Gilbert Teodoro Jr. as next Philippine President?

Defense Secretary Gilbert C. Teodoro Jr. continues to gain strength and getting political momentum needed for 2010 Philippine Presidential election.

Political observers predicted earlier that the 2010 Philippine Presidential election will be tough, and unpredictable. In 2007, I started to look around for potential successor of President Gloria Arroyo. In the last two quarters of 2008, presidential bets are floating their name.

Sen. Manual Roxas had the most obvious plan to be the next man in Malacanang. Sen. Manny Villar had not been vocal but his actions already confirm intention. Then the name of Sen. Richard Gordon, Mayor Jejomar Binay, MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, Panfilo Lacson, then the self-proclaimed threat – former President Joseph Estrada. In December 2008, the names of  Sen. Chiz Escudero and Sen. Loren Legarda temporarily became a force.

When Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro announced his interest to run as president in 2010, I have no doubts that he indeed is a strong contender for the position.

Suddenly, Secretary Teodoro emerges as strong presidential candidate. The second quarter of 2009 witnesses Gilbert Teodoro’s swift rise with force to reckon with.

Who is Gilbert Teodoro Jr.? How he suddenly join the wagon?

It’s a presidential titillation, wrote Efren L. Danao in his Manila Times column. In Danao’s March 14, 2009 column, he wrote: I am certain that Teodoro would not have announced his interest had he not been titillated by somebody up there who likes him.

Gilbert Teodoro, a brilliant lawyer, seasoned political leader with proven track records, will likely get a Malacanang’s endorsement.

If he becomes the official bet of the administration, and gets the support, even if given tacitly, of his uncle, businessman Eduardo Cojuangco, he would surely give the opposition a hard time. Alito Malinao wrote in Manila Times.

Blogger Carlo Ople, has the same opinion. I have a strong feeling that if ever Secretary Teodoro gets the endorsement, he actually is a strong contender for the Presidency.

Some are already  claiming that GMA’s nominee will politically cursed. But on the contrary, President Arroyo’s endorsement got the force. I have strong faith the with Sec. Teodoro, Sen. Villar will get hard time.

Would Gilbert Teodoro make a fine president? I certainly think so! Ducky Paredes declared.

Gilbert Teodoro rallying point will be his brilliance, his political maturity, and his clear stand on issues.

Will Gilbert Teodoro Jr. be the Philippine President? A big chance, yes!

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29 thoughts on “Gilbert Teodoro Jr. as next Philippine President?

  1. i watched the presidentiables forum on ANC the other day, and yes, i have reason to believe that Teodoro is a force to reckon with. the other camps are banking on their bets’ being non-trapo, but Teodoro strikes as someone even better. he impresses as someone who knows the issues, someone objective (and doesn’t resort to appealing for the people’s sentiments), and someone who can and will make things happen.

    Gordon did impress too.

  2. Teodoro has a powerful campaign arsenal in the person of his wife… he can exploit the penchance of people for a pretty First Lady. Of course, that is only a plus. The man himself is worthy to be President…

  3. If he focuses on the real issues that matter… his plans for the country like making sure the economy grows swiftly and consistently, resolving the conflicts in Mindanao,modernizing the infrastructures, etc. He can win. The other politicians focuses on how they can attract the masa… meaning come election day, Villar, Roxas, and the rest will just divide the MASA Votes… while teodoro can unite the educated middle class and upper class who are actually the backbones of the Philippine economy. The middle class, upper class and the educated Filipinos are looking for specific plans and policies from a candidate who has a vision. They hate TV Ads like Mar’s Padyak and Villar’s ITIK.

    Plus,with a weak economy, a country can do nothing!

    Plus, probably Teodoro should also stress his plans to eliminate corruption especially in the national level.

  4. I totally and sincerely believe that this man is great and that he has a good soul compared to his opponents Mar and Chiz who constantly whines about the government and actually doing nothing much to a positive “change” that they are advocating. Teodoro is serious about public service and as Jun Anteola says, “objective.” He was very professional during the ANC Leadership Forum unlike nuissance Chiz and Ed Panlilio who are just good on words.

  5. Is there no more filipino who will love our country and who would want to give their children a better place to live .
    Filipinos of today are greedy and Evil . if given power,the first thing to do is to steal and don’t even mind that the money they stole is the future of their children’s children . Why is it that almost all politican are behaving the way ordinary thieves and criminals were doing . Can we equate Criminals to Politicians . On the other hand …
    Are filipinos , a remnants of Judas Escariote? why is that , just for money sometimes in the form of Pork Barrel , they allow themselves to be dictated whether whoever will sitdown even Satan as long as their is bribe money most politician will support for it .
    Are Filipinos, a people or animal ? if we are people , why are we allowing ourselves to be cheated ,corrupted ,terrroized , disrespected and perhaps all the evil things has already been accorded to us , yet we are doing nothing .
    Why we can’t be like other nations who can love their country,their people and create a better place for living for their children ..
    Again… are we people or animals..please have a thought for it

  6. I think he appeals to more in a middle class and those so called educated, because access to everyday thing going on thru media,tv.newspaper etc. Gibo should reach more in the masses which has the majority vote, people who are less fortunate no means of education,people who have no means having information outside their world within. He has to sell himself to this people, to know him what he will bring when he become a president. He has to start now and known to everybody that he not a passive canditate.
    Gibo will bring a lot of good things, good family background,highly educated, season administrator and season politician from his genes his mother former ConCon delegate Ditas Conquangco his father,Gilbert SR. former SSS administrative, and his uncle Danding Conquangco.
    He is doer person, serious in everything he do,lovely family,intelligent and lovely wife.He is in a upper class society, one who was born who have everything but not spoiled due to very strict up-bring of his parents.
    He is ambition to his career to help his country and serve the people. I pray for your success Gibo.

  7. For OFW’s

    Our country needs a leader with clear vision for our future..our country must address the challenges of the fast developing world..get back our best resources scattered all over the world, back to our homeland and be proud to be Filipinos again..we need a leader who can bring us back home…
    I am sick and tired of hearing leaders talking about the same old dirty issues, promising to bring reforms yet ending up enjoying the perks of a crooked system…finger pointing at opponents, grandstanding rhetorics yet found wanting in the delivery of public services…
    We need a leader who will bring us home..and live and work and prosper in the land we call home…


  8. Hi,

    Mr. Gilbert Teodoro i send this personal appeal to you. If ever you win the Presidency please be a good President. And bring peace, stability and prosperity to our country. Bring peace to all Filipinos, create more jobs, improve the economy, other things we can all work together…and also bring me home, all of us OFW’s home…my tears are falling as i send this appeal to you..if only you know the agonies we are trying to conceal within, working in a foreign land and more often subjected to all sorts of injustices, but yet opted to stay if only to sustain sanity in our own homes.
    I give you my support, and my family’s too…i further send my spirit to sustain your plan to save our country from further degradation…in your campaign just be simple, dont resort to grand rhetorics, don’t be like old politicians throwing mud at opponents..speak your truth clearly, simply, effectively…the Filipinos are wise voters….we will vote for you.


  9. Sec. Gilbert Teodoro, jr. has all the potentials to become the next president 2010. He has been spotted, chosen, tested and groomed to govern philippines which is becoming difficult to reign due to growing population and increasing social problems. A broad thinker, preferably a lawyer, can manage the job.
    Since major issue today is inundation, especially the metropolis, must be one of his priority to resolved. I worked as clerk/secretary of Mangahan Floodway project and Dregding of Esteros but i am sad that it did not work on Sept. 19 catastrophe.

  10. Please count me in if in case BAYANI Fernando will not run. For me,my family and relatives.BAYANI is still the most credible presidentiable simply because of his clean track record and his iron political will. Kailangan natin ay gawa hindi puro salita at media exposure. Gibo came from tarlac as congressman for a long time but Im not impress the way he is running tarlac and the standing of this place right now. Unlike BAYANI did to Marikina before it was hit by typhoon Ondoy and as MMDA Chairman. During BAYANI’s term, he was able to transformed Marikina from a 4th class municipality to a model Philippine City and it was accorded 55 citations for that award.Why he earns a monicker of being “Mr.Governance”. You decide what kind of person he is…..BAYANI Fernando…the man in action not a sales representative ika nga. Implementing what is inside the laws even if others dont undestand because of their self interest. Examples are removing illegal squatters especially nasa ilog in which TRAPO(traditional politicians)can’t do it dahil baka di na sila iboboto sa eleksyon and to gain sympathy. Also bayani able to remove illegal vendors along the sidewalks for purpose of clean and safe environment,removing sampayan along sidewalks,ultimo ang pag ihi kung saan2x binabawal which right at marami pa. Sabi nga ni bayani, kung ano ang nasa batas ipapatupad niya and everything will follow. Look at Japan and other discipline country. D ba maunlad?

    Dont be overshadowed by TRAPO’s. Wag natin ipagkatiwala ang pilipinas sa mga ito…isipin nyong maigi…maraming salamat

  11. to the next president ofthe philippines .bRING BACK THE GLORY OF TH EPHILIPPINES TO THE ENTIRE WORLD .pAKITAS NAMAN PO ANG ATING LAHI NA HINDI DISCRIMINATED TAYO ANG MARUNONG Mag-english na bansa pero napakababa ng tingin saatin dahil sa masmangbalita ibalik nyo ang anta sng pamumuhay hindi sa metro manila .ikaw angnakikit ko na syang karpatdapt .si teodoro kasi nakit ako ngkanyang platpaorma walgn greediness yung iba pamasaappealpero mababaw katulad nina escudero at iba pa hindi ako mkaadministrasyonpero sya ang anpipsil ko para pumalit maawa kayo sa mahihirp puro trapo laaht

  12. He’s got my vote. I’ll become a dual citizen just to cast my vote for him. He knows his stuff, a truly seasoned politician with a good family background. Hindi sya nakakahiya ipakilala as the leader of our country. I think he’s focused and strong-willed to bring the appropriate reform needed to make our country a better one. I’ll advocate for him for sure. Go Gibo! God bless you and your works. May your tribe multiply so you can reach the Highest Office in the Philippines & make a difference.

  13. Count me in. I will definitely vote for Gilbert Teodoro. He is the only candidate with a clear stand on issues. He knows government and how to make the bureaucracy work. I find him to be very honest and matter of fact, calm and deliberate.

  14. I saw him on tv show which featured the presidential candidates, he seemed to be a mature and intelligent person who has a clear stand on the issues and expresses them well to. He has a very good profile which is unrivalled by the others, so he has the makings of a very good president.

  15. I have watched and listened to the aspiring candidates in the coming election and had the oppurtunity to meet some of them but no one had earned my trust and respect. We need a resolution to the current problems in our country, regrettably, they are not the right men for this position, they come across as weaklings all what i hear from these people are moans and criticism about other politicians , please stop whining, show us what your made of, your ability to lead and capability to do the job well, so much energy is being spent on insignificant issues.
    However, one candidate stand out most his answers to every question is very clear and we share his vision and advocacies, Mr Teodoro have won our admiration his stance on many issues made us believe that he is the man that could lead us to a better nation.
    We wish you all the best and I am sure that the Filipino people will see through your good heart and good intention to serve the nation to the best of your ability.

  16. I am really inspired for this man .He never talked nonsense just like the other presidential candidates. H e has vision for the Philippines .We should be wise now for voting th next presidentof the philiipines .I do hope that the Filipinos should vote for him.He is more deserving than the other candidates.Tigilan nanatin yung hatak sa artista kaya angkawindang windang ang ating bansa dahil s amg ayan .Ako mula sa Ofw ay anniniwla sa kakayahan na pamunuan ang bansa tungo sa makabagong generasyon .Sya ang ibot ng gma filipino kahit nas amabaabn antas ng lipunan meron syan g plataporma na sadyangkaakibat tungo sa pag-unlad ng bans udyok ng artis tigilan na antin sapagkat ang kahihinatnan ng bans aay hindi s artista wag gmin ang mg amagulangpara sa interst lang kakaunti .yunlang po

  17. The best presidential candidate is no other than GIBO TEODORO. There is a saying (hope correctly quoted) res ipse liquitor, the thing speaks for itself.

  18. If we truly love the Philippines, we will vote for the RIGHT man for the job: Gilbert Teodoro!! He’s a gem that we can’t find in this generation – it’s our loss as a nation if will not win. Support, volunteer and help campaign for Gibo Teodoro in every possible way we can. thanks! 🙂

  19. The more I watch the debate/forum, the more I like this guy. His answers are straight, clear and has a vision.

    Gordon is also good but he always (almost always) refer to Subic and Olangapo.

    Villar almost always (too) try to appeal to the masses and insert his ‘squatter and poor’ background in each answer. But his answers are not straight to the point.

    Other candidates has ordinary ‘trapo’ usual answers.

    Has anyone noticed that the no. of candidates joining the forum are decreasing forum after forum? =D

  20. Alysse

    I may not be a voter in Phil. but I will campaing for Gilbert Teodoro because I hsve so much faith on him, and look so respectable he is the only Presidential candidate well educated and his well experienced ,brillant,strong,understand and knows the needs of his fellow citizen, most important with good moral character.
    I pray to the Lord and we will include in our prayers to give wisdom to Pilipino people to vote the right person to be next president of Philippines.The one and only GILBERT TEODORO.

  21. My choice before all those fora were held, was Villar and no one else not even Noynoy despite my being an EDSA veteran. I first read about Gibo on that Ateneo forum where many have spoke highly of him. The Ateneo feedback seemed encouraging that it caught my interest to follow Gibo trying to compare him with my only choice. Despite successive fora and mock elections showing Gibo as the intelligent choice, the hard-headed in me still clung to Villar’s but i would be a hypocrite if i say that i was not so impressed of Gibo.

    It was only on that Senate “insertion” accusation that I got pretty disappointed of Villar many of the Senators – Villar’s allies or not – that i shared opinion of those clamoring for the Senate abolition.

    Now, i can say that am not hard-headed after all as i finally heeded what many here are batting for — Gibo! Yes, we must vote for Gibo!

  22. he campaigns is a positive manner that he never encourages mudslinging of opponents. i like his character very much and very presidentialble among the other candidates. has the real campaign platform to reckon with. i pray that he emerge victorious in this coming election of 2010 and be our next PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINE REPUBLIC……

  23. I live here in Baguio city…please ring me back or notify me, coz i want to be part of the volunteer supporters here for Mr.GIBO TEODORO. Thank’s and more power! God bless us all…

  24. definitely i will vote for Gilbert ‘GIBO’ Teodoro! his brilliance,his positive thinking and foresight is the qualities of a good and dynamic leader our country needs! i will campaign for him in my own humble way to make sure he will be elevated to the presidency of our nation! i wish him the best and may God bless him! Sir i want you to be our President comes may 10, 2010.

  25. i also GO for GIBO!
    i’m hoping that he will win this election..

    pero i’m also scared as i read how many supporters he’s got.
    natatakot ako sa mga magagandang comments ng mga tao for him…
    kasi baka mag expect ng TOO much ang mga tao.

    please, let’s be aware that change doesn’t come over night. Sana, kung manalo si Gibo, let’s give him a chance to prove himself. (Ayaw ko na ulit magka people’s power!!!) maraming problems ang bansa at hindi niya maso-solve iyon in just a wink..

    Kasi tulad sa nangyari sa USA, grabe ang support nila kay Obama nung nanalo siya. pero ilang months lang, nagpo-protesta na sila. ni hindi pa nga umabot ng one year nung na-elect siya, nag-expect na agad sila ng MAJOR change.

    of course, i trust Gibo’s abilities as a leader…i also believe na kaya niyang paunlarin ang bansa.
    pero sana, kung may mga problems man na dadating sa bansa, huwag nating isisi lahat sa presidente. minsan kasi, kung walang makain ang mga pinoy, bini-blame agad ang president. ba’t hindi kaya sila humanap ng trabaho???

    so, iyon lang po ang aking mga sentiments.. hehe
    first time kong boboto ngayong May 12. Sana everything will be alright.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

  26. yeah i hope so.. I worked in the senate before and ofcourse somehow.. those senators running for presidents mejo alam ko na..

    but i wont tell anything against them.. I havent seen GIBO yet but i know his credentials and i believe HE CAN make a big CHANGE..

    I’m only 22 working in singapore and hoping the PHILIPPINES will make difference.. pero it wont take like a day or a week.. it takes time din for that pagbabago!

    enuf with those corruption!

    iaangat naman natin ang bansang pilipinas..
    para di ganito kababa ang tingin satin mga pinoy Overseas..

    honestly, the first time i went here. I felt discrimination already..

    its alive anywhere!

    LETS VOTE WISELY TOMORROW!.. coz the person who’ll take MALACANANG will make a great impact in our country’s future..

  27. i voted for you just a while ago!

    i voted for you, hindi dahil sa walang bahid na mali ang pangalan mo….

    i voted for you, hindi dahil nakikipag-away para lang i-angat ang sarili mo laban sa mga katungali mo…

    i voted for you, hindi dahil sa nagpapakatotoo ka sa sarili mo….

    i voted for you dahil un ang sabi ng puso ko…!

    mabuhay ka GIBO!
    manalo man o matalo!
    saludo pa rin kami sa IYO!

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