The case of “Jan-Jan”, and his doctors and nurses in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) has gained overwhelming publicity. Almost everybody reacts. People are talking about it. Opinion writers are writing about it. Major broadcast networks are reporting about it. Filipino bloggers are blogging about it.

The case of “Jan-Jan” was rare. The operation to take out a perfume canister that had been inserted into Jan-Jan’s rectum was performed for the first time in VSMMC. Naturally, the medical professionals who were present during the operation were curious. But can curiosity turn to mockery? Rebelmind wrote:

Medical practitioners and trainees, more so lead doctors, need a strong sense of emotional control when faced with a situation like that one that occurred at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in January.

The operation was successful. Like the VSMMC administration, we must commend the surgical team for the successful operation.

But here is the mess. (I don’t like to use the word “scandal”) A video clip uploaded to YouTube and circulated through mobile phones showed the surgical team apparently making fun of Jan-Jan during the operation. The video showed the persons present in the Operating Room (OR) laughing, shouting, giggling; and some holding their mobile phones taking video.

Rebelmind reminded us about Patient’s Bill of Rights.

The “Bill of Rights” starts off with: “The patient has the right to considerate and respectful care.” If that is not enough, the Bill has, among its many provisions, the following:

“–The patient has the right to privacy. Case discussion, consultation, examination, and treatment should be conducted to protect each patient’s privacy.

“–The patient has the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to his/her care will be treated confidentially by the hospital, except in cases such as suspected abuse and public health hazards when reporting is permitted or required by law.

“The patient has the right to expect that the hospital will emphasize confidentiality of this information when it releases it to any other parties entitled to review information in these records.”

The act was very unprofessional and unethical. It was brutal to some. The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) – Cebu condemned the act. The reactions are becoming brutal too.

When this issue broke-out, I aired-out my opinion condemning the act of the surgical team who performed Jan-Jan’s operation. Like most sensitive Cebuanos, I pushed for a thorough investigation of the case so that sanctions to those who erred could be immediately executed.

We waited until last Friday, April 18, VSMMC fact finding body released the result of their investigation.

Many, including Jan-Jan, were disappointed with the result of the investigation. The fact finding body did not name the doctors and nurses, a disappointment to those who expected that names of those responsible would be revealed.

VSMMC has good reason why the names of doctors and nurses had not been revealed. The investigation is not yet over thus, it would be unfair to them to reveal their names.

It was just sad that what happened was more damaging to VSMMC. I read some blog post vehemently attacking VSMMC, claiming that the hospital is a “no good hospital”. In fairness the VSMMC, Jan-Jan’s case was an isolated case – although it was not the first time that the hospital was involved on controversy.

I insist that something must be done to give justice to Jan-Jan. I condemn the “acts” of those doctors and nurses. I insist that they must face the consequences of their action. Should suspension to doctors and nurses involved suffice? Is dismissal enough? Is there a need to revoke their professional license? Let us use reasons to decide how justice to both parties can be served best.

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7 thoughts on “VSMMC Mess

  1. “Let us use reasons to decide how justice to both parties can be served best.”
    thank you for being fair.

    batang buotan
    You’re welcome, Dr. Tes.

  2. jerry, will add you up to my links if its ok with you.

    batang buotan
    Salamat Dr. Tes. Your blog is also in my blogroll.

  3. what makes this ‘scandal’ so filthy is that these so-called educated people behaved so unbecoming of a professional. they were mean to make fun of a patient like that and upload a video of him lying heavily sedated. gosh and they cheered on as the canister was removed from the patient. galing nila, sobra. ang babait.

    batang buotan says:
    Too bad, indeed!

  4. yeah they should put to greater persecution. unsaon na lng si jan jan pag ma milyonaryo na. mag cge na pud na cyag pa *tot*. . . .hehehehe
    good day bay.

  5. those kind of people should be sentenced for a lifetime imprisonment. they should respect the man eventhough he’s a gay because we have the right to be respected. i hope that descrimination to the third sex may totally vanished or just partly lessen in this country.because this is one of the reason why filipinos we’re still crawling nowhere and migrating somewhere. we don’t respect and we lack of self discipline and self control.
    if all of us just rwspect each other then there would be no doubt that this state will commit victory that we ever wish every now and then.

    thank you and god bless

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