The curse of Sen. Mar Roxas

I am disgusted when someone whom I respect utter socially unacceptable words. It saddened me more when a highly respected legislator who has what it takes to become the next president of the nation behave as if he was in dark alleys of Metro Manila. I was so dismayed with the curse of Sen. Mar Roxas during the big rally against charter change in Makati.

The words of Mar Roxas were not appropriate and were very disgusting. Too bad that I cannot even write it here. I don’t use such words.

The good thing was, Sen. Mar Roxas was quick to apologize. But the delicate glass has been broken – the damage has been done. How many minors have heard his words? How many innocent souls will model him when they are angered over things.

For Mar Roxas, who expressed intention to become the next president, his act was very unbecoming.

Some of Mar Roxas’ supporters claim that it was just a normal for a man who is angered over repeated attempt to amend the constitution. Everyone gets angry. That is a fact. But to say bad words when one is angry is not an act of everyone – not for a national leader.

It was the first time the nation heard curse words from Mar Roxas. It may be the last because he may have learned a lesson but it could also be the first because the second, the third, the fourth will soon follow.

Will this affect Mar Roxas’ ambition to become president of the Philippines? Maybe yes, maybe no – we all don’t know.

Just for today, let us allow Mar Roxas to learn from his mistakes!

11 thoughts on “The curse of Sen. Mar Roxas

  1. we do have weaknesses that should or must not be publicly presented however if that was Mar Roxas’ first ever ugly words uttered in public then that gives us information on how he would get angry once his optimum level of patience is tested. the words he said were not good to hear however people who are author’s of “CHA CHA” should be noted that thier moved will never be smooth towards success. I just hope that Roxas was not mad or angry because his selfish plans will be affected by “CHA-CHA”, i hope that his anger was a strong voice for no to CHA-CHA in a deeper sense. Because for me, a genuine politician would not wish for charter change, because even if we keep on changing and experimenting new provisions and new form of government if the attitude or character of politicians remain the same we will still see the same scenario

    Batang Buotan:
    It was indeed an acid test for Mar Roxas. He just show to us how he get angry. Let’s not just justify it. Let’s just say it was wrong for Mar to say such words. No justification needed. No need to say that GMA is too bad nor the proposal to change the charter is too bad to make bad words good to hear.

  2. Sir Gerry, with all due respect I disagree.

    I replied for this blog in my blog and the full text is there. Here’s an excerpt:

    “I don’t believe sheltering children from solons shrieking PUTANGINA in public. I believe sheltering children from PUTANGINA personified. In the former, we get roused, we get woken up. Our senses came to the light of day and we see that governmental defilement has gone on epic proportions. In the latter, we get lulled, we get dumb. Our senses are dulled so much we can’t even recognize a candle flickering in immense darkness and we will not see that governmental execrations have gone on for so long.

    Children will learn to curse anyway. They will learn to say PUTANGINA faster than many of us think. I remember Ambassador and their song that catapulted BisRock in the map of radio stations and Cebuano-speaking islands. Even teething toddlers sung along, “O, kahayag sa imong panagway nga naulipon sa GUGMANG GIATAY!”

    Didn’t we laugh? Didn’t we let them be? Didn’t we let them the object of our curiosity, how innocence and vulgarity can at times produce magical effect? We realize how we have lost that innocence, and can never recover it back.”

    Jerry says: It is good to know you opinion about this. I respect your opinion that you don’t need to shield your children from foul-mouthed politicians.

    I wish to emphasize that I don’t claim to be right in ‘shielding my children and the children of others’ from hearing foul words from ‘foul-mouthed politicians’. I think the only difference is, I grow without getting used with such words. And I don’t get amused when bad words are uttered. We don’t say it at home not because we will be crucified if we do but because our parents allow us to see the difference between socially-accepted words and actions from the undesirable ones. Again, I don’t claim to be right here. But this is what I believe, I will tell my children to filter what they hear because not all are gold. I maybe ‘poetic’ with such but as far as I know, that is what i believe is right (it might be wrong to others).

  3. I forgive him for saying those words not because his actions were justifiable but because he is a human being who has emotions. It is ok to get angry. That was his first time to say those words in public therefore I would say that it is really not his attitude to say bad words in public. Do we really have to go out of our way to show that we are in the state of hieghtened anger? Jesus might not have uttered ugly words to the vendors and buyers outside the temple however he had oveturned the tables and tools of the vendors and money changers(Matt 21:12-17). He was angry at the wrong they were doing and also at the blatant disrespect for God they showed by doing wrong even in God’s temple. He did it publicly and he showed to them how angry he was. Why? because he cannot anymore take their actions. Therefore, it is ok to get righteously angry.

  4. This is hardly personal, Sir Jerry. I may disagree with you but I deeply respect you and your value system. Indeed this is democracy: people get the chance to express dissenting opinions without wringing each other’s neck and choose what best works for them.

    I am very glad that your blog has kept many people updated of the news and newsmakers. Keep up the good works!

  5. There’s nothing wrong when a person say “I’M SORRY, it an acceptance of guilt. The bravest person on earth are those who accept and recognize their mistakes and wholeheartedly ask apology.

    MAR ROXAS knows he committed mistake by uttering such uneducated(idiotcated) phrase. But because he is coward, kaya hindi niya kayang mag “I’M SORRY”.

    But I would say “I’M SORRY PRESIDENT NO MORE”, I am one of your public defender before but because of your “PUTANG INA” ibabalik ko na lang sa’yo ang sinabi mo. Mabuti pa sa’yo si Cong. Erwin Chiongbian na kailan man hindi narinig ang boses sa kongreso for 9 years.


    Batang Buotan says: Well said! I agree to you , sir!

  6. that was not a mistake…it was an expression of madness…kahit ako mapapamura sa ginagawa ng kasalukuyang administrasyon…lahat na lang ng kabuktutan ginawa na nila para lang maitago ang baho nila…

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