Tuboran Adventure

The Tuburan Adventure – Tuboran, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur.

The way to Tuburan had never been easy – rocky, slippery. But the pristine touch of nature nurtured serenity.

On my way to Tuboran.


Pond. The lush vegetation was too temping that I had not resisted my desire to see something different. I wasn’t wrong. I saw this pond.

Eriberta Spring Resort, already famous in Zamboanga del Sur, is owned by the Saniel family.

Cool and refreshing natural spring water.

The resort owner value the beauty of natural symmetry.  Greens, brown and white perfectly blend.

I seemed to me that rocks and water are talking.

One of the pool in Eriberta Resort.



Several steps from the pools, I saw this partially hidden among shrubs.

Across the resort, owners further develop the place.

This cottages are air-conditioned with toilet and bath inside.

This is not an end to my Tuboran adventure. But my friend say goodbye.

5 thoughts on “Tuboran Adventure

  1. hi, u have great pictures there… would you by any chance have any contact number with the resort? or any idea how much per cottage would cost for a family overnight?

    thanks so much

  2. me ann,
    just try to see the site,


    for more details.

    I can help you.

    Thanks Batang Buotan..

    you have a nice Blog..

  3. Hi Good Day! How much does it cost me if I would want to rent a cottage in Eriberta? And do wee need to pay for entrance fees should we decide swim there? If yes, how much per pax? Thanks.

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