Moderating Sex

We can moderate greed. Can’t we moderate sex? It seems difficult. As many as those who can’t moderate sexual cravings are the commercial sex workers (CSW) who offer services preferred by customers. Many of them don’t mind the value of safe sex.

This may not be a national trend but the Mandaue City Health Office noted the rise of sexually transmitted infection (STI) cases. From 553 cases counseled and treated by Mandaue City Health Office in 2006, it ballooned to 867 cases in 2007. This is attributed to a number of unregistered or freelance commercial sex workers who practice their trade without or with little knowledge of safe sex. [Source: Sun Star Cebu]

Thus, in Sun Star Cebu report, [t]he Mandaue City Government tapped the services of commercial sex workers (CSW) […] (to monitor) freelance CSWs and teaching them to practice “safe sex”. These people are called peer educators and are trained on how to explain to their peers the mode of transmission of […] (sexually transmitted infections) and its prevention, and healthy practices. Peer educator are given monthly allowance.

Mandaue City’s program is a good small step to help lessen STI cases. Although there are some conservative groups that assail the program. A group called AIDS-Free Philippines asserts that abstinence and chastity are still the best proven and most effective weapons against […] STI.

Is sexually transmitted infection alarming?

Although the Philippines has sustained its relatively low prevalence of HIV/AIDS cases compared to over 20 million victims in the world. Sun Star Cebu editorial noted however that the cases of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which is a “co-factor for HIV transmission,” remains high.

As of January 31, 2008, a total of 3,119 HIV and AIDS cases were reported in the Philippines. The first confirmed case of AIDS in the country was recorded in May 1984.

We need proper sex education. We need effective government programs.

Many victims, I observed, are reluctant to seek medical attention for shame. I remember someone (male friend victim of STI) who tried to insert infected penis in boiled coconut water hoping cure. He did it because he could not take the soapy water of dissolved detergent as advised by another friend.

Without proper sex education, many male don’t like condoms as protective shield against STI.

Is it time to intensify the campaign to use condoms?

Condom may help but for Dr. Rene Joseph C. Bullecer of AIDS-Free Philippines, condoms are never proven to prevent HIV because statistics continue to show that in countries where condoms are freely advertised and made available to the public, particularly among teenagers, the number of cases of both the sexually transmitted infections or STI and HIV have skyrocketed to very alarming rates.

Or do we need to strenghten Filipino christian values?

I prefer the latter. And moderating sex, perhaps.

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3 thoughts on “Moderating Sex

  1. Call it Catholic Church meddling. Sex is a global and natural human occurrence.

    Despite conflicting views about sex, EVERYONE has to know about safe sex. Or normal sex for that matter for responsible (subsequent) parenting.

    My .02

    batang buotan says:
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Cebuanos must be educated the sacredness and importance of sex.I don’t agree that only commercial sex workers are in to the cravings of sex not only as a means of livelihood but also for other reasons?
    What about those teenagers and college hippies who venture sex as a part “growing up” experience/adventure?
    Sex is not that bad per se.It is a gift from God that binds a man and a woman to unite Man from all the elements of the Universe and to fulfill God’s commandment.

  3. This doesn’t surprise anymore. It’s just so sad that some are using the gift of “SEX” for money. I don’t think all sex workers are happy of what they’re doing. They just don’t have option. Or some just get addicted to easy-big-money making.

    What’s more sad.., naa man gud sila mga parokyanos.

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