Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s role in 2010

Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada and his men insisted that he can still run for president in 2010.

Estrada, who was convicted of plunder but granted clemency and not made to serve his 40-year sentence, insisted that he could still join the presidential derby since his “civil and political rights were fully restored” when President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo pardoned him last year, report reads.

Is the ousted president still qualified to run as president? It might not safe for me to answer so let us listen to what the Supreme Court says if someone contest his candidacy.

As Erap Estrada observes, the opposition seems at crisis in endorsing one presidential and vice-presidential candidate in 2010. Several members of the opposition expressed their intention to run as president. Among them, no one likely concedes.

Taking this as hint, Erap told reporters that he might run as president in 2010 if the opposition leaders fail to unify and field a single standard-bearer.

In report,  Erap said, if the opposition will not unite, that will be my last option — I might run. I will unify the people.

Erap may have strongly believe that he is a unifying element for the opposition. Erap confidently declare that he still has the people’s support thus has big chance to win.

The former president might have strong faith but some of his beliefs are nothing but a wild imagination.

What are the business of Erap in 2010?

One. I don’t see any hint that Estrada can unify the opposition. There is no such thing as united opposition. Everyone is opposing its other by virtue of presonal motives.

Two. Erap still has cinematic effect to people but getting a crowd –  cheering, shouting, admiring, do not always become votes.

Three. I the COMELEC allow former President Estrada to run, most likely, someone will surface and challenge it in Court.

Four. If the Court fails to decide on time, I see two scenarios. If Estrada won and the court invalidate his candidacy, I see another street-based action. If Estrada fail to get people’s support and the court invalidate his candidacy, Erap and his men will likely rant and ask people to act on streets.

I see that Erap’s role in 2010 will be more of antagonism and bring chaos rather than unifying the Filipino people.

4 thoughts on “Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s role in 2010

  1. Juan L. Mercado said it rightly. The reason why administration has gotten its way through all their crimes is not only because of a weak civil society, but more of the ineptitude of the Opposition.

    And now, Erap is trying to unite the Opposition and be its standard bearer. He shouldn’t be surprised that not everyone’s cheering him on.

  2. I somewhat agree with mr. vanjann, he is an former actor after all..and I would suggest to put that to good use since he rants if it goes his way and not his way…Erap should make a blog…seriously

  3. Ang CORRUPT kahapon – CORRUPT pa din ngayon.. Hindi na lang po dapat siya makialam. Isa siya sa mga dapat bantayan! Right?

    If i can vote. I would not vote anyone on the opposition or from the Arroyo’s party. If i am a candidate i’d rather run as an independent candidate.

    Kabataan. Bantayan natin ang HALALAN

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