Politics of Mar and Korina’s love affair

I’m beginning to entertain suspicion that the Mar and Korina’s well-publicized romance is a political strategy motivated by personal ambitions of both.

It is not wrong to dream Malacanang. Mar has not sinned for selling and driving anything he could just to dine with fellow political dreamers in Malacanang for six years (Assuming that the 1987 Philippine Constitution is not changed or amended).

Korina has not sinned for being ‘so’ ready to get her lion’s share of power in Malacanang.

I never care whether Korina loves Mar or Mar loves Korina or both loves each other. It’s senseless to talk about it. It’s their personal life. But when both use their romance to advance political ambitions, I begin to suspect that everything is scripted. It seems I am seeing a PR manager at play.

It seems Mar Roxas is taking advantage of Korina’s popularity. And now, it seems to me that Korina is beginning to take advantage of her profession as journalist to promote the interest of Mar Roxas.

If I were asked to rate the credibility of Korina when she hit the present administration and the politician’s with ambition, I would say Korina got 3 out of 10. Whether Korina honestly does her job or not, her credibility is already tinted. Of course, people will suspect that Korina is hitting someone to promote her Mar.

When Mar and Korina appeared in noontime TV show, Wowowie, to announce their engagement, the more it becomes clear that the two are taking advantage of their romantic undertakings.

In Philippine society politics and love marry and conjugal governance is common.

With all the indicators, the politics of Mar and Korina’s love affair can turn to conjugal governance if people get fooled.

Do we really care if Korina loves Mar? We don’t. But we care when an over-acting love story lead conjugal ambitions to Malacanang. Who said Mar can lead us to change? No. Mar is just another traditional politician. But less desirable.

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5 thoughts on “Politics of Mar and Korina’s love affair

  1. as a blogger, i hope you’re open-minded enough to consider this idea:
    you have to be in a position of power to effectively bring about relevant change. the sad fact is: tra-po’s win elections. short of cheating, there’s no other way.

    on another note, korina has been planning to file a leave of absence for a while now. this is already in the broadsheets and on the internet. inquirer ran it. i believe it’s on consideration of ted failon that she’s delayed it upto now.

    just my two cents.

  2. i am actually dismayed of mar and korina’s actions lately. people highly regarded them as intellectuals, principled and virtuous individuals. However, political ambitions destroyed their worth. It seems that a conventional political scientist dictates both of what to do in public. What’s the use of their head, they don’t even scrutinize the negative impact of their unrealistic romance in public. They both are hitting the emotions of people by portraying an image of a showbiz couple expecting mass approval of their love-team. They wanted their relationship labeled as “kakakilig” like that of Judy Ann-Ryan’s image. That’s how traditional politicians think, they believe that if you are a showbiz personality you’ll surely gain the sentiments of many people. If its not action-hero portrayal then it’s gonna be a love-team portrayal (its because Filipinos like action and drama).

    Didn’t Mar Roxas realized that most of the showbiz personalities who run in the 2007 election lost? (richard gomez, ceasar montano, tito sotto, manny pacquiao). This only mean that using showbiz means for political strategy is definitely a poor one.


    i apologize still for saying undesirable words against mar and korina’s actions.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. I have read that Korina has plans to file leave of absence from her work but I prefer that Korina did it before not now – not tomorrow – for delicadeza purposes. Let us remember that it is not today that Mar made public his intention to run as president .

    Are you saying that it’s okay for Mar to use trapo tactics just to get the power he needs to implement his ‘change’. It sounds questionable – at least for me. I already hear that many times.

    I can’t claim to be open-minded the term open-minded is defined in many ways but as far asI understand – Mar and Korina are taking advantage to advance their personal agenda.

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  5. What are you thinking bloggers?

    They are just doing their jobs. . .

    Korina eversince the start had been a great commentarist, so it’s unfair to say that she’s doing all those spicy commentaries just for Mar. . .

    And even before the relationship, Mar had been a great public servant. . .

    Dey are not performing the script!

    Do u know where d thing lies?

    In the media, they focus on their personal lives so much. . .

    Nobody should do that. . .

    Or the other way, it’s impossible not to be broadcasted becoz they are popular. . .

    But der is now using of characters here!

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