Dream Match: Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago vs. MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando

This is the dream match I waited for – Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago versus MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando.

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is asking the Senate to slash 13 million from MMDA’s proposed 2009 budget. Sen. Santiago is suspecting that giving too much budget to MMDA will give way for Bayani Fernando to possibly use taxpayers money for his 2010 presidential bid.

I cannot help but suspect that some MMDA funds are going to the support of Mr. Fernando’s announced presidential campaign, Sen. Santiago  wrote to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (December 8, 2008) as quoted by GMANews.TV news report.

Sen. Santiago also observed that Bayani Fernando is engaging a pre-mature presidential campaign as illustrated by the giant posters of Fernando that can be seen not only in Metro Manila but almost all places in the Philippines.

I suspect that Banayi Fernando is using the budget of MMDA for these posters. If he does, then he is using taxpayer’s money to advance his personal ambition. Well, Bayani should made it public who finance his posters so that we will not suspect.

Sen. Santiago is doing right. It is the responsibility of the legislators to look carefully in the proposed budget so that taxpayer’s money will not be wasted.

I am glad that Sen. Santiago is challenging Bayani Fernando and the MMDA. After all, the poster of Fernando is more visible than easing the traffic in Metro Manila.  As Sen. Santiago observed, MMDA is not easing the traffic in Metro Manila and instead merely transferring chokepoints from one place to another.

I hope other Senators will see what Miriam is pointing – that the 13 million additional budget approved by the House of Representatives for MMDA is not necessary.

12 thoughts on “Dream Match: Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago vs. MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando

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    Miriam Defensor Santiago For President in 2010? Pwede pa, afterall, presidency is adestiny. Miriam is not one of those mentioned for the Philippine presidential elections but we can start the movement here and now.

    While Sen. Manny Villar is inserting budget allocations to gain more money under his “C5 at taga” program, Bayani Fernando was fixing the water system of the squatters in Recto.

    In the meantime, during the time Noli De Castro cruelly left his first wife to marry a Muslim and now demolishing mercilessly squatters along the railway without relocation from his commission on the project, Bayani Fernando, then a young businessman, is using his construction equipments to block the pro Marcos soldiers from open firing on the helpless civilian in the EDSA Revolution.

    Remember the time Loren Legarda married a old rich murderer para magka pera and converted to Muslim para di mademanda ng bigamy, well, Bayani Fernando was giving 11,ooo squatters their own homes.

    While Erap Estrada is stealing the pension money of the ordinary SSS members, Bayani Fernando was clearing the sidewalks from the encroachments of rich store owners and illegal vendors protected by kotong cops so that the poor people will have a place to walk on , and, the poor children will have at least a small area to play.

    While Ping Lacson are murdering lots of people for money,Bayani Fernando is raising funds for the churches with concerts together with Sec. Angie Reyes and fromer Sen. Joey Lina.

    While Dick Gordon is porma lang na porma di naman kumakasa,a typical Atenista, Bayani Fernando is managing the MMDA Hostel in the Port Area so that the poor promdis will have a cheap place to stay while in Manila.

    While Mar Roxas eh ligaw lang ng ligaw kay Corina na parang jologs na bagets,na torpe…hehehe… Bayani Fernando is helping the typhoon victims of Panay Island.

    While Jojo Binay is stealing money in Makati City Hall by payroll padding, Bayani Fernando is constructing hostel in the Port Area for our brothers from the province who goes to Manila to have a place to stay.

    “Marea From Heaven” is a mystery………it is the sequence of the Philippine presidency that put an ordinary housewife, a lowly paid soldier, a college drop out … and probably, a former sacristan, to become president, against well moneyed and well positioned opponents.

    Miriam Defensor Santiago For President or Bayani Fernando For President ?

    Who is the BEST Presidentiable of the them all?
    Is the Philippine presidency so bad that almost all aspirants are wicked? Who is the next president of the Philippines? Who are really the Philippine presidentiables?

    The choice is yours…but don’t worry,“Marea From Heaven” will guide you.

  3. i thought it’s pacman and de la hoya at first..
    pero ila man diay’ng Miriam Defensor Santiago vs. MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando.

    ambot ani nila, sige lalis pero way kauswagan atong nasud.

    Batang Buotan says: Political punches are disastrous.

  4. “I suspect that Banayi Fernando is using the budget of MMDA for these posters. If he does, then he is using taxpayer’s money to advance his personal ambition. Well, Bayani should made it public who finance his posters so that we will not suspect.”

    –sometimes sir, it’s actually surprising that this does not come as a surprise anymore, don’t you think? hehehe…

    nevertheless, it does not mean he can get away with it.

    Batang Buotan says: Well said, Anna!

  5. Go, Miriam! I would love to see the fight between these two intriguing personalities in the Philippine arena of politics. Well, it’s not really an entertainment to see them fighting but it’s a matter of wise disposition and execution of each others’ responsilities. Bayani is really bayani by implementing traffic rules but he seems hungry for power in simple sense. On the other hand, Miriam has a wide range of understanding the law and the rules of a tough leader — leader, I think, that our country needs presently.

    I just hope that Filipinos still have the time to reconsider Miriam for the highest post of the land. In the first place, among the list of presidentiables in the survey, she has the edges over them. She was once with Erap and now with Gloria. It does not imply her balimbing character but her charm to be on both sides. She has the ability, as far as her intelligence and charism is concern, to reunite diversions and dimensions.

    I am not campaigning for her but if she will run, I will vote for her. I hope I am a lone voter who will bet for her. I know Filipinos like her but we try not to listen to our sentiments and senses because of outer forces cause by false candidates.

    Go Miriam …………. for president!

  6. Langya yang si Bayani. Style niya bulok. Pati pera ng MMDA ginagamit nya pang campaign nya and to think bawal pang magcampaign. Kay Miriam talaga ako. Kung maging presidente or senadora. Ikakampanya ko siya. Idol ko siya kahit nung nasa college pa ko. Magaling siya at galit sa corrupt. Miriam for President!

  7. Bai,

    This post tickled my fancy, so I blogged about it. Hehe… Muzta na? 🙂

    I’m very fine here. Thanks! Your post likewise tickle me..

  8. Dapat C Miriam Tumakbo sa susunod na halalan.Kase,Shev Has a potential to lead the country wisely.In fact,cya na sana ang pangulo noong 1992 pero dinaya naman siya ni “El Tabako”. Mas magaling si Miriam Kaysa sa Langyang,Bayani Fernando.Nagpapapa apeal na man siya as if mananalo sa halalan pero wala na man gusto sa kanya among the majority poor Filipinos.Mapaangat pa nga cguro ang buhay ng bawat Pinoy na pobre.

    Go Miriam!Miriam For President in 2010!

  9. Francis sorry ha open for audit ang MMDA BAYANI FERNANDO is not corrupt proven yan sa Marikina he is a billionaire & wants to join the govt. to serve & not to get RICH.Pera niya ginastos sa posters kasi di siya kilala nationwide.The husband of Sen Miriam Defensor used to be w/ Beauru of Customs every night nasa Derby Sabong yan Big Time million kung pumusta.Sorry ha kitang kita ko eh.Si BF napakalinis niyan kaya nga ibang Politicians ayaw sa kanya kasi HONEST siya.Ayaw ng mga Demonyo sa HONEST.

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