Alternative Experience for Joc-Joc Bolante

I got a good laugh today when I read the news about the Senate’s move against of Joc-Joc Bolante.

Manila Standard Today news lead reads: The Senate Blue Ribbon committee yesterday ordered the arrest of former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante for his continued evasiveness, contradictions and lies over the P728-million fertilizer fund mess.

So here they are again, detaining somebody and hoping to get something from him.

Does the Senate want Bolante to tell the truth or the Senate simply want Bolante to confirm the allegations. Had Joc-Joc told the Senate that he was responsible of the controversial fertilizer fund,  and named the brain of it, he would have been hailed as hero today. And who knows, maybe a saint tomorrow.

With due respect to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, the order to arrest Joc-joc Bolante is absolutely illogical.

Why? Does the Chamber can purge Bolante? Will the Chamber transform Bolante into someone who will say what the Senators love to hear?

No, Joc-Jocs mind is richly fertilized with fears that he may perish the moment he spill off the names of conspirators of the P728-million fertilizer fund.

I am against the arrest of Joc-Joc Bolante. I am even not convinced that the on-going investigation of the P728-million fertilizer fund is beneficial to all.

But I’m not consenting Joc-Joc. I just want to offer my humble suggestion to give Bolante an alternative experience.

You see Bolante now – sad, heavy with emotional burden, sickly. See how the Senate, the media, and the public treat Joc-Joc. He is treated as if he the greatest thief of all times. Ironically, Joseph Estrada who was convicted of amassing millions of pesos are treated well. We are very inconsistent in treating erring fellows.

Now, Bolante deserve an alternative experience. And I’d like to suggest that instead of detaining Bolante in the Senate, bring him instead to Byron Garcia to ask permission to make him as special lodger of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC).

In CPDRC, Joc-Joc will join the daily routines of orange-clad fellows. Bolante will join them in thriller dance. This way, Bolante will become healthy and strong. Isn’t dancing the best excercise and daily excercise makes us healthy and strong?

Then after a month or two, let’s bring Bolante to Salug Valley in Zamboanga del Sur. In Salug Valley, Joc-Joc will experience serene yet busy life.

A Subanen Timu-ay will be the care-taker of Bolante. In Salug Valley, Joc-Joc will work with farmers of Paraiso in making compost pit. Each day, Bolante and some men will collect carabao manure, rice straw, and coconut husk to fill in compost pit. Soon, the will produce organic fertilizer.

The next task of Bolante is to distribute the organic fertilizer to rice farmers in Mahayag and Molave. Some of the organic fertilizer will be given to coconut farmers in Panagaan and vegetable farmers in Josefina town.

Of course Sec. Arthur Yap will monitor Bolante’s work to ensure that the per hectare yeild of rice is higher that than before.

To make sure, that there is an even distribution of fertilizers among farmers, Sec. Gonzales will monitor Bolante, too. Of course through the GMA Cares program of the President, Her Excellency Gloria Arroyo will regularly call him and the line will be, Hello Joc-Joc!

To monitor the heath of Joc-Joc, Tay Ecot, the greatest quack doctor of Sta. Cruz will provide regular check-up. And Joc-Joc will be given free miraculous oil, too.

Every Saturday, Bolante need to attend the seminar on How to live peacefully with men to be facilitated by Agnes of  Baranggay Tuboran.

After nine months, Bolante need to take a battery of test to be conducted by Talun-od members. If Bolante passed the test, he will made as honorary members and Joc-Joc’s role in the controversial P728-million fertilizer fund will be buried. And Bolante will be declared as hero.

However, if Bolante fails, he will continually work to make organic fertilizer and make sure tha every farmer in the Philippines recieve fertilizer including the gardener in Makati.

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