Arrest Jamby and Pia

Yes, it was Jamby Madrigal who suggested that Pia Cayetano be arrested for not attending a Senate session. But I want them both arrested. By the way, both are senators and are among the four women senators in the 14th Congress.

Jamby Madrigal

Their crime? Both make me laugh out loud since they started their cat and dog quarrels which converted the Senate floor into big venue for their political sitcom.

Now, what is the crime? Well, because I laugh out so loud, I got gas pain. So, I want both women in Senate to get arrested for inflicting gas pain to me and to all who get amused and annoyed with them.

I only heard these women they make extraordinary scenes fitted for a stand-up comedian. Okay, I heard about Jamby’s occasional walkout (an act fitted to a spoiled brat). I heard about poetic lines of Pia rebuttal. I can relate Pia more on the product she endorsed than her performance in the Senate.

The 14th Congress is becoming a playground of some Senators who are more concerned on their personal whereabouts than the welfare of Filipino people. That makes the 14th Congress less desirable.

Pia Cayetano

Just think of it. At the height of annoying investigations, the Senators are too early and always present. Was it because there was live TV coverage?

Sometimes, I wonder if Senators really want to legislate or they want to get spotted by advertisers. See? There are many Senators who work part time as product endorsers.

Now, the reasons why many Senators are absent in their recent session might be their hectic schedule. Some may still negotiate with advertisers.

I hope no one among the senators read this post. Otherwise, one will surely call for a fruitless investigation. Anyway, I don’t insert any suspicious element in this post. No matter how disgusted I am, and how angry I am on the way Senators show their feathers in public, I will not say the famous line of a Senator who obviously got his ambition.

By the way, when both Pia and Jamby get arrested, I want them to audition to Pinoy Big Brother reality show. Who knows, that will be the start of more exciting career. Amen to that!

12 thoughts on “Arrest Jamby and Pia

  1. I can relate Pia more on the product she endorsed than her performance in the Senate.

    You got it man. I love her commercial than here performance.
    She is doing a big what? in the Senate.

  2. This is a very entertaining post to read. Though i am not into politics because i myself hate it so much due to corruption and other bad activities, still this post got my attention to read the whole entry. You make me laugh too, thanks for sharing this funny thing about politics in Philippines. I truly hate politics in philippines, they are aftering the position so they can steal money from poor people who’s working hard to survive everyday.

  3. like u, i really love to see pia on the products she endorse, she’s doing a good job as an endorser rather than a senator. with jamby, i really don’t like her, she always do things that tags her as a spoiled brat!

    Batang Buotan says: Well said. True.

  4. Again and again the Filipino government has proven that politics here is a circus that the masses watch for sheer entertainment.

  5. We have to be thankful (in the first place) for the “wise” voters who, in exchange for a pittance, installed these scoundrels in the Senate. We deserve this miserable country of ours for having entrusted the reins of government to these opportunistic and “pasaway” elected officials. Awwww…syempre, saan pa ba sila babawi sa mga ipinambili nila ng mga boto??? Kung kulang pa ang makukuha nila sa mga “pork barrels”…eh, di…mag-indorso ng “commercials” sa tv, radio at iba pang multimedia outlets!! Di ko pa binabanggit ang mga kickbacks nila sa mga iba’t-ibang government projects…hehehe…

  6. just saw TFC interview with Jamby Madrigal and Remulla, I am sadden cannot imagine our own Senator Jamby infront of millions viewers napakabaho ng mouth, parang hindi educada, sobra sa isang street whore

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  10. Ano ba ang nagawa ni sen madrigal as a senator? Magaling lang sya mag point ng finger nya sa iba… akala mo naman may nagawa sya ikaka ayos ng bansa natin…

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