US Presidential Election 2008 Coverage

The 2008 US presidential election is on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

The new US president will be known in the Philippines on Wednesday. As early as 7 a.m., Wednesday, Manila time, first results from the election can be reported. At most, by 2 p.m., Filipinos know the new US president.

Timeline: Election Day through Inauguration

November 4, 2008: Election Day in 49 states, and the District of Columbia; and the last of 21 consecutive election days in Oregon.

December 15, 2008: Members of the U.S. Electoral College meet in each state to cast their votes for President and Vice President.

January 8, 2009:
Electoral votes officially tallied before both Houses of Congress. Members of Congress may object to the certification of a state’s electoral votes at this time.

January 20, 2009:
Inauguration Day.

New US President known in RP on Wed
2008 Presidential Election on Yahoo


5 thoughts on “US Presidential Election 2008 Coverage

  1. I will be Surprised if Mc Cain Wins 😆

    Anyways After the Election,The Next Question is : Will this be the End of the US Financial Crisis?

    third wave: That’s a good question, indeed!

  2. I’m sure after this,A Candidate will accept his Defeat and will be helping the New Administration to rebuild US’ Economy….Walang Ganyan sa Pinas!

    PS : I have a New Blog…Will you pls. Add it?

  3. You only assume to know who will have won. We could get into a whole legal thing like Bush and Gore.

    third wave: I hear you 100%. This election might take us again to Bush and Gore case where we expect Gore to win in electoral college – that will be on december 15.

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