Lozada and Navarro: Too Harsh

I always prefer Jun Lozada to remain as credible witness than becoming a famous star. I think he has some pieces of valuable information that help us know the “truth” behind the controversial aborted NBN-ZTE deal. But these “pieces of information” spoiled the crying witness.

Teary-eyed, he revealed the “truth” he supposedly knew. Since then, he keeps his mouth open and sustains his big grin whenever people hailed him as “hero” – a messiah to some.

After his dramatic revelation of “truth”, Lozada has transformed and become comic “hero”. He tactlessness is becoming so annoying.

In his visit to Cebu, Lozada told us that the Archdiocese of Cebu has become Archdiocese of Malacañang. The Freeman quoted Lozada saying, “hindi ko alam hanggang dito pala sakop ng Malacañang”

It pains me to hear remark like this. I don’t know if it was just another careless remark of Lozada but such remark was too harsh for the faithful of Cebu and to the Archdiocese of Cebu as a whole. The Archdiocese has never become an extension of Malacañang nor have been under Malacañang’s control. It’s an absurd statement.

The Archdiocese of Cebu already denied the allegations of Lozada that “Cardinal Vidal instructed priests not to officiate masses for him [Lozada] on his visit in Cebu. I don’t think the good Cardinal will do that. I also do not believe that Cardinal Vidal is antagonistic towards Lozada as claimed by blog, Balatucan Monitor. The Cardinal was just truthful when he asked “why we should made Lozada a hero” because Lozada is not really a hero.

Leah Navarro of Black and White Movement in Metro Manila has called Cardinal Vidal as “a congressman in cassock.” It the most hash words I hear so far for a good person like Cardinal Vidal.

Are Lozada and Navarro said these things because it seems Cardinal Vidal do not think the way they think? Will they continue to attack those who will not dance with them? It’s not right and proper. Instead of gaining support, they will lost respect.
The Manila Standard Today tells us something about Cardinal Vidal:

He is known for his simplicity. He is popular even without trying. He makes solid convictions; he could oppose a whole nation as long as he stands by the truth. He is gentle yet strong, balance and firm. For more than half a decade he served the Filipinos as a worker of God. He has helped keep our religious foundations steady amidst years of political instability and social turmoil. All these he did with love, sincerity and compassion.

I pray that soon, those who assail him find the light.

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9 thoughts on “Lozada and Navarro: Too Harsh

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  2. i think it’s not just harsh, the comment was reckless and stupid. i had friends at the forum, lozada actually said that first time pa siya binastos. i guess it was like a splash of cold water for lozada, who thinks that everybody is starstruck by him.

    batang buotan says:
    Such remarks of Lozada saddened. He dumbs down his cause. How can he gain respect when he don’t respect others. Although Lozada can count on the “dogs that worship him” he must have the serenity to accept that there are also “cats that ignore him”. That’s what real life is.

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  4. I would have been more inclined to take the side of the Cardinal if the priests under him (during their spiritual formation gathering) were not made to suffer the blasphemy of having Cerge Remonde enlighten them about the truth (on the NBN/ZTE deal). As reported, Remonde came prepared with NBN/ZTE pamphlets, perhaps to help the priests meditate on the Malacanang version of the scam?
    This plus the controversial “hello-hi-goodbye non-meeting” with the presidential couple at Wackwack makes the Cardinal’s statement about Cebuanos knowing too much already about NBN/ZTE to benefit from Lozada’s visit very open to the interpretation that he is taking sides with someone that has been described as “evil” and a “lucky bitch”.

    batang buotan says:
    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  5. i like what you said about “Lozada and Navarro said these things because it seems Cardinal Vidal do not think the way they think? Will they continue to attack those who will not dance with them?”

    actually, it is a problem in the first place when someone claims they are the truth..God is the only truth. And it is only God who knows the truth..

    batang buotan
    Thank you. Yes, I agree, “God is the only truth”.

  6. ambot lang aning mga taga manila nganong buhaton ni nilang ‘hero’ si lozada. this was not the first time lozada lambasted the church, he said in an interview that he wouldn’t want to be catholic anymore since the cbcp came out with a no to gloria resignation. poul na naman ni siya oi!

    batang buotan says:
    Doc, thanks for your visit. Tinuod, makahilanat ning sobrang pagpapapel ni Jun Lozada. Maayo ra man gyod unta kung magpabilin siya nga testigo o saksi sa kamatuoran pero karon mi-anam na ug lutaw ang usa ka kamatuoran, nga dili lang ang pagsulti sa tinuod ang tumong ni Jun Lozada.

  7. i think he’s enjoying he’s popularity though. tsk,tsk,tsk!
    by the way, can we xchange link. i link u first.

    batang buotan
    Yes, indeed. Thanks, I linked you.

  8. @mananap, lol
    a friend asked me if jun lozada is related to Jun Lozada! yeah, definitely Ike was funnier and unassuming, unlike Mr. Starwitness here.

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