Broadcaster’s Judgment Call

Energy FM and the “Hi Pangga” dating program hosted Ramil “Inday Misyel” Albaño cannot be directly blamed with th gruesome death of Emily Nuñeza. Emily was  allegedly raped and killed by a man called as Michael whom she met through “Hi Pangga”.

But “Hi Pangga” program get a share of finger-pointing habit. After all, the program encouraged the meet-up of the helpless victim and Michael. Accordingly, “Hi Pangga” has its disclaimer – saying something like, ‘date at your own risk’. But disclaimer, warnings are not being listened to.

I will not join the Catholic Church’s response that radio dating program is immoral. I will lean more on responsibility.

I think this kind of program really started in DyLS, an ABS-CBN run FM station. Yes, it was “Wanted Pangga” there. The format is the same. The program host match the callers for a date.

I had a chance to listen to “Wanted Pangga” and to tell you, the program is too boring. It doesn’t make sense to and I even wonder why it is being allowed by the giant network, ABS-CBN. I later realized something when I knew about another program in DyAB, ABS-CBN’s Cebu AM station, called Sixth Sense. The program is no longer aired because of listener’s complaints.

There was a time when Jai-Alai was still played and illegal betting of Jai-Alai game results was still very rampant. Many radio stations – broadcast the results. And the worse station’s management’s consent to broadcasters giving number tips to listener.

A friend told me that KBP should act on things like these through its Standards Authority (SA). I disagree. Do broadcasters really need that? Even non-KBP member stations and non-KBP accredited broadcaster should know what is the ‘standards’  – what are the right stuff to do on-air.

Station managers must be responsible in hiring broadcasters and should always encourage responsible broadcasting.

To this date, radio  stations in Cebu are more than concern of ratings than valuing listeners. With due respect to few responsible broadcasters I know.

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