A Joke: Binay, “Obama of the Philippines”

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay’s official announcement to run as president in the 2010 Philippine presidential elections was intended to became talk of the town by taking advantage on the popularity and recent victory of US presidential-elect Barack Obama.

In Inquirer’s crowd estimate, there were more than 2,000 supporters of Binay who were present during the dramatic announcement. They were carrying streamers with “Obama of the Philippines” and “Jojo Binay for President”.

Why did Binay and his men picked Obama? The reason is obvious, Binay and his men would like to get advantage on Obama’s popularity. If John McCain won, they would have obviously picked him.

It’s ridiculous, politicians in the Philippines seemed need someone very popular in to get noticed. We recently heard Sara Palin of the Philippines. Will there be Bruce Lee of the Philippines? Who will pick Brad Pitt and campaign as Brad Pitt of the Philippines?

Binay and his men must stop using the name of Barack Obama to get respect from voters. Obviously, Obama didn’t use any name to win votes.

Binay’s PR consultants got a major mistake of comparing Binay to Obama.

First, Binay is not that lovable as Obama because Binay is an image of a traditional politician. I saw him sitting with former president and convicted to plunder Joseph Estrada. Erap ridiculously has given his blessings to Binay. How could Binay claim for change when the people behind him are the same people who are stormed with controversies particularly on corruption issues?

Binay cannot claim that he is a man who can lead for change. Now, if he and his men dispute my opinion and want to prove it, then I appeal to them that they will prove it by action and not by using names.

My unsolicited advice to Binay, stop that deadly joke, you have no right to claim as “Obama of the Philippines”.



6 thoughts on “A Joke: Binay, “Obama of the Philippines”

  1. I believe JEJOMAR BINAY will be the next President of the Philippines… Kahit pustahan pa tayo…

  2. alam mo, di ko alam kung sino ang sunodsunuran… ang pilipinas ba ang sumusunod sa america o america ang sumusunod sa pilipas…. o well! kanya kanyang pamamaraan yan eh so bahala sila sa buhay nila

  3. PRESYODENTE is the position he is running for. His term is ending so he decided on a new racket. Vote selling! In announcing his bid for 2010 he is already telling the legitimate Presidentiables that Makati votes are for sale. He will deliver them in exchange for a cabinet position. This 2010 joke is being aired by his BINAYaran media group.

    Batang Buotan says:
    You hit it!

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