What were Mar and Korina thinking?

I heard my friends talking about Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas in Wowowie (ABS-CBN noontime show). Then I watched the video clip. I was amazed how traditional politician like Mar Roxas can stage a dramatic and over-acting political show on national TV.

What were Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez thinking
, Professional Heckler’s PADYAK PA! PADYAK! noted.

Mar Roxas is trying hard to create a masa image but as he exerts more effort the more his trapo color becomes clear. His Padyak ads can attest that, too.

What were Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez thinking? Votes in 2010.

Are there better ways to win votes? Or trapo like Mar simply wanted to replicate the way Imelda and late President Ferdinand Marcos campaigned. What Marcose’s did was sweet while Korina and Mar is a clear ‘plastic’. Are they trying to fool us with their over-acting romance?

It’s time for trapo like Mar to re-evaluate his political style!

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16 thoughts on “What were Mar and Korina thinking?

  1. ahahah! and you are hotter against mar than me…

    this is one thing that he has to surpass, the clear truth that he is an elite and of the same mould of politicians we are so much pissed off with.

  2. ..Mar… noon, ngayun… at bukas… IYONG IYON AKO! …

    …Korina, Ikaw ang nagpatigil sa pagkabinata ko!…

    he he, Election Romance SPecial live and ABS-CBN WOWOWEE..

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  4. iboto niyo si MAR ROXAS kung gusto niyo ng president na walang paninindigan puro PLAY SAFE!! show biz ang gago!


  5. if mar thinks korina can help his candidacy, he’s got another think coming. she is definitely a curse to his political ambitions. the filipino people can see through her hypocrisy and social ambitions. she really worked hard to get mar to propose. and wow how he fell hard to her prey.
    no matter how much she portrays herself to be pro poor/”masa”, she cannot hide the fact that everything she does is smokescreen. and if people think she is nice they should ask the people she worked with in her network. she swears to the max and cusses everyone that crosses her. how’s that for a first lady! no way. mar you should have taken the path to the presidency by your lonesome. you didn’t need her. you would have won without her. you had a respectable and well-esteemed mother for a first lady anyway.

  6. I think Mar is bound to lose votes because of Korina. She is hardly a respectable choice. The way she treats people around her makes her the last person I’d want to see as our country’s first lady. If she thinks the public doesn’t know what she can be like offscreen, she will eventually learn otherwise. And so will Mar.

  7. ‘Nothing wrong with them. . .

    Dey cant help against this bcoz dey r both public figures. . .

    It dsnt affect the public service of Mar. . .

    He does serve well. . .

    Mar for President!

    Oras na Roxas na!

  8. mar roxas and Korina deserves one another they are both plastic kung si GMA congenital liar sila siamese liar

  9. Patay na naman ang Pilipinas sa dalawang ito, mas gusto ko pang civil war kesa maging presidente ang bading na Mar Roxas ito. Patayin lahat ang oligarch pahirap sa bayan ito.

  10. it’s a fact that korina sanchez has not just one, but three distinct cases filed against her for abusive conduct towards three maids who had the misfortune of having worked for her. this is not the kind of first lady we would want to have…

  11. i totally share and agree with your rantings! man, how i thanked heavens i found this blog. i thought, it was only me who’se feeling sick about M.R TV ads. “Anak, itabi mo. Ako na…” “Hindi ko kayo pababayaan…” E sinong gin@g@go nya? Mas lalo na namang matutong magpakatamad ang mga dati nang tamad na mga Pinoy.

  12. I agree that their PDA was way over the top and I probably would’ve cringed 10x over if I saw it. But for the comments by other people, I say stand back and think for a moment.

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