Pass the Reproductive Health Bill (House Bill 5043)

I appeal to the members of the House of Representatives.

Please enact House Bill 5043 or the Reproductive Health Bill.

The bill known as Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 is still pending in Congress  and has become a hot issue and ignites clashes of opinion. The Roman Catholic church aggressively campaigned against the bill saying that  it is anti-life and against the will of God.

However, not all faithful Catholics blindly follow the call of the Church to reject the bill. Recently, a group of professors from Ateneo de Manila University, expressed support to Reproductive Health Bill. From 14, the number of Ateneo professors who defy the Church on birth control increases to 69 with the addition of another 55.

It is not surprising. More and more people will realize that they need an enacted bill on reproductive health. We need House Bill 5043.

Rep. Edcel Lagman, principal author of Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2008 or House Bill 5043, explained in an article published in

The reproductive health (RH) bill promotes information on and access to both natural and modern family planning methods, which are medically safe and legally permissible.

The bill does not have any bias for or against either natural or modern family planning. Both modes are contraceptive methods. Their common purpose is to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The bill will promote sustainable human development.

Coverage of Reproductive Health:

  1. Information and access to natural and modern family planning
  2. Maternal, infant and child health and nutrition
  3. Promotion of breast feeding
  4. Prevention of abortion and management of post-abortion complications
  5. Adolescent and youth health
  6. Prevention and management of reproductive tract infections, HIV/AIDS and STDs
  7. Elimination of violence against women
  8. Counseling on sexuality and sexual and reproductive health
  9. Treatment of breast and reproductive tract cancers
  10. Male involvement and participation in Reproductive Health
  11. Prevention and treatment of infertility, and
  12. Reproductive Health education for the youth.

I join the majority who appeal to legislators in Congress and in the Senate to pass the Reproductive Health bill (House Bill 5043).

I am a Roman Catholic. I have strong faith to God as I understood him. But being Catholic doesn’t mean that I will always support what the Bishops say. For now, I stand that I’m on the right path with my strong support to reproductive health bill. And I insist that my stand doesn’t diminish my being a Catholic.

Press Freedom and Commander Bravo

When ABS-CBN aired the exclusive interview of ABS-CBN reporter, George Carino to MILF Commander Bravo, I felt so sorry and dismayed.

On the light side, I don’t wonder why ABS-CBN reporters are prone to kidnapping by rebels. What if the Bravo group changed their mind and never allowed the reporter to go back? Will ABS-CBN seek help from the government? Will ABS-CBN blame the reporter for violating its security protocol? That will be another story.

I am a staunch advocate of press freedom but this time I say that limitations of such freedom must be intelligently discerned by journalist as to not put the nation and democracy at risk.

In the exclusive interview, renegade MILF Commander Bravo appeared so arrogant. He felt so powerful.

And why not? He was given the privilege by ABS-CBN.

Commander Bravo has a P20-million bounty on his head for going on a rampage and killing and burning houses in several communities in Mindanao following the order of the Supreme Court (SC) to stop the August 5 signing of the memorandum of agreement on ancestral domain (MOA-AD) with the MILF for the creation of the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE).

I hope we have not forgotten that. But in the exclusive interview, Commander Bravo twisted everything as if it was the fault of the government that’s why they terrorized the poor civilians.

Maria Ressa, head of ABS-CBN news and public affairs keeps on justifying that the exclusive interview was within the realms of press freedom and the right of the people to know.

Of course she needs to be re-oriented that there are certain limitations (that’s why the Congress is granting franchise to broadcast entity), such as airing subversive and rebellious statements that can incite people to rebel, and giving aid and comfort to enemies of state.

MILF Commander Bravo is obviously an enemy of state and ABS-CBN aired his subversive and rebellious statements!

That was indeed a violation of ABS-CBN’s franchise agreement with National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Jun Nicdao of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) found nothing wrong with the interview. While Nonoy Espina, National Union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP) deputy secretary-general insist that ABS-CBN did not violate its franchise agreement with the NTC by airing an exclusive interview with a wanted separatist leader in Mindanao.

For Representative Abdullah “Bobby” Dimaporo, ABC-CBN betrayed its pursuit of money by sensationalizing the news, in place of the search for truth.

For me, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez is doing right to ask for an investigation for ABS-CBN’s possible violation of its franchise.

I am reminded with the famous line of Salvador P. Lopez: Freedom without responsibility will lead to anarchy but responsibility without freedom will lead tyranny.


With great joy, and with a heart with burning hope, spiced with little tick of fear and uncertainties, I spent 24 hours of my life to celebrate my serenity.

12:01 AM

I continue to work on the technical document I started early evening. No deviations, just work.  Aside from the sound of ticking clock, I hadn’t heard myself complaining on getting cold water for my coffee which supposed to be hot.

12:12 AM

Got my first SMS. It was a simple greetings from a person least expected.

2:18 AM

My keyboard got noisy and clicking of mouse became more forceful. But my beloved buddy still saw me smiling. My buddy even giggled when I changed my writer’s hat to software tester’s hat. This time I got hot coffee. And it was freaky good coffee!

Continue reading Club and Bloggers Cebu Networking Event

I’ll mark my calendar for the Club and Bloggers Cebu Networking Event on October 23.

The event converges Cebu-based bloggers and e-commerce industry players. Exchanges of ideas and updates are expected during the event.

I look forward on what new information I can get during the event. I always look forward to hear updates from Janette Toral because I know there are always new insights that she will readily share.

I remember the Cebu Bloggers meet-up (February 7, 2008) where Ms. Toral shared about blogging and the 2010 elections. I was inspired then to sustain blogging.

I see the upcoming Club and Bloggers Cebu Networking Event as milestone in Cebu Blogging history. And of course, Cebu Bloggers Society has its role in sustaining growth among Cebu bloggers. Club and Bloggers Cebu Networking Event details can be found in Club Group Blog.