What happen to some Philippine Senators?

I get more than enough dosage of absurdity done by some senators in the 13th and 14th Congress. It seems to me that many senators are working hard not to legislate for the general welfare of the people. [It seems] They use legislative power for personal and political motives. Forgive me honorable senators but please do not blame me for thinking like this.

Look how some “brave” senators treated “witnesses” during the gruesome, theatrical, and often misdirected Senate investigation. Many times I suspected that the Senate investigations are not intended to aid important legislations but to aid political ambitions. Again, my apologies to good senators but again, do not blame me for thinking like this.

Almost everything popular will be investigated by the senate. This makes TV news more funny and very entertaining. It is both entertaining and irritating to see senators ranting infront of the camera. One writer proposed that some senators need “some training” so that they don’t appear like insecure and spoiled brat in highly respected branch of government.

I remember how I laughed and end up in great desperation when Sen. Jamby Madrigal accused Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile of being a cohort of former President Ferdinand Marcos and “earning” millions of pesos in the process. In return, Enrile accused the Madrigals of “partying” with the Marcoses and similarly “earning” corrupted money. Enrile’s remarks “hurt” Madrigal “so much” that she cried on national television and annoyed many.

In another episode, Sen. Madrigal walked out from Sen. Pia Cayetano’s committes hearing. Cayetano and Madrigal have had similar encounters in the past over the breast-feeding and anti-rabies bills. The most absurd part of those “encounters” was the childish word throwing.

There was Sen. Antonio Trillanes who led another attempt to overthrow the goverment. We expect a senator to be law-abiding but for Sen. Trillanes who violated the law, he seems lost his honor and dignity and lawmaker.

Recently, Senators Allan Peter Cayetano and Benigno Aquino III led the so called “Walk for Truth” to the Supreme Court to file motion for reconsideration to Supreme Court’s March 25 ruling that the three questions that Romulo Neri refused to answer were covered by executive privilege. I know that both had understood that leading the “Walk for Truth” had nothing to do with their motion for reconsideration filed to the Supreme Court. It seemed that they did to to add glamor, to spice up the issue and to make them appear as champion of the people. On the contrary, many got irritated with such irresponsible act. Do they need to dramatize all their actions or just an extra media mileage?

I thank God that the Senators have had their recess. The recess is too short though (for me). Once again, we get fresh doses of mudslinging. Sen. Jamby Madrigal is striking again. She is seeking the removal of some of her colleagues who are allegedly occupying their commission seats illegally. I don’t say that Madrigal has no point in the bringing up this issue but I think this can be solved among themselves without exchanging harsh words and personal attacks.

The move of Sen. Madrigal is deeply rooted on the attack of some of her collegues after she blocked the confirmation of 24 senior military and police officers on the CA’s last day of session before the Lenten break. Sen. Richard Gordon accused her of abusing her parliamentary power by invoking the deadly Section 20 of the commission rules that automatically suspended any action on the appointees. The motive of Sen. madrigal is clear then.

There are many responsibilities that the present senators must address. While the is a need to investigate to aid important legislation, there is also a need to pass very important measures.

Before you accuse me of being so critical to some of our senators, I commend Senate Committees on Foreign Relations chaired by Sen. Meriam Santiago and on Trade and Industry chaired by Sen. Manual Roxas for working hard to come up with “sound” recommendations to ratify the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). Conditional concurrence is laudable as the “conditions” protect the interest of the Filipino nation on the very controversial agreement. Next week we expect heated deliberations of JPEPA.

We have more embarrassing than commendable episodes with them. What happen to some Philippine Senators?

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4 thoughts on “What happen to some Philippine Senators?

  1. dong boutan, you dont have to apologize for your opinion, they should be the one making the apology to the filipino people. korek ka, they’re doing this circus in aid of political ambition. have you read the article about lito lapid in inquirer? kataw-anan.

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