, but silently ruthless in judging another individual when the dust clears.

    Do you ‘feel’ what I’m sayin’?

    English, in its official status, may be a ‘defacto’ deterent in its own strange way, to keep the other major vernaculars alive! However, that is not a popular theory.

    In our brainstorming, we aren’t anti-Tagalog or pro English. Perhaps we are just pro-Filipino that refuse to allow the Tagalog culture based in Manila to represent all the Filipinos world-wide. That would be too one dimensional and would be unfair to those non-Tagalog provinces and regions who have equally contributed to the archipelago’s mosaic persona’. Sorry!

  58. Hermano Buoton!

    In the Philippines, are the regions outside Manila okay with the thought to sacrifice thier own ancient and vibrant dialects to have ‘their’ future generations speak Tagalog, for the sake of being like China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam?

    If so, then I will have to accept that. For you folks live there and it is easy for me to state my own opinions of solutions, given the lack of empathizing the situation having been born and lived in the U.S. all my life.

    But my concern is still very deep.

  59. Old school Filipino immigrants, not from Manila and immigrating to the States usually spoke their provincial language in the house. Given that, thier parents spoke both thier provincial dialect and Tagalog as well as English.

    Now, my question to you is, were the parents of an American born Filipino less of Filipinos because they felt that ‘their’ provinical dialect would be the language to pass on to their children?

    There lies the heart and thesis of the Tedious Twenty!

  60. Bro Bouton, we all feel that we have taken too much of your space and time. We all collectively would like to say thank you for allowing us to express our unorthodox way of getting our points across. We all were under pressure this week – due to finals – and found this page as an outlet.

    This is a public domain station for all who live in this unit and we just left this page on for any of us to take slings at VerPo yet ask sincere personal questions.

    Oh well, thank you for being a good sport. In a weird way, VerPo’s comments really got the ball rolling, didn’t it. With all due respect, we still do not know if VerPo is male or female. We truly apologize for our insensitivity.

    Peace out FOR GOOD! Have a wonderful forever primo!

  61. I’m the one who broke ranks, and before I peace-out, I’m going to address Mr. VerPo or Ms. VerPo (whatever, hey perhaps that is what it wants to present, a bi-species, oops I mean bisexual individual).

    We know that you proclaim to Japanese. Most Filipinos would not. Do you do so as a psychological revelation to have other islanders ‘think’ you are part of Japanese because of its innovative-first world repuation?

    Well, my question is to you my gender-confused commenter is, how many Filipinos did your descendants KILL during World War II? Why would you want to tell any Filipino you are part Japanese if not to let them know you that you are a ‘little’ better than them?

    C’mon homegirl, look at your face. Japanese people are fairly attractive and you definitely look CHINESE! They both still have small pee-pees however. So, you are Japanese, Filipino, Irish and Spanish?

    If you are, why did you post your photo, and not borrow one from someone else?

    Damn! Someone with so little looks should not be so concerned and criticizing some who does, no matter what the topic may be!

    @Bro Bouton;
    Keep on with your thought provoking blogs. Maybe people like VerBO-BO can take notes on how a respected Filipino-national acts like and writes like oppose to a FOB which VerPo truly represents…eh!(?)(WTF is EH?) I know she’s not tryin’ to sound hip or cool, not with that photo! EH?

  62. Break from the rank for a minute.

    Aside from the VerPo bashing Mr. Bouton, your thought provoking page was simultaneously overlooked.

    The positive aspect of the ‘deterioration’ of English in the Philippines is, it can be improved and restored. The foundation is already there. The next pressing question is, are there resources, funding and support that it would even allow it to happen?

    Now, to the commenter named VerPo, when revealing you are Filipino, please emphasize GREATLY of your Japanese extraction. It will explain to the people “what you are ‘really’ all about.”

    “Ni inang mo kun ni tatang mo ada edukasion da?” “Apai nag dakus ti ropam?” “Ad da ukim?” “Ad da butum?” “Taga tao pilipino nag baba-in ka talaga, dimasyado!”

    “Sus padres tienen ninguna escolaridad?” “Porque tu eres feo?” “Tu tienes una vagina?” “Tu tienes un pene?” “Usted es una verguenza para todo el pueblo filipino!”

    I’m a dark brown, flat nosed, Ilokano-Filipino with NO Spanish blood!
    Yeah, we Americans of Filipino descent figured we NEED English and Spanish to compete in the world, not because we are beautiful and rich! But to put more food on the table! Get it?

    You are one of those idiots who don’t even know

  63. @VerPo

    “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and insults are in the minds of those who receive it.”

    Think about it HAPON! You are lucky you have Filipino blood because now people may think you have a decent sized penis! (Assuming you are a man of course. Assuming you are a woman, then there is no explanation for you being totally repulsive looking!) FOOL!

    You write your comment AND didn’t think we understood! You’ve got BIG problems now! You have got some nerve. By the way, how many Filipinos did your Japanese descendants kill?

  64. Mr Bouton, please! You know as well as we do, Filipino IS the politically correct term for Tagalog. The standardized version incorporates a smattering of words from the other dialects, and English in its “attempt” to appease that justifies it to be called Filipino. Those whose descendants came from the Visayas and Northern Luzon know ‘exactly’ what it is.

  65. Hey Mr. Bouton, for what it is worth, check out Wikipedia Encyclopedia’s definition.

    Remember bro, black people in the U.S., went through an evolution of names too.

    Niggers, to Colored People, to Negros, to African American. You could change the name and add to it, but you can’t change “what” it is.


  66. LOL, the dialogue between JG and Julie Ann is hilarious! Julie Ann sounds like one of those Filipino’s who;

    a) eats with her main course meals with a fork AND A SPOON! (like a baby learning how to eat, totally embarassing!)

    b) points with her lips, (like a sniffing dog)

    c) in public, addresses her children with “psssssssssssst,”

    d) tells everybody in the States, she’s from Makati, or Manila, (mainly to keep up with the Jones’)

    e) in getting acquainted with people, she inquires on ones wages at the job place, “How much money do you make?”…Straight out FOB question!

    f) mix pronounces “F” words from “P” words, and “V” words from “B” words. (Please, in the states say “FFFFF”ilipino, not “P”ilipino. Pilipino sounds like you have a speech impediment.)

    g) they “still” think the Spanish language is an “elite” language, (In the States it is the language for low-income, undocumented, and uneducated people, with a lot of buying power)

    h) asks single people, ” you are you not married, why?” (NOSEY, but here are the possible personal answers.)
    ….I’m not ready yet
    ….My father raped me when I was little, and I have mental problems.
    ….I’m gay
    ….I contacted an incurable SMT and don’t want to spread it,
    ….I have a Chinese penis,
    ….No man finds me attractive,
    ….No woman finds me attractive,
    ….I have been turned down many times,
    ….I’m divorced and don’t like marriage,
    ….I don’t believe in marriages,
    ….It’s really none of your fuckin’ business!

    i) asks a 40 year old woman, “you don’t have children, WHY?”
    ….because I’m barren,
    ….because my husband is impotent,
    ….because I had a miscarriage that effected my uterus,
    ….I had a hysterectomy,
    ….None of your damn business, stupid!

    But the FOB question of all the FOB questions in the world, this is the most common, most stupid, most comical of all the FOB questions….

    j) in the United State, asks an American born Filipino, “you don’t speak Tagalog, well you should learn”…THIS IS THE KING FOB statement!

    LOL, LOL,

    Peace bro Bouton, peace-out!

  67. P.S.,

    k) meet a American person of Filipino descent and talk of “how many maids, butlers, drivers, money, education that they have and own in the Phillipines.” (We are dying internally just laughing at thier fobbiness).

    Mr. Bouton,

    Filipino… in……Tagalog,
    America……as in……the United States,
    England……as in……the United Kingdom, or Great Britain,
    Holland……as in……the Netherlands,
    bitch…… in……female dog,
    bastard……as in……fatherless child,
    F.O.B…… in……a Filipino speaks with an accent living in U.S. or Canada,
    small in……Chinese male organ,

    I mean, c’mon Mr. Bouton, need I say more? Call a spade a SPADE!

    American in..English,
    British English…as in..English,

    A decree with a de-facto clause only changes the name to mainstream its acceptance. It will always be Tagalog, especially with those who are in the elite class in Manila. Don’t be fooled, please. We thought you had more conviction than that. Please, Filipino (?), ok, if you say so!

  68. Mr. Bouton,

    I agree, unlike my colleagues, I feel ‘Filipino’ should be the language to build the future of the Filipino people. Why doesn’t the police or secret police shoot people and/or fine those who speak the English language on the streets. That is a good way of eliminating English for good. It’s the only way to begin to purge the terrible colonialism experienced forced on the Islands by the Americans. That is a start.

    Second, kill all those who are Catholics and those who have Hispanic-surnames (by blood or decree) who don’t wish to change them. I mean, that really is needs to happen. The Spanish conquest needs to be erased completely. I’ll be a cannabal or headhunter any day. This way, killing all the people living in the slums would be justified.

    And those who speak a provincial language, well we could sentence them to a minimum of two years of imprisonment.

    Then, maybe the Philippines can start innovating products such as microchips, software, auto manufacturing design, launching space-craft and all the wonderful things the Chinese and Japanese have accomplished. That would be super. Can’t wait!

  69. Eliminating English is the only way to solve ALL the problems of the Philippines. Let Tagalog, aka Filipino, take precedent once and for all. Purge all the Spanish loan words out of Tagalog/Filipino, and make sure Taglish be treated as English when heard on the streets. Order the police “Shoot to Kill” for all “English/Taglish speakers”.
    Only Tagalog – Pure tagalog – the brand heard by Magallen in the 1500’s and those who followed him during that century.

    Don’t forget music, television, motion pictures and radio programs. Tagalog ONLY! oooops I mean Filipino…oops I mean “P”ilipino (oh my, I feel like an unevolved human saying it that way), speaking of which, VERPO, how are you, hon? LOL, LOL

  70. A) Hola mis colegas filipinos. Como estas hoy? Sr. Buoton es muy hombre guapo y tiene informacion excelente! El es muy inteligente tambien! La informacion hace que la gente pensa.

    B) Kumusta Pilipinos! Nag sha-at ti tiyempo mo? Ni Mr. Buton nag gwapo kun datoy lalaki ado informasyon na para byag. Na la-ing talaga! Datoy inpormasyon, ag panunut ti tao.

    C) Hello my fellow Filipinos. How are you today? Mr. Buton is a very handsome man and has excellent information. He is very intelligent. The information makes people think.

    The commenter who stated that the power of a language defines a people and preserves its heritage. You are RIGHT.

    About 425 million people can read comment A.
    About 10 million can read comment B (Ilokano).
    About 900 million people can read comment C, including the majority of Filipinos.

    Yes Filipinos, do not forget your past. Spanish and English are right there in your back-yards, if you really want it and looked hard enough. But if Filipino is what you think will provide the Philippines with an identity, well…we can’t embrace the languages that that kept the Philippines from fully developing. We blame them! Just like Verpo blames his parents for him/her being uglier than sin. We understand.

    Do as China and kill and eliminate those who do not want to speak Tagalog ONLY or who are against the idea of having a nation speaking ONE language. You could build into becoming a superpower as you closely monitor your citizens.

    Or do as Japan. Build your military. Start a war with the U.S. Lose the war. And use the money that the U.S. gives you as a spring-board to revamp your form of government and economy.

    I’m all for it! Now, does it sound as stupid as it looks?

  71. It’s a damn shame really when the Philippines, who were brutally and unfairly colonized by two colonial powers, not use the legacy they left behind and rise above THEM! Tagalog/Filipino is only understood by 90 million people. English by 900 million people (1st and 2nd language speakers). Spanish by 525 million people (1st and 2nd language speakers).

    You want power? Officialize all three, and let the Zamboangenos by the Filipinos that can master Spanish! Triple threat. Nope, but some stupid idiots, from MANILA wants to eliminate all that is Spanish and American from the Filipino culture. Good move. Typical Filipino!

    So, Mr. Bouton, the Englisera article and the “He is the Cow” article just fuels their fire. Hey, have you heard Arnold-RAMBO-Schwarzsnegger speak English. He speaks with a heavy, German accent. He’s governor of the most powerful and populous state in the U.S., California. Think about that.

  72. Oi, Verpo!

    Apai ada dara mo Japon kun Irish jun Kastila? Ni inang mo, gatul ti uki na? Da ta apong me Hapon, soldado iso? Dakul ti butu na? Sika nag stupid talaga! Kuh Hapon ka, apai I’m suprised?

    Sika, ti butum, dakul! Ukininana, basit talaga. Sika HAPON!

  73. @VerPo:

    Okay, bud, the Ilokano-Filipino practiced the Asian concept of “no-holds-bar.” When insulted or violated, the sensitivity and feelings of the other person is not important. In fact it is nullified.

    However, because you and I speak fluent English, it is a legacy that the Americans left behind in establishing the educational system there, like it or not. Thus, I would like to end this bashing of you to exercise a degree of diplomacy and ask for your forgiveness. For all the vulgar and negative comments were made “in the moment.”

    The Catholic component, which the Spanish left behind, convicts me to forgive you for your ill-fated actions of speaking of me in another language in the 3rd person form, thinking I did not understand. If you think it is not insulting, think again.

    All three make me a Filipino and would hope that you have a wonderful forever and may OUR comments just be a golden lesson for you in dialoguing with people in general and American born Filipinos in particular with discernment laced with conviction, dignity and integrity for the other party.

    Again have a wonderful and prosperous forever and continue on commenting wherever on Cyberspace and on whatever topic. Grow from the topics of the various bloggers, and experiences like this particular page for you is a part of life. Learn from it and prevent others doing to others as you did to me.

    Here in the U.S. our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents suffered discrimination, stereotypical generalizations, and even when speaking and knowing English fluently, they were never “good-enough” to be American. But they endured until we became a fabric of this society. It is difficult when someone who LOOKS different from you, views you and judges your persona only by the differences oppose to the similarities. It is even more baffling when someone who LOOKS like you, who coming from the same cultural heritage, exercises the same judgement. Do you understand?


  74. P.S.

    Primo Bouton,

    Hey bro, you truly are a respected individual in my book for posting these controversial comments. My hats off to you. Keep on with your vision, whatever they may be. Thank you for allowing my colleagues and I to post on your blog, even if some of us “agree to disagree”, “agree” or “react negatively, immaturely, bombastically and dogmatically.”

    Much success to you in the future, and peace out!


    Filamericans WERE in the house! We’re gone now…OVER!

  75. tedious twenty…you ARE getting tedious. bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! para kang sirang plaka o cassette tape. pakatapos ng side a, side b, tapos side a ulit. gasgas na yan, tol. parang wala nang ibang nalaman.

    engrained, my friend? ingrained yun!

    eh ikaw kaya mag post ng picture mo? ganda ni verpo, ah.

    peace! ..l..


  76. bwahahahahaha… batang buotan, pasensya na kung dito sa blog mo naghihimutok tong mga kanong hilaw na to, (tedious twenty) ewan ko ba?! laki ng mga problema… minsan ko lang naman sila pinagbigyan tapos ayan na… hay, naasar lang naman ako sa pinagsasasabi nila kaya napasagot ako at ayan, dito na naghimutok sa blog mo, pasensya na talaga batang buotan.

  77. tedious twenty, magtigil na kayo!

    sumosobra na kayong mga feeling amerikano kayo ah?!

  78. batang buotan, ina-approve mo pa mga ganyang klaseng comment. ambastos na ni tedious twenty.. hindi na makatao pinagsasabi niya.

    nakilala ko si VerPo sa isang prayer meeting (echoz) sa isang party, at hindi siya tulad ng binibintang niya… maganda si VerPo, inside out.

    at hindi mo ba naiintindihan yung mga sinabi nya at yung official statement niya sa blog niya (english yun) na lahat yun ay random thoughts lang…. she was sorry after niyang laitin si janina.. minsan medyo pasaway siya pero yung mga sinasabi mo… sobra na, below the belt na.

    kaano-ano mo ba si janina at bakit ka ganyan makapanghusga sa sinasabi mong kapwa mo PILIPINO? sinasabi mo na american ka at pinoy by blood pero ang gusto mo lang sabihin ay american ka.

    nakakaawa na kayo. manahimik na kayo!

    like what VerPo said, “magtigil na kayo!”

    batang buotan says,
    Thank you for bringing it up.

  79. ay bago ako maunahan ni tedious twenty, ako na ang mauuna sa paglait sa sarili ko. pasensya, di ako marunong mag Ilokano, tagalog lang po alam ko at konting ingles.

    “caitlin? or is caitlin really your name? maybe you’re just a guy hiding behind a woman’s name. if you’re a guy, i bet you’re a chinese man or a japanese man. don’t you know that chinese men and japanese men “are known to have the most embarassingly small penises in the world?!” but if you’re a woman, i bet “you were so ugly when you were born, that the doctor slapped your mother.” so caitlin, blame your mother for your “not being sexually appealling” and why you’re spewing off all this hatred in you.”

    so yes, i blame my mother. she is a horse with a big vagina. so there!

    now go and dissect my grammar, you sellout racist american-born filipino!

    (sorry po, batang buotan, last na po ito. di ko lang po kasi masikmura ang mga pinagsasasabi niya. hindi niya kilala ang bata, pero magsalita akala mo kilala na niya lahat tungkol sa kanya. ang pinoy, pinagmamalaki ang iba’t-ibang dialects ng pilipinas. kung yung pino-propose nyo na “And those who speak a provincial language, well we could sentence them to a minimum of two years of imprisonment” ay matupad, eh sana makulong lahat ng kapamilya nung ilokanong mokong na yan. ano ba!)

    oi, tedious twenty, alam ko na kung anong isasagot mo, copy-paste ko na lang para wag ka nang mahirapan, o kung hindi basahin ko na lang ulit yung comments mo sa taas kasi, di ba, pare-parehas lang naman pinagsasasabi mo sa ibang blogs, di ba?

  80. Shiri honey,

    It’s called FREE SPEECH. Verpo is ugly thinking she wasn’t, she made her choice to post her photo. (Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so…you may think one thing TEDIOUS 20 and Dominiques DORM may see it differently.

    We KNOW we are ugly, but were not dumb enough to post our photo to have people make fun at us. It is called wisdom.


    Quit acting like a FOB.

    Filipino-Black-Americans, IN the HOUSE

  81. Hey FOB’s VERPO and SHIRI,

    Is there a limit on cyberspace? Then why are you exhorting Mr. Bouton to be patient? He’s got 30 fans here in California.

    Check it out his English writing skills. He’s a REAL Filipino!

  82. Hey FOBS,

    When visiting the STATES, please don’t talk tagalog in public. It is soooooo embarassing, especially if you look like VERPO!

  83. Hey, please…Mr. Bouton is in a catch 22 situation. I know he feels offended because of our bashing Veronica or Vern PO, whatever.

    But he’s also got a popular blog. So popular that those who can read English (900,000,000) can read our BASHING against this BITCH.


    Mr. Bouton, if YOU didn’t like our comments, why did you post them?

  84. SHIRI,

    BASTOS AND PROUD! Rude has a totally different flavor in the U.S. We play with different rules. Rules, you as a FOB, is not used to.

    That is the difference between the English language and tagalog. However, you will NEVER NEVER understand.

    Make sure you STAY in the Philippines, do you understand?

  85. Hey Mr. Bouton, feel free to edit and which to be posted. This Shiri is making us laugh so hard we are farting. IT may get crazy, but we’ll hold off.

  86. Do you know why we don’t post our blog? Because we may be ugly or not. We’re definitely not as stupid as VerPo!

    FOB, to theeeeeeeeeee MAX!

  87. FOB’s!

    We are;

    1) sobra – too much
    2) engrained –
    3) ugly maybe –
    4) rude
    5) tediously boring
    6) repetitive..
    7) stupid,

    Our answer is, you are RIGHT! Did you ever think that all we like to do is to berate FOBS? Or maybe we like Bouton’s page? Or maybe we were insulted by VerPo? or all of the above or none of the above…IT IS CALLED CYBERSPACE, AND WE LIVE IN A DORM WITH ONE PUBLIC COMPUTER TO USE AS AN EMOTIONAL OUTLET, WHERE WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAY YOU THINK!

    8) Hey VerPo, you are pretty…oh hell, even I can’t stop laughing now….pretty UGLY!


  88. Okay, Mr. Bouton, you are a very good looking individual. Hands down, you SHOULD post your photo.

    But, VerPo…girl…you need to go back to your prayer meeting and ask for forgiveness. Who ever told you to post your PHOTO, actually deceived you!

  89. Shiri, honey…

    Below the belt, under the belt, inside the belt, above the belt. This is CYBERSPACE.

    Now, may I suggest you talk OFF your belt, and please wash whats UNDER your belt.

  90. Yes VerPo, we feel too much as Americans…what’s your point? At least we know if we are MEN OR WOMEN!

  91. Okay, Mr. Bouton…you could erase all these comments. What these FOBS don’t know, that in Cyberspace there is NO HOLDS BARRED…sincerity, beauty, insults, entertainment, bashing, exhorting, commenting, blah..blah..blah…are all in the minds of the beholder.

    They don’t know if we are high, sober, ugly, pretty, gay, bisexual, monks, dirty, clean…and they will never know.

    Typical FOB trait. They think people here on cyberspace are really people who care about them! REACT BABY!

  92. Hey Look,

    If you are thinking of the journalism, reporting vocation, then you have plenty of views here.

    Did these commenters ever think about that?

    One’s motivations to do what one does, is clearly for that individual to know…

    C’mon fobbies, you don’t get it, do you? Journalism, cyberspace, freedom of expression…get with the program!

  93. Shiri baby!

    Now, if I am understanding correctly, you saw VerPo at a prayer meeting. You came to the conclusion that she is beautiful, “inside and out”? Are you involved with the ministry for the BLIND?

  94. Mr. Bouton, hey…stay your course bro…it must be tough for you not to laugh, get angry, or shocked. I guess what good journalists do. Booyah…I summer vacation is a couple days away…testosterones and PMS are running wild…(we are truly having fun..) Some people, just don’t get it!

  95. Shiri,

    Mr. Bouton is exercising his journalistic code of freedom of speech.

    He isn’t Chinese, or is not in China where censorship is practiced.

    GET IT?

    Some of these comments are as comical or as tragic as the two stories he had posted on this blog! GROW-UP!


  96. Harajuki Girls and Fellows, ARE IN THE HOUSE!

    Is VerPo a Harajuki…
    She’s too ugly so she has to play with her uki!

  97. Hey, VerPo, it’s okay. I’m ugly too. Don’t let these guys bother you VerPo. Ugly people are people too. Hey, you didn’t ask to be ugly. I mean, my hairline is more further back than yours. Hey, just put a bag over your head during your honeymoon. If you ever could find a gentlemen to marry you.

  98. VerPo,

    It’s difficult to be in Janina’s situation.

    All beauty and no brains.

    What’s worse is to have

    No beauty and no brains. How does it feel?

  99. VerPo, we were waiting for your response…bit right into it!

    Hey VerPo, okay, you are Filipino, Japanese, Irish and Spanish.

    Which part is Irish, your GLASSES?

  100. VerPo, it takes one bomb to ruin the lives of many! yeah baby, we are childish at times!

  101. I act like a little child, talaga…eh! Yes, you are right VerPo.

    But….you aren’t pretty…so there!

  102. VerPo,

    Your hairline begins in the middle of your skull! You aren’t japanese, you are CHINESE! You are also a LIAR!

  103. Shiri Honey, go back to your prayer meeting, pray for us and ask VerPo to repent, honey!

  104. Hey Verpo,

    WE ARE TOO TOO TOO MUCH! We are just living out your truths! Oh yes, we are truly childesh, immoral and politically incorrect.

    But then again, you are ugly and posted your photo…

    Shiri, “inside and outside beauty” girl stop talking like a FOB! You know damn well this is not true about VerPo.

    I mean, LOOK AT THAT PHOTO! Her chipanzee lookin’ features, her holding up the peace sign like a fob, her hairline? She doesn’t have a forehead, she has a “tenhead”….

    Shiri, you are too kind. But stupid!

  105. VerPo, we understand you attend bible study?

    Well, patience is a virtue. Now, have you prayed that you may experience a miracle and wake up one morning not looking like the offspring of non-human mammals?

  106. VerPo,

    Please girl, you know you have to take ‘some’ of our comments to heart. I mean, you really don’t think you are attractive, do you?

    At least admit it. I mean, acknowleding one’s weakness is the beginning of strength.

    Well, judging by your photo, there is no hope! DAAAAMN!

  107. VerPo, again you are thinking about yourself.

    Maybe, just maybe, we are insulting YOU because we don’t like you and at the same time making Mr. Bouton’s blog page popular because WE LIKE HIM and the way he presents himself!

    Girl, stop thinking like a FOB.

    Also, some of our slings at you are pretty damn good and funny! You wouldn’t know it, because they are directed to you. However, Bouton’s buds and bros are more than welcomed to use our slings. Perhaps that’s another reason…

    You just don’t know…neither do we, we’re drunk, sober, high, stoned, tweeked, and let your imagination run wild…or not! CYBERSPACE, get it!

    You threw another stone, after we closed the chapter! OOOOPS!

  108. @Verpo,

    Why are you pleading to the handsome Mr. Bouton to exercise patience?

    Have you seen how many hits his page has accrued? Large numbers stimulate curiosity. One creates blogs to garner large responses and comments, right?

    Girl, we respect him and like him, and you know what? He doesn’t need to feel that way about us…it’s all good.

    With you, we don’t like you…So, that’s a whole different game!

    Verpo, please remove your photo. It is very embarassing!

  109. Okay Verpo, the power is in the numbers. Each dorm-mate commented 3 times.

    Soon, you will be as POPULAR as JANINA SAN MIGUEL…lets not forget DOMINIQUES DORM…ooooops!

  110. We love you Mr. Bouton…we got the ball rolling and we hope that all our rude comments make people laugh, get angry, and every emotion that can be written on paper. LOL! We have had a long year hear at school, and we all are looking forward to our vacation.

    See you in September…as the saying goes and the semester begins again…We couldn’t help but to comment on the young lady named VerPo before we leave to go back to our families.

    It’s all about cyberspace journalism. Some people just don’t get it!

    Peace Out, our brothah!

    Caitlin-don’t try it please- ya’ gotta be BORN in the U.S. to try to talk like us!

  111. lol tedious 20! You fellas are lunatics! you said it. We here, have been winding down on our exams, so…we are back, before we break for summer.

  112. So,shirinshiringume?

    We are ‘ho’s’ and we admit it. So, what’s your excuse?

  113. Guapo Bouton,

    Baby, Caitlans’ ‘peace. ..i..’ Has to rank right up there with
    1)janina’s final answer,
    2)”he’s the cow” and..
    3) JG and Julie Ann’s dialogue…


    Hey Caitlan, why don’t you ask Janina if you could have a piece of her crown. Not because you are pretty, (which you probably aren’t), but because you are stupid…I….?

    Sweetie, here in the states we say “aight”. It derives from the word, “allright’…except you do not pronounce the “llr”.

    Wow…did you NOT know that? Daaaaaaaaaaaamn GIRL!

  114. @Caitlan,

    Why don’t you ask Janina if you could have a piece of her crown. Not because you are pretty, (which you probably aren’t), but because you are stupid…I….?

    Sweetie, here in the states we say “aight”. It derives from the word, “allright’…except you do not pronounce the “llr”.

    Wow…did you NOT know that? Daaaaaaaaaaaamn GIRL!

  115. @Caitlan,

    peace. …i… WTF? I what? I think you meant ‘aight’…lol’s

  116. Y’all just give shirishirishi some love now. With a user name like that, she obviously demands a little attention!

  117. @Caitlan,

    Hey you are right, we sound like a broken record or a malfunctioned cassette. So, we admit we are stupid? Well, what is your excuse?

    Peace. ..I…

    Peace. ..aight.. is what you wanted to say, girl! Aight is derived from ALLRIGHT without pronouncing the “llr”…WOW, we admit we are stupid. You don’t think you are, but you opened your mouth and now the whole English speaking world as concluded that YOU ARE!

    Hey Mr. Bouton, add Caitlin’s comment to your page please! It’s right up there with;

    1) Janina’s final answer,
    2) JG and Jule Anne’s dialogue, and
    3) “He is the cow”

    Caitlin, go find Miss World Philippines and see if she can donate part of her crown to you. Not that you are pretty,(oh hell no), but because you are equally as embarassing!



  118. @VerPo, you are forgiven, but you are still ugly.

    @Shirinshiringume, lotsa love to you. You did the right thing and defended the ignorant VerPo.

    @Catlain, noooooooooooo youuuuuuuu diiiiiiiiidn’t! …I..? Baby, stupid IS as stupid WAS! hahahahahahahahahahahahhah…lolololololololololololololololol!

    Peace out girl, ALLRIGHT?
    Peace. aight?

    Your comment should be PART of Guapo Bouton’s expose’.

  119. @shirimshingume, our bad, you are right! You see, slamming or berating someone or defending someone is not necessarily a Filipino-thing. It is a human thing. If you think we should defend a Filipino who is wrong, just for the sake of being Filipino ourselves, well…no!

    Bottom line, Bouton’s page happened to be browsed at the right place at the right time.

    We just choose to exercise whatever emotions we have after a stressful year at school, celebrating summer vacation, watching our classmates move on, witnessing stupid idiotic comments made by VerPo and Caitlin. In the moment comments can be offensive, comical, sincere, lies, or off the cuff.

    However, a couple of positive things came out of it. First, Mr. Bouton is the new sex symbol over at Dominique’s Dorm, and for the smattering of females in this co-ed dorm, and for a couple of our closet-cased homosexual classmates -we love em’ though-.

    Second, After Janina San Miguel, Verpo and Caitlin are 1st and 2nd runners-up for Miss Stupid Philippine Comments. They are POPULAR now too, here in California.

    How about that?

    But you, you have the heart of gold. Thank you! You had the descency to defend someone without convictions and the discernment to state your plight to Mr. Bouton. These women should take notes.

    However, in Cyberspace, one can express a diversity of comments, slings and enlightenment. One should not throw the first stone first. Because some people are just plain crazy, stupid, loonies, whores, druggies, and ADMIT IT! But what you READ, may not be all there is!

    Bouton, you turkey. How did you get to become a stud-muffin with all the ladies! Well, maybe because you are Filipino and not chinese…ooops sorry! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAH…have a good summer!

  120. ha ha ha ha ha…ha ha ha ha ha… ha ha ha ha ha…

    Caitlin, I sound like a casette, huh? Sorry, I forgot how much your comments mean to me. Accept my apologies..I..?

  121. Mr. Bouton, stay cool, stay refreshed, keep your sense of humor and sincerity. May you continue to grow in your journalistic Cybersoace endeavors and experience the balance of appreciating comments for what they are. You are a class act.

    Peace-out. A-ight? (@Caitlan, this is the phonetic pronounciation of what we THINK you were trying to say by attempting to be cool!)

  122. Hey Mr. Bouton,

    Before today, you had 83 comments. You’ll probably have much more today. These commenters made us LAUGH. May I sincerely thank you for your page. It’s funny, because I am from New York, and these examples you posted would be appreciated by the ESL (English Second Language) instructors who teaches Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Haitians, and others the English language. I can’t wait to see them during my break.

  123. Okay Mr. Bouton, we thought we said our final say last night. But someone decided to throw another stone.

    The suprise treat was Caitlin’s “Peace. ..I..” debacle. That is one for the ages! Holy COW!

  124. Shirinshigume, don’t take those vulgar comments to heart. As far as I’m concerned, I’m total agreement with you. You, I would consider a respected Filipino national. You are a straight shooter and it is appreciated. We can be overly rude, especially to someone who excercises maturity and politeness like yourself. Take care.

    But Caitlan, and VerPo…well, I’m going out on my summer break with this saying, “can’t say anything good about anyone, then I shouldn’t say it at all!”…I?…(lols)

  125. Hey, beautiful Bouton! Your page exerts someone who is intelligent, and a thinker that goes against the grain of popular heresay. Your external features, based on your photo, can make any woman swoon. You are the whole package. Stay that way will you?

    Shirinshigume, yes, we were a bit too much (Sobra). All in good fun for the respected Mr. Bouton. Sorry that VerPo and Caitlin were the sacrificial lambs. You Ms. Shirin are ALLRIGHT in my book! If you didn’t know by now, we are a bunch of university students killin’ some time and ending the semester…and everything that goes with it!

    Have a slow and relaxing summer, Mr. Bouton. BOOOOOOYAHHH. Gotta work on my tan..the darker the berry…well you know what I mean!

  126. @Bouton, class act gentlemen.

    @Shirinshigume, class act with a pure heart.

    @Verpo….well, oops sorry I forgot my English.

    @Caitlin…”..I..” “I” nako! LOL

  127. Shirin, okay I apologize for my ludicrous comments. ONLY TO YOU!

    Not to VerPo or Miss “I”

    Have a great summer, Mr. Bouton. We hoped you enjoyed some of our slings. It’s a craft in good fun, if the setting is right, you know?

  128. LOL! Hey, bro’ Bouton! You go on with yo’ bad self and have a good summer! How the hell did your page get so popular? Oooops, I forgot about VerPo!

    @Caitlin, baby, are you the person who wrote the essay, “He is the cow?” Well, nice to meet you…”I”…oops I mean “aight”?

    @shirinshigume, okay, we receive your heart-felt rebuke. You are the voice of reason to bring us all back from this negative andreniline. Thank you, Ms Gume.

    @VerPo, well girl, from what Ms. Gume revealed you attend a prayer meeting with her? Well judging by your photo, pray for a big miracle, girl! Sorry, Ms. Gume.

  129. @Shiringume, okay, okay…I know a pure heart when I hear it. But one more before a receive your righteous and justifiable chastisement.

    Rule of thumb is, when someone a evil as us Tedious Twenty and the 10 of Dominique’s Dorm reads that some one is beautiful “in and out”, it means one thing;

    Her beauty within supercedes her external curse. However, Ms. Shiringume, now I will accept your corrective comment. You are cool!

    Hey, bad-boy-Bouton…knock yourself out by laughing AT us, but most of all, we hope some of our comments made you laught WITH us.

    They are pretty outrageous. Hey…you live life once!

  130. Caitlin, girl

    Side A…Peace ..I..
    Side B…Peace Out.. Allright? or Aight!
    Side C…If you want to run with the big dogs, “ya gotta lift yo’ leg a little HIGHER!”

    To theee FIIIIIIIINE, Batang-Shake Your Booty-Bouton, stay with it baby!

    Shirinshimgume, you are right…you have a good one too! VerPo, why don’t you hang out with this lady more. You might learn something!


    Lol…Peace. ..I..! This is one for the ages. That is a monumental FOB mistake!

    I’m laughing so hard, my testicles busted!

    Batang Bouton, who loves ya’ baby! The Tedious Twenty does, that’s who.

    Actually, there are so many people in this unit today for a party, that it may be more than that. 20 is just a figurative number.

    You should try it. Go to party, pick a page, look for a stupid hypocritical comment, bring a couple of kegs of beer, and let her RIP!

  132. Peace ..I..
    Peace ..I..

    Wait a minute let me try again,

    Peace ..A..
    Peace ..E..
    Peace ..I..
    Peace ..O..
    Peace ..U..

    And that’s only side 1 of the CD!
    I…I… NAKO!

    This is side 2 of the CD!

  133. Have a great summer Batan Bouton. Have fun editing. We don’t blame you if none of these comments get posted. Some of these jerks are getting out of hand. Why not, summer vacation is HERE!


  134. hold up, this is some potent info bro’ bouton! thanks. i should of read this last week. it would have helped me in my method courses for teaching english as a second language.

    good one. anyways, you have a calm and collected summer, ya’hear?

  135. Have a good summer and life Mr. Bouton…over, until September..I think! This is fun, but it’s time for THREE MONTHS of FUN IN THE SUN!

    Shop closed!

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