Erap in 2010: Aspire but cannot run

Members of a group called “Erap for 2010 President Movement” headed by certain Vince Avena reportedly pooled their money to print “ERAP 2010” stickers. The stickers are for nationwide distribution aimed to convince the Filipino people to support Erap’s presidential bid in the 2010 elections.

In Philippine Star report, Vince Avena said, “[t]o bring him (Estrada) back is to correct the wrong that we have suffered at the hands of anti-poor people. I am just an ordinary citizen who wants to help the Filipino people” The same report quoted Avena saying, “[a] true leader must have a true love for the masses, love for the people. We produced quite a number of ERAP 2010 stickers to campaign for his return to power. The ERAP for 2010 president movement is initiated by a group of friends who believe that Erap is the man we need to lift our country from poverty.”

Can aspire but cannot run

A fellow Cebu blogger, Ethelbert, commented this in my post, Talk Show: The Next President.

Mr. Estrada is not eligible for re-election.

[The] 1987 Constitution Article VII Section 4. The President and the Vice-President shall be elected by direct vote of the people for a term of six years xxx. The President shall not be eligible for any re-election xxx.

Mr. Estrada had been elected once as a president and thus not capable of being re-elected again as the president. More so that the none completion of his term is not caused by circumstances that is beyond his control. The Supreme Court in Estrada vs. Desierto on March 2, 2001 ruled that Mr. Estrada resigned. He voluntarily abandoned the presidency. It was his will and own volition to heed the call of the greater population for him to leave the office of the president. Voluntary renunciation of the office for any length of time shall not be considered as an interruption in the continuity of his service.

Following the idea of the proponents of Mr. Estrada’s re-election will put us in a situation wherein, just to extend terms or service a president will resign at the final year of his term in order for him to be eligible to run for presidency again for the next election. Aren’t we exposing ourselves to the danger from which the constitution has sought to protect us from?

“He can always aspire, but he cannot run,” Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez told the press as reported by The Manila Times. Gonzalez, cited the present constitution as “the main stumbling block” of Erap. This supports the opinion of Ethelbert.

I share the same opinion. Joseph Estrada, who has been proven guilty of plunder, cannot run and should not run as president in 2010.


I remember. Help me remember these.

  • In his presidential campaign (1998 Presidential Election), Joseph Estrada capitalized on the campaign slogan, Erap para sa Mahirap (Erap for the poor). When he became the president, the poor became poorer.
  • During his presidency, Estrada assailed the Philippine Daily Inquirer (in 1999) for being “bias” which prompted advertising boycott. It resulted to sharp criticism from international press freedom watchdogs. Erap suppressed press freedom through extreme pressure.
  • Estrada’s Chief of Staff Aprodicio Laquian reported (2000) [please see Estrada’s chief of staff quits] that Estrada allegedly “spent long hours drinking with shady characters as well as midnight drinking sessions with some of his cabinet members during meetings”. This created national clamor and prompted many Filipinos to ask questions about what kind of president we have in Malacañang.
  • Ilocos governor Luis “Chavit” Singson told (October 2000) that he had personally given Estrada the sum of 400 million pesos as payoff from illegal gambling profits, as well as 180 million pesos from the government price subsidy for the tobacco farmers’ marketing cooperative. Corrupt president?
  • The House of Representatives passed the articles of impeachment against Joseph Estrada, November 13, 2000. Estrada was the first Philippine President to be impeached.
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines withdrawn (January 19, 2001) its support from Estrada and transfered its allegiance to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The day after, the Supreme Court declared that the seat of presidency was vacant. Arroyo swore as new president. Estrada and his family evacuated from Malacañang.
  • Sandiganbayan (on September 12, 2007) found Estrada guilty of plunder and not guilty on his perjury case. Justice prevails.
  • President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (on October 25, 2007) granted executive clemency to Joseph Estrada based on the recommendation by the Department of Justice. For national reconciliation or GMA’s political maneuver, I ask.

Now, we are reminded.

Never again!

I believe I have, we have, enough reasons to say, never again for Joseph Estrada. I have no personal grudges against the former president but I think it is just for me to say “never again” for Estrada.

It is the right of Vince Avena and his “Erap for 2010 President Movement” to distribute the stickers. I will not call them to stop the signature campaign for Estrada’s presidential bid. It is not just and right to do so.

But I call everyone to think many times. I will not question what your opinion and decision might be.

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17 thoughts on “Erap in 2010: Aspire but cannot run

  1. ang Artista pang acting,dun sila magaling sa acting,hindi pam politica

    gusto ko ang bihasa about economy,
    A graduate of Wharton School of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, Roxas worked as an investment banker, mobilizing venture capital funds for small and medium enterprises before running for public office. so may kakayahan ka na palaguin ikonomiya ng pilipinas,dahil dyan ka graduate

  2. Pag tumakbo siya sa Presidential Elections at Manalo…..

    Maghanda na kayo for EDSA 4.

    batang buotan
    ‘Wag naman sanang ipahintulot na mangyayari yun. Delubyo na yon.

  3. i think hindi na siya makakatakbo…he has already done his part…nakita natin ang resulta…i just wonder kung bakit anjan pa si GMA…nakita na natin yung performance pero anjan pa rin siya…

    batang buotan says:
    Oo, tama. Hindi na pweding makatakbo si Erap.

  4. So what if erap believes that he was unable to finish his term? he says he can do more to help the masses? As we look back at history, I can say what he could have done more was plunge the Phil. economy into chaos..from $1 = 24,25,26PHP during ramos’ time, it jumped to 40-45PHP..that needs no further explanation, you can connect the dots. But then again, the problem also lies with the masses, what they need to avoid is apathy and embrace empowerment to lift themselves from there situation, IMO they don’t need government projects, etc., they need gov’t guidance together with the help of the private sector.

    Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you will not have to listen to his incessant whining about how hungry he is.

    batang buotan says:
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Needless for me to say that Erap is not in the position to say that he can help “uplift” this country.

  5. Another chance for him to be President? Please!

    First of all I agree with iggy that his rise to Presidency in ’98 did more harm than good. My relatives abroad had a bad image of our former President. And this tainted image was enough to pull down our already downtrodden country even more.

    No, I hope he doesn’t go for the top post ever again. That’s one part of our history we Filipinos should definitely be ashamed of.

    batang buotan
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. he was given the chance to run the country, he messed it up. it would be silly to let him be at it again. just letting him run makes me shudder.

    batang buotan says:
    Yes, indeed.

  7. i think erap is wise [enough] not to run next election. it’s not really serious about him running for the same post. i think people took it seriously, our law doesn’t want him run the 2010 election. that would be it. i think he’s smart enough. some people maybe [exaggerating] on some news about [Erap’s] [unpredictable] moves. what can i say! this is the philippines. we survive on ridiculous gossip.

    batang buotan says:
    No exaggeration, I think. This issue deserves worthy discussions because this is a national concern. A wise enough Erap must not insinuate his intention to run. Saying for example that he is willing to serve the country when called upon is an old tactics. If Erap is NOT serious about it, then he must avoid himself projecting as if he position himself for 2010. The 2010 election is a serious matter, and there is no room for NOT serious stuff. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  8. i dont think so if he gonna win again after what happen to his term . asked know our country need a better leader and not currupt . if im erap i will just continue acting like right now he has a movie with ai ai delas alas he can not be a president…i hope the guy who spreading his sticker is not serius how abouth the mone that he spen to that sticker just give to the poor people or the street children thats only myh sugestion ……vote wisely and think a lot of times who will gonna vote in 2010 election…

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  11. hindi na dapat patakbuhin yang bobong kurakot na ERAP na yan, madami namang mas pwede tumakbo. Nakita na natin magpatakbo yung ERAP na yan at wala naman talaga kwenta hayaan na nya dapat yung mga mas qualified ang maging presidente.

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