Improve Globelines Customer Support

You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied. -JERRY FRITZ

The Globelines Customer Support needs a major overhaul.

Personally, I been sick for several times after talking to Globelines customer service representative. Indeed, calling Globelines customer support department to report and follow-up problems give me more stress rather than giving me little hope.

After every call I made to Globelines customer service representative, I feel certain trauma that I wish I never did it.

Recently, I got the nerve to call Globelines Customer Support to follow-up the interconnection issues that I encountered. For the record, my problem is already 36 days old and every time I talk to Globelines customer service representative, I’ve been told to monitor my line within 24-48 hours and my line will be fixed. The 24-48 hours pitch is already worn-out but they are still using it.

My call on November 30, 2008 was very significant because for the second time, my call was cut-off while I was talking. Obviously, I was talking about the issues I reported. I may have sounded like an angry cow that’s why the call was cut-off. I wish to apologize to Globelines Customer Support department for calling them and giving them headaches. But I deserve to get a feedback why they such things to subscribers.

The most ridiculous experience I had with Globelines Customer Support was when I was talking to Globelines customer service representative but after awhile he asked me what did I say. He did not listen to me.

I notice that Globelines customer service representatives are consistently inconsistent. On October 26, I made my first call to Globelines Customer Support because I could not call to local numbers outside Globe network. I was told that it was a normal behavior of Globe. I was amazed but I gave the customer service representative a chance.

Then, I was told that my problem was already closed. But my line has not been fixed. So I protested. Then, there was an assurance that they will call me to update me with the progress of the much-awaited resolution to the problem.

On my part, I feel I already did everything to help them solve the issues I reported. I call, I email but sad to say, I get bad treatment.

After all, it’s all my fault because I was not smart enough to make good decisions in choosing things.

I just hope a miracle happen and Innove Communications act before October 25, 2009.

7 thoughts on “Improve Globelines Customer Support

  1. hope mabasahan sa kadagkoan sa globelines bai, i hope kon mobalhin kag laing network dili ka maka experience ug usab og ing-ani, dili pud baya mawala ang customer complaint sa kacompetensya.

    Batang Buotan says: Bisan gusto pa unta ko mubalhin pero tingod sa lock-in period, kinahanglan ko nga magpasensiya lang una. Tinuod bisan ang kaatbang sa Innove Communications, daghan gihapo’g gipang-mulo ang mga subscriber.

    Ang tinuod Bai, madawat nako nga adunay mga kakulangon ang matag kompaniya apan kung mapalig-on lang unta pag-ayo ang ilang pakiglambigit ngadto sa ilang mga kustomer, wala tingali masakitan, walay dughan nga maghuot. Ambot lang!

  2. Here is a similar problem with Globelines. I emailed Globelines the following letter.


    I am writing this email for a close friend of mine, as he does not know what to do to solve his problem with your company.
    I am paying for his internet connection and I feel I should write this to you.
    On Dec 12 his internet connection failed. He called your customer service on Dec 12 and they told him that they are updating the system.
    Dec 16: he complained again wanting to know why he has no connection. They said they are updating, but will send out a technician to see
    what they could do. The technician didn’t show up for 2 days. He said he couldn’t fix the problem and left. He phones back to customer service
    and wanted to know what are they are going to do about the problem why he can’t get on line. Three more technicians come to his place over
    the period of 11 days, the last one on Dec 27. The last technician said that the Sim is for 2nd generation and it should be 3 generation.
    He left without doing anything and said they will monitor it. He calls Dec 29 and they said they are monitoring it. Pardon me, but if you knows the problem then why are you monitoring it???? Just go and fix the problem. Period. I am paying for this internet connection. You have him sign a contract, but obviously you have broken the contract because of no service. Why is it that he keeps getting excuses. Why don’t you just fix the internet problem for him.
    This problem has been going on for too long.
    I would appreciate a prompt reply.

    The customer service manager is Ms Hilda , Megamall, Ortigas Pasig City

    His Name:
    Phone :


    Robert Jarvis

    I removed his name for personal reasons

  3. we’ve been a customer for as long as i can remember ng globe landline, and for globelines broadband mga 2 years na. pero sobrang pambabastos ang ginawa nila sa amin. nagoverdue kami ng bayad for a month tapos i made it a point to settle on the day na sinabi nilang puputulan kami ng phone/internet, pero after payment, dinisconnect nila kami ng walang abog abog. tapos nung tinawagan namin to ask for reconnection, sabi ng magaling na call center person, 24 hours, na naging 48 hours, na naging 72 hours, na naging hanggang ngayon (more than 4 days na). araw araw naming tinawagan at inupdate pero sa sobrang pagkaincompetent nila, at pagkagahaman sa pera, walang nagawa ang mga magulang ko kundi magantay ng reconnection.
    ipapadisconnect ko na ang landline ng globe, pati internet nilang mabagal. ang daming option dyan. imagine 2 years naming tiniis bayaran ang 1800/month (nung kinuha namin, walang promo promo) at the astounding speed of 20 kbps (i have the screenshot of the speed test to prove), pero ganun ganun na lang kaming bastusin ng globe na yan.
    i discourage anyone to avail of this very customer unfriendly service from the most inconsistent and most unreliable service provider.

  4. ive experience the same thing. its been a month and half now and called their customer service everyday to follow up to fix my connection… they are like recorded robots saying the same thing that the problem has been forwarded already to engineering and is working on it which is on-going…all they do is to keep you waiting waiting and waiting… its stressful and im tired of it… 😦 i wonder if the innove or globelines head know about this matters or maybe they really dont care… someday they wake up all their clients transfer already to their competitors…

  5. same here! for six weeks i cant call my parent in batangas. 3x a week pa ko magfollow up. bad thing is, hnd pa tapos ung lock-period ko sa globe 😦 not sure kung pde yon irequest for disconnection na waive ung pre-termination fee since service naman nila ung may problem.

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