Nerissa Soon-Ruiz: The next Mandaue City Mayor?

Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz (6th district, Province of Cebu) confirmed to reporters that she will run for mayor in Mandaue City in 2010 national and local elections. Rep. Soon-Ruiz denied earlier reports that she will run for mayor in Lapu-Lapu city.

Rep. Soon-Ruiz is now on her third term as Representative.

Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, however admitted that her husband, DILG Undersecretary Lito Ruiz, might run for mayor of Lapu-Lapu City if majority of the people asked him to run.

Thus, we can say that Nerissa is for Mandaue City; Lito is for Lapu-Lapu City. If both won, Nerissa Soon-Ruiz and Lito Ruiz will be the first couple to lead Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City at the same time. If that happens, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City will not only be tagged as bridge cities but couple (conjugal) cities as well.

Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, a member of KAMPI and the One Cebu party, has been elected five terms as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the 6th district of the Province Cebu from 1992 to 1998, and from 2001 to present.

In 1995,  Nerissa Soon-Ruiz run as Mandaue City mayor but lost to Thadeo Ouano. She eventually returned to Congress.

If the present mayor of Mandaue, Jonas Cortes run for second term, then he will be facing against a seasoned politician, Nerissa Soon-Ruiz.

As the the present administration of Mayor Jonas Cortes is hurled with criticism of ineptitude, the people of  Mandaue will likely turn to Nerissa Soon-Ruiz who knows how to pamper constituents.

8 thoughts on “Nerissa Soon-Ruiz: The next Mandaue City Mayor?

  1. Here’s an interesting story:

    Dec 18, 2008 – Lito Ruiz Sets Up a Foundation For Lapu-Lapu City Residents

    Philippine DILG Undersecretary Lito Ruiz has announced plans to create a charitable foundation to help residents of Lapu-Lapu City in the island province of Cebu. The Lito Ruiz Charitable Foundation is a non-profit corporation that will focus on low-cost projects with the aim of streamlining both the educational and bureaucratic levels of the city so that its residents can take advantage of the latest IT technologies as well as having a fast track to the lucrative overseas employment market for Filipino workers.

    He said that this new foundation will initially concentrate on two main areas: the first will create a low cost IT network at the barangay level and the second project is designed to join forces with the Philippine DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) in order to facilitate a one-stop solution for educational certification and would then coordinate with certified overseas recruiters to provide locals immediate employment for jobs overseas. In addition, special scholarship funds will be set up for orphans of overseas contract workers, military personnel, police and firemen who died in the line of duty while serving the city.

    Ruiz said that the foundation’s mission statement will focus on empowerment, education and information. “I firmly believe that Filipinos can excel at anything they do,” he said. “What the local government in the Philippines needs to do is provide the right tools so that our local citizens can achieve their dreams and this foundation will do just that.”

    Being a native of Cebu, Ruiz suggests that once the foundation’s projects have come to fruition then these same projects can serve as a model for the rest of the country. “Once we can show the success of these low-cost projects in Lapu-Lapu City, we can extend the reach of the foundation so as to encompass the entire Philippines and, who knows, perhaps even for the rest of the developing world,” Ruiz said.

  2. That “conjugal city” tag might come true..The current mandaue city mayor does not know his politics, and most people, if you come to get to their senses, believe that mandaue city under mayor cortes is “boring”, and if not for the CICC, there would be no sprouting of establishments in the reclamation area, well thanks to the governor(well, just set aside the negative issues..)..Anyway, regarding Mayor Radaza’s turf in Lapulapu City, there are a lot of issues that can be thrown out at them, most especially the recent closure of the Rural Bank of Subangdaku which Paz Radaza, the wife of the mayor, presides..Yes, she is the president of the bank, and just lately gave her resignation..a very shameless act for somebody who has the supposed greatest liability for the bank’s closure..I heard that all loans, however small, will always pass the president by a written approval..tsk,tsk,tsk..not to mention the Girl Scout Controversy depositing the group’s funds in a personal private bank account, the very overpriced personal computers, lamppost controversy, the 400 million hoops dome,etc…I firmly believe they will not win against Lito Ruiz even with the backing of the Patalinghugs and Weigels..Ruiz has the backing of the Garcias..

    Batang Buotan says: Yes Charles, it is indeed possible for husband and wife to lead the bridge cities..

  3. conjugal city?
    that is not possible. yes! inday neri has a great chance to win over mayor junas cortes but lito ruiz is no chance over the radazas in lapu-lapu city. they say that lito might win because of the controversies that the present admin is facing but that controversies thrown to them is only a mere dirty political tactics made by those politicians who wants to destroy the trust of oponganon to the radaza administration. but for the people who actually living in lapu-lapu city and experience the growth and development in the city never believed in that lies. look at lapu lapu today and compare it to the lapulapu city way back many years from now? and judge it for yourself.

  4. It is beyond dumb to think Ruiz (either spouse)can win against the Radazas in their own turf. I even think Nerissa will lose to a neophyte in the person of Jonas.


    Followers of Nerissa wear with pride, t shirts bearing prints, NAGKAHIUSANG MANDAUEHANON, roughly translated, UNITED MANDAUEHANONS. They are really very good at deceiving our people. But In reality, they are not united but instead scattered and lost like goats without a shepherd. In their campaign sorties, they go by their lonesome and seemed nowhere to go.

    But the most glaring sign that they are not united is the fact that Nerissa and her husband Lito are living separately. Is their marriage on the rocks? Is it in the brink of breaking up?
    Nerissa, running for Mayor in Mandaue City, in her Certificate of Candidacy, declared that she is living and residing in Mandaue City. Her husband, also running as representative in the newly created congressional District of Lapu-lapu, declared that he is living and residing in Lapu-lapu. ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY!

    If we were to believe their certificates of candidacy, Spouses Lito and Nerissa Soon-Ruiz are no longer living in conjugal domicile. Separated because of politics? What about their children? Is it worth sacrificing the children because of politics? They are therefore contradicting NAGKAHIUSANG (UNITED) MANDAUEHANONS because they are not living together as one, big, happy family. They are not good role models. High ranking officials in government are looked up to as paradigms with their lives. They should be worthy of emulation. What happened to their family?

    In the Philippine context, the family is the basic social and political unit. The family forms the Community. Morally bankrupt families make morally bankrupt communities.

    What is established based on their Certificates of Candidacy: They are living separately. Is this plain and simple perjury to gain political expediency and comfort? Or truly, a marriage gone sour and going to the dogs? The people wanted to know!

  6. I just hope the people of Mandue will be smart enough NOT to vote Nerry. At first she was ranked as the poorest member in Congress and right now she even has mansions and luxury cars, makes you wonder where she got all those money. She’s been in congress for almost 20 years and so far the most visible thing I’ve seen in her projects is her face plastered on every skywalks, is it to deceive and tell the public that he has done a lot of things when in fact she hasn’t, and right now she wants to be the Mayor of Mandaue?? I seriously think she doesn’t deserve that seat.

  7. For me JONAS CORTES would be still the man for the City of Mandaue.Nerissa Soon-Ruiz haven’t done anything in congress what more for Manduaue City only.

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