Jun Lozada’s Moment of Fame

First, we know that the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the ZTE corporation deal was questionable. That was something we need to talk about.

Then someone rose to speak up! He was Jun Lozada who claimed that he knew! He came along with nuns as if he was god-send. Jun Lozada became an instant hero in a a society that desperately seeks heroes.

Jun then claimed that he was kidnapped when he arrived from Hong Kong.

Many emphatized him when he cried on national television. Poor Jun. But alas, he became an instant celebrity! He had become a real Pinoy idol!

I was not convinced that Lozada was kidnapped. He did not resist the law enforcers who escorted him from the airport. Besides, he was allowed to use his mobile phone and allowed to send messages to people. But many believed he was really kidnapped because they tolerated their feelings to rule and not the reasons of mind.

Now, the Court of Appeals said that the petition for the writ of amparo filed by Lozada was baseless, thus his case of kidnapping and abduction was also baseless.

It both amused and saddened me when I remember Lozada’s moment of fame.

I was amused out of despair while observing the exaggerated situation. In fact, news reports highlighed the trivial stuff than tackling on the issues. Major television networks raced to spot the face of Lozada – Lozada smiling, Lozada crying, lozada waving, Lozada walking, Lozada speaking, Lozada shouting, Lozada murmuring, Lozada praying, and lot more.

He spoke about truth. “Katotohanan” was the buzz word. But truth then was so relative. Those who had faith in Loazada’s claims would fearlessly declared they what they believed in was the only truth. But even those who did not put all trust to Lozada also had their version of truth? What was truth then?

I was among those who tried weigh things. I did not conclude based on Lozada’s claim alone. But of course I took extra care on listening to propaganda-type press releases of the government.

I remember how I was criticized when I spoke that Lozada was not supposed to be raised as hero. We should listen to him first and let history put the crown on his head.

But people could not wait. Lozada was declared “hero” and a “star”. Lozada shone like a star. Politicians followed him. What really amused me was Lozada’s tourto provinces, speaking to students all about truths. It was an act gradually eaten up his credibility specially when he became more and more tactless. After all, he was more interested in being the star of the crowed than being the true witness.

Lozada’s moment of fame was temporary as the moment of fame of senators who acted like children playing on street. The only difference was they were playing drty politics.

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