Pass House Bill 1319: Cebu Economic Development Zone (CEDZ)

It is good, it’s cause noble, and it will mean good business opportunities for Cebu, Edward Gaisano told the press. Gaisano, president of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), refers to House Bill 1319 or the Cebu Economic Development Zone (CEDZ) bill.

The bill seeks to classify the entire Cebu Province as an economic zone (ecozone). The Cebu Economic Development Zone proposal aims to make Cebu a self-sustaining, industrial, commercial and investment center that will put in place a wide-reaching employment and investment generation mechanism.

Let’s support the bill and let’s take part in steering the future of Cebu.

In Sun Star Cebu  report, the CCCI will be distributing a primer on the Cebu Economic Development Zone (CEDZ) bill soon as part of its public information campaign on the proposal.

In the same report, House committee on economic affairs chairman Rep. Ramon “Red” H. Durano believes that the local business sector’s support would help push for the approval of the bill.

The bill needs full support from all business sectors – not just the the CCCI. It also needs the support of Local Government Units (LGU). And of course the support of the people of Cebu.

It must be noted that the bill does not gain much support from the members of the lower House. There also some agencies that expressed opposition to the proposal notably the department of Finance and Bureau of Customs.

The proposal will not just benefit the business sector. It will benefit everyone in Cebu.

1 thought on “Pass House Bill 1319: Cebu Economic Development Zone (CEDZ)

  1. i’ve just said a li’l prayer for this to push thru. all of us will benefit from this but not as much as with that of the government officials. (huh, i really hate politics. but still i have to accept the fact that i live in the world where greedy politicians exist.) but i hope that this one isn’t just another mere “talk”. it needs to be materialized.

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