Walk for Truth

It was absurd. The so called “Walk for Truth” of Senators Allan Peter Cayetano and Benigno Aquino III, Rodolfo Lozada, Jr., and their supporters was ridiculously unreasonable.

Needless to say, the Senate has the right to file motion for reconsideration to Supreme Court’s March 25 ruling that the three questions that Romulo Neri refused to answer were covered by executive privilege. But did Senators Allan Peter Cayetano and Benigno Aquino III and friends needed to dramatize it?

Cayetano was quoted in Inquirer.Net report saying, we participated in this activity because we want to inform the public that the NBN-ZTE controversy is a big issue that should be dealt with thoroughly.

I want to inform the good senator that the public has known already that the NBN-ZTE controversy is a big issue. And the public deal with it thoroughly.

The most ridiculous, irresponsible, and unreasonable statement came from Senator Noynoy Aquino. In a QTV report, I heard him saying:

Ang hirap paniwalaan ay ating Korte Suprema na dapat bastion for democracy ay biglang hindi magiging ganun, hindi magagampanan ang kanyang katungkulan.

Did the good senator heard what he said? What are his basis in saying that the Supreme Court is not doing its responsibility? Did he said those words because he simply did not like the Supreme Court’s decision? Or did he implied that the Supreme Court must always decide according to what he likes?

With due respect, I wish to remind you Sen. Aquino that the Supreme Court did its responsibility with highest honor and dignity and did not favor anybody – not even Malacañang. For example, the Supreme Court thumbed down some of Malacañang’s and pro-Malacañang’s moves.

  • Proclamation 1017 [1]
  • Calibrated Preemptive Response [2]
  • Executive Order 464 [3]
  • People’s Initiative [4]

Again, they have the right to file the motion for reconsideration to Supreme Court but why did they had to stage “Walk for Truth”? Was it a way of pressuring the Supreme Court to rule in favor of the Senate? Or they simply want extra media mileage?

So many senators give us a good laugh. My buddy was not surprised when I giggled facing the television. No I was not watching TV sitcom, I was watching a TV news program.

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5 thoughts on “Walk for Truth

  1. they simply want extra media mileage—that’s the correct answer. some people must constantly attached their names to controversies and the likes for them to be saliently remembered by the public…this way the people won’t forget them in the next election to come…hahahaha….

    batang buotan says:
    I agree.

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