National Voters’ Registration for 2010 elections: Count me in!

Count me in! This is the line I love to say and to hear because it paints ideals and principles of democracy.

On 2010 national elections, count me in!

Because I have faith that my one vote matters; that my one vote makes a difference; and that my one vote will help transform our society; I’ll mark COMELEC’s schedule for the continuing registration of voters in all areas nationwide except ARMM.

No, I’m not a first-time voter. I am a registered voter in my hometown in Zamboanga del Sur. Now, that I’m living in Cebu,it just right for me to transfer my records here. I just don’t to miss the 2010 elections. And much more, I don’t want to waste my chance to get counted.

The Comelec Education and Information Department (EID) blog bagongbotante, posted that the Commission on Elections will be using biometrics technology in the registration process.

In Resolution No. 8514 promulgated November 12, 2008, the COMELEC en banc ruled to adopt the use of biometrics technology for the purpose of establishing a clean, complete, permanent and updated list of voters.

COMELEC Resolution No. 8514 stated:

Applications for registration, transfer of registration records, reactivation and changes/corrections of entries in the registration records/inclusion of registration records/reinstatement of name in the list of voters, shall be personally filed beginning December 2, 2008 to December 15, 2009 at the Office of the Election Officer (OEO) of the district/city/municipality where the applicant resides from Monday to Friday, during regular office hours at 8:00 o’clock AM to 5:00 o’clock PM.

For new voter’s I encourage you to register and be counted.The EID blog bagongbotante provides information for the registration process.

I also encourage all bloggers to help spread this information.

Count me in in 2010!

Bagong Botante Project:

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5 thoughts on “National Voters’ Registration for 2010 elections: Count me in!

  1. Hope my vote counts even if I know that the Philippines will always be the same as the past.

    How many elections had passed but until this present time, we are still fighting for government change! It’s never ending.

    Batang Buotan says: Thank you Obnoxious Queer! We need someone like you to sustain democracy. I understand, yes, it’s true but we must not surrender. Let’s continue to struggle. We will only stop hoping when democracy is dead. For as long as democracy is alive, we will never stop dreaming, hoping, and taking part in transforming this society.

  2. hi. pwede ask? kung taga Naga ko, pero nagboard ko diri sa Cebu City, pwede ko magregister sa Cebu City?

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