Lozada’s Assassination Plot

Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, Jr., in his provincial tour revealed that there are plans to assassinate him. In GMA TV-7 report, Lozada was quoted saying that that some prisoners had been tapped to kill him.

PNP chief Dir. Gen. Avelino Razon, Jr. immediately directed the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) to handle the investigation on Lozada’s alleged death threats, GMA News reported.

In a text message of Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo to GMA News, she reportedly called Lozada to name names and should stop coming up with stories.

In the last few days, Lozada has become heady with his newfound popularity, the Manila Standard Today editorial observes. It adds, [Lozada] tells his stories piecemeal, as if to make sure he won’t lose momentum and his listeners’ interest.

Is his revelation of new “death threat” part of “piecemeal” like stories to sustain his popularity?

With Lozada’s popularity, it is always possible that there are groups that may interest him. It could be an administration-leaning group, an opposition-leaning group, leftist, and ordinary attention-seekers.

The motives may vary. It may not only to silence Lozada but it may also possible to ruin our democracy.

I challenge Lozada to say the “truth”. If it is truth that there is a threat against him, he must seek police assistance, tell who are those persons who plan to kill him. He must substantiate his claim that “some prisoners had been tapped to kill him”.

Otherwise, the suspicion that he is just making stories will escalate.

In Lozadaland, you never run out of outlandish accusations and are never worried about having to back up anything you say with what even remotely resembles proof wrote Jojo Robles in his column Lowdown.
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3 thoughts on “Lozada’s Assassination Plot

  1. Sus ginoo, kasama pa rin iyan sa script nyo!!! Isasabit nyo na naman ang gobyerno sa pautot na yan. Matakot ka Lozada sa mga nakapaligid sa yong akala mo eh mga kakampi mo. Remember Dacer, Corbito, Kuratong???? Be very afraid!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes baka nga…meron kasi number 1 ang aroyo admin sa human
    right violation…imagine MMDA Personnel na walang nalalaman
    nang huhuli ng trapik violation pagtinanong mo kung ano ang violation mo seatbelt lang alam…para bang may pinakamalaking sindikato sa goberno o goberno na mismo ang sindikato kaya hindi mahuli huli mga criminal…pagsindikato
    ka kasama na ang pumatay sa salut ng adhikain nila…wala na ako narinig na maganda sa goberno…kaya sorry ngayon lang ako nakakita ng gobernong nagaadvertise sa malalaking media station at nagbabayad ng malaki…na saan ang PIA…sa mga adhikain ni lozada bakit tahimik COA or Commission on Audit…baka walang alam mga auditor natin tanggalan ng license yan …PICPA na saan kayo…LAW Association na saan kayo …

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

  3. Talaga sus ginoo…Hindi effective yang ganyang spin, me assasination plot, aba gusto pang maging martyr not worth, puro hearsay at fake accusations, cannot substantiate facts with their stories. Sa haba ng senate hearing wala ring, last resort this time dirty stories

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