Cebu City Hall:: Georgia Osmeña in 2010?

Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s sister might be the next Cebu City Mayor. (So not his wife Margot nor the expected – Mike Rama)

On December 4, Georgia Osmeña registered as a voter of barangay Camputhaw, Cebu City, reported.

Since she list up as Cebu City voter, will she run for mayor in 2010?

I’m not saying yes, I’m not saying no, but I am considering it, Georgia said over radio dyLA on the idea of running for mayor as quoted by Sun Star Cebu in its December 9 report.

Georgia Osmeña may step in Cebu City hall. But there is a condition. Sun Star Cebu reported that Georgia Osmeña might forget about running if somebody addresses the concerns she raised.

In the same Sun Star Cebu report, Georgia Osmeña voice out her concerns:

  • The city roads are bad and filled with potholes and the city is dirty and has no park for children so they end up playing in the streets.
  • The city failed to effectively implement its anti-noise and anti-smoking ordinances.

I should say that Mayor Tommy’s sister has been very observant and have pointed out the city’s major and not so major concerns.

The garbage problem, the water problem, the problem of street crimes are not mentioned. But of course, I assume that Georgia Osmeña have seen also the big responsibilities on South Road Properties, and other economic concerns. Is there a thought to make Cebu City as the most livable city in Asia? Georgia Osmeña must have seen the quality of life of city folks.

If Cebu City Micheal Rama listens, he would be grinning. The two concerns presented by Georgia Osmeña might be very easy for him.

But of course Mike Rama should not discount the posibility that Georgia Osmeña’s list conditions will be filled with another item after another.

When Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña left for his cancer treatment in the US, many had already believed that Vice-Mayor Micheal Rama will be the anointed one of the administration party Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BO-PK) and soon will be the Cebu City mayor in 2010.

Tomas Osmeña’s health conditions now strip off the speculations that the mayor will endorse his wife Margarita “Margot” Osmeña although there were statements that it wouldn’t be Margot. So, it should be vice mayor now acting mayor Mike Rama.

But why did Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña’s sister come out in public? Cebu City political  scene is now filled with many rumors and speculations

Cebu city residents are now asking, if Georgia Osmeña then what about Micheal Rama?

6 thoughts on “Cebu City Hall:: Georgia Osmeña in 2010?

  1. Bro,

    I am not favor that a relative of the former mayor will run. We are not in democratic – monarchical government. If won, then it is the old mayor who will run as shadow mayor. There are many intelligent people in Cebuano, hope they got the chance.

    Anyway, you are now link to my semi photo blog.

    Batang Buotan says:
    But there is a saying that what Tommy wants, Tommy gets. Let’s just assume that Tommy is not pushing his sister.

  2. Honestly, I do not know Georgia Osmeña, if she will run and become a mayor well and good, having said few words about her observation with the rugged look of the city, i expect her to do some external house cleaning and wish that she will also include the inner house cleaning of Cebu City.

    Whoever runs the City I’d like the following things to happen:
    a. discourage street jeepney dispatchers
    b. destroy the networks and pyramids of gangs, snatchers and robbers
    c. control the growing number of street people and beggars
    d. govt. officials should reach out to poor barangay’s, they should go up to the mountains and see and hear for themselves the concerns of people and prioritize projects that are of most important and useful.

    Batang Buotan says:
    You got it!

  3. I’d also like to add my ‘concerns’:

    1. The proper implementation of the even the simplest traffic rules. The No-Jay Walking sign in front of the Fuente Clock is like a big joke with hundreds of people crossing the street (not using the skywalk) every day.

    2. Limit the construction of skywalks. Not only do they look dull, they are oftentimes useless. I hope Georgia noticed the skywalk in Kamputhaw. It’s like ZERO percent utilization.

    3. Skywalks should be maintained by private ‘sponsors’. Say, the nearest bank/store/school should clean the skywalk on a regular basis.

    4. Total elimination of ‘parking boys’ and dispatchers.

    5. Focus on the creation of sidewalks.

    6. Solution to the worsening traffic situation / implementation of a new transport system.

    7. Those wires are so untidy. The government should do something about it.

    Batang Buotan says
    : Hello Leylander! I agree with all the 7 concerns. And I’d like that #4 be implemented immediately.

  4. #2 and #7 here.

    dako kaayo problem sa mga wires oi,
    smot na sa mga gabok na kaayo na mga poste.
    tsk tsk tsk

    Batang Buotan says: Dapat unta ilubong ang mga wires. Pero mahal man sab daw. Ok ra unta kung bitayon basta dili lang magkalandrakas. Katong diri sa Sugbo ang ASEAN summit, ila na gilimpyo (dili tanan, kato lang maagi-an sa bisita).

  5. A lot of the “minor” problems (as what out city officials would would treat it!) that are not given the time to be reviewed and ADDRESSED, like the potholes that Ms. Georgia mentioned, could possibly alleviate ONE of the daily dilemmas of our jeepney drivers and motorists.

    One of our city officials said that we still have bigger problems to face rather than those potholes in our streets. Don’t you think that for the longest time that they are seated in their positions now, and as a PUBLIC SERVANT, they should have addressed it long ago BECAUSE it is their JOB to do so.

  6. There was even a talk that the possible candidacy of Georgia Osmena for City Mayor is a ploy by the Garcias to break the BOPK votes in favor of her brother,GSIS President Winston Garcia…I don’t think Winston might run for the mayorship if he will continue his rule in GSIS beyond 2010..A lot more wealth is there, with a whopping half trillion pesos in excess funds..and Winston is the missing link of the Garcias for them to have access nationally, be it financially and politically..he might provide funding for her sister Gwen if she runs for President come 2016 elections..As I see, gwen will continue her third term as Governor before probably proceeding as Senator or even as Cebu City Mayor if her projects might not proceed in the next five years..With regards to 2010 Cebu City Mayorship, I think Acting Mayor Mike Rama might get the support of the Garcias provided that he cooperates with them on Capitol Policies on their properties..Maybe on Mike’s turn, the Garcias will get the go signal, because Mike is noncombatant, more open minded, open to unity…As I see, Mike and the rest of city officials are just tolerating the Mayor’s Caprices due to his faltering health..mora galig pasagdi nalang kay inig 2010 di naman si tomas..But if Mike seems not to cooperate, I guess the Garcias might field Winston, especially if the next president would rid him as GSIS Prexy..Winston has a big chance, even with all the negative issues thrown at him..why? because of the Gwen factor..Gwen is virtually infallible here in Cebu..If gwen tries to dip her fingers in the City’s politics, I doubt if Tommy will really Lord over and get the majority of the City’s votes as what he did in the last 5 elections if
    Gwen will be his opponent..I am a bit sure that even if Gwen is not exerting her influence in the City, but I doubt if Cebu City residents does not know or hear of her accomplishments, knowing gwen’s way of displaying her deeds through the media and through hearsays because if you are an urban dweller, chances are you are having your hometown probably in the province, therefore given the exposure of what she does everywhere in the province..If we try to analyze the political situation in Cebu City,the opposition might have better chances of stealing slots for elective positions..why?first, if we dissect the BOPK’s chances, its not too high due to the fact that Cuenco, Osmena and Del Mar are on their last terms..then Cuenco and Osmena have a recent falling out..Osmena is stricken with stage 3 the issues regarding the city’s debts, CCMC, city’s inferior infrastructures, almost non-existent services on garbage collection, enforcement of ordinances, housing, health, road concreting and asphalting, environment, cleanliness..and the greatest obstacle of all is Osmena’s quarrel with Gwen..The opposition have higher chances now.why?because 2010 is a presidential election, so campaigns will not be a big problem..the opposition has fresh blood in them, like mary ann delos santos and jonathan guardo, and never discount the possibility if gwen and alvin garcia might unite as one political unit, and will bring the ONE Cebu Party..Just imagine Alvin, Gwen, Winston, Pabling and Pablo John personally doing the campaign doing the house to house visits and all campaign sorts..they bring with them an aura of change, supremacy and excellence!…

    Well there are still a lot of possibilities, so I hope that Rama might as well cooperate with the Garcias..

    Batang Buotan says:
    In politics, all things are possible.

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