Just a social user: No big deal?

The war against dangerous drugs is the most dangerous job.

The entrapment operation of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on September 20, 2008 that caught young and affluent drug suspects will prove the risks of the job. The wealth and political connections of so called Alabang Boys has became the greatest threat of honest drug enforcers of PDEA.

Let the money moves. Let political influence change things. Behold wealthy suspects, you’ll soon be free!

I don’t wonder why the Alabang Boys appear so confident and relax. They know wealth and influence can save them.

One of the parents admit that he knows that his son is using drugs. He said, (my son) is a social user but not an addict. It’s no big deal.

If all of the parents of 6.7 million drug users in the Philippines think the same way, the war against drug in the country will not prosper. (Data based on 2004  survey of Dangerous Drugs Board)

The admission of one of the parent that his son is a drug user will show the kind of father he is. If he already knew that his son uses drugs, why he did not make a move before the PDEA caught his son?

It’s a big deal!

The fight against drugs is not only on the hands of the authorities. It has also become part of the responsibilities of parents, and all family members.

The Alabang Boys should remind us that the depth of drug problem in the country is too deep for our authorities to penetrate.

Narco-politics begin to manifest in public.

12 thoughts on “Just a social user: No big deal?

  1. Whatever. As if di mo pa naisipang sumubok, as if the people in DOJ never tried it once.

    Just ’cause a father didn’t reprimand his son for being a social user doesn’t mean he’s a bad father.

    Batang Buotan says: I hear you 100%. It didn’t made him a bad father.

  2. i totally agree with you…
    what i understood of what you have written was about our fight against DRUGS and for me, you were just stating an example…but then it was lisa’s view point and i respect it!!!

  3. In my own opinion it is not really about a father or a parent reprimanding thier children not to use drugs, its about doing something – and trying to knock out a habit. Parents have roles to take. Definitely they have to take wiser steps to help thier kids. If that father has previous knowledge of his son’s prohibited drug usage he should have done something. Its not reprimanding, it is about rescuing a wayward child. I don’t question the kind of love parents give to thier kids, but I expect parents to genuinely love their children by helping them grow into a better person.

  4. I heard it and saw that interview on TV Patrol. The father was also a member of the media. It made me sick.

    I was also able to watch Umagang Kay Ganda the next day that featured the lawyer of the Alabang Boys & the prosecutor which was hosted by Anthony (forgot his last name). Anthony cited the most scandalous part in which the rumor that the lawyer of the accused made the draft of the resolution to release the accused and handed it over to the presiding judge. That was just a rumor before. But the lawyer of the Alabang Boys bravely admitted this degrading act when Anthony finds his guts to throw that kind of rumor to the former. And the latter’s reason was, he immediately made a draft of the resolution to release the boys after the court dismiss the case and handed it over to the judge inorder for the Boys to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Oh, that was a touching and a very kind act of a lawyer who has no principle at all. Fortunately, the judge said “I’d think it over..”

    That IS how our justice system works. When Pacquiao said “train hard, train hard, train hard and the fight is easy”, our lawyers and judges alike also said, “give me money, give me money, give me money and the case will be in your favor..”

    And that’s what I call, bullshit!!!!!

    Batang Buotan says: Not all though.. hehehe

  5. this is how the food chain goes your try one if you like it you use drugs again then it becomes normal then you get addicted or you use much more than you can afford then stuff in the hose gets lost then they start to pedle the drugs thru their freinds then the start to use their freinds to peddle their drugs this senario is just one of many what if the person or young girl or boy cant afford it ..but wants to take drugs, then this is were they pedle themselves or start their new carrer as a delivery boy alaly etc , i have two children and it scares me to find out that where i live their are little shits running around selling drugs, to kids, they deserve everything thats commingto them they should be sent to mayor duterte in davao ,using and pushing are the same ,the latter is death the other soon enough will lead you to death, the major did a good job to be able to stand up to the social system and the bullshit that this abusive socity puts on the law hurah major do what you are doing in my book its CLEARING

  6. bro, i forgot to say this yesterday. I think there is someone in here who’s also a “social user” and I think she needs help. Well as you said, that’s her opinion. Okay, i’ll take my hat off as well.

    @cptjoe, the environment where you’re living in is also a big factor. soon & very soon, or i think maybe right now it’s slowly corrupting your kids’ minds. that would be a very big challenge for you as a dad. i wish we can sweep these shitheads out.

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  9. so what kung social user it is a fact many people especially the young ones are in to drugs to escape reality of problematic world even clinton,bush,obama admit they try experementing on drugs.i know mr.johnny midnight is a great natural healer since 1970’s.in the past he is helping a lot of addicts thru hpnosis in rehabilitation center.he will also help his son thru hypnosis to be drug free.don’t judge johnny midnight he is a good father and good role model.for me i want marijuana to be legalize as medicine.according to many scientific study marijuana is best cure for a lot of diseases in fact in u.s and europe marijuana is use in many hospital.marijuana is demonized by tobacco and pharmaceutical corporation because it is big threat to their business.tobacco should be illegalize it already kill millions of people worldiwde.while marijuana has no healthnhazard at all.search on internet type marijuana cures,marijuana benfits or marijuana conspiracy.marijuana is used by many ancient civilization as sacred hollistic herb.

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