Ed Panlilio: from the Altar to Capitol and soon to the Palace?

Although expected, it was still surprising to see Gov. Ed Panlilio among five presidential aspirants during leader’s forum, Countdown 2010, hosted by ABS-CBN.

His presence had given me strong feeling that he has strong desire to be the next president. Gov. Ed Panlilio seemed to be inserting himself to the president-to-be short list.

Gov. Ed Panlilio

I thought the first Filipino Roman Catholic priest elected as provincial governor in the Philippines will continue to serve Pampanga, the province that gives him chance to get noticed in entire country. I imagined that Gov. Panlilio will campaign for his second term.  But I was fooled with my expectations that Among Ed will prove his worth in Pampanga provincial capitol and the worth of his suspension as priest.

I thought Among Ed is waiting for strong indicators that the people in the Philippines will push him Malacañang in 2010. Perhaps dramatize by waiting for millions of signatures pleading him to run.

On the contrary, Gov. Ed Panlilio wanted higher than what a governor can do; bigger and far better than Pampanga provincial capitol. But potentially harsh than some Pampangeño’s indifference. Critics on his quarry policy will be nothing to what lies ahead.

If I continue to tolerate my wild thoughts, it seemed I see another first in the Philippines – Filipino Roman Catholic priest to sleep, play, decide, and dine in Malacañang Palace.

Authors may take the chance to write an interesting and inspiring coffee table book on that. Of course highlights will be tales on how he stepped form the altar, dropped by in capitol, then dived to Malacañang. It’s a human interest story publishers would be drooling of.

The legend of Gov. Ed Panlilio is inspiring, and admirable. His extraordinary decision to give more weight on politics than his ministry has revolutionized nation’s politics.

Reality check, Gov. Ed Panlilio has slim chance to get majority votes in May 2010. Either the good priest knows about it or he simply got strong faith to his denials and partially blinded with murky political water.

Does Among Ed foresees early political disaster in his own province so he slides to a national post?

While the leadership, dedication, and courage of Gov. Ed Panlilio worthy of commendation, I am not yet convinced that he is ready to lead this nation. But I am not saying his capabilities as leader is questionable to me.

Roman Catholics like me will feel blessed seeing Fr. Ed Panlilio heartily does his ministry rather than seeing him in the near future dining with wolves.

Politics is dragging him away. But there is one thing more. Fr. Panlilio’s civil and political rights are always supreme to any opinion including mine.

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7 thoughts on “Ed Panlilio: from the Altar to Capitol and soon to the Palace?

  1. I think ‘hilaw’ pa siya para sa presidential seat.
    There’s no question about his commitment to change the nation and its sovereigns but mas malakas ang makinarya ng mayayaman, unfortunately.

  2. por dyos por santo naman, dadalhin pa ba ninyo si Among Ed sa malacanang na ,DYOS na mismo ang kausap niya at sumumpa pa na paglilingkuran niya ang dakilang panginoon ng buong katapatan at maging boses ni hesus sa pangkalupaan at maging giya ng mga naliligaw ng landas ,isang napakadakilang layunin at adhikain..pagkapos ay bigla na lamang niyan TALIKURAN ang mga pangakong ito..TINALIKURAN niya ang pangako niya sa DYOS..tayo pa kayang mga ordinaryong nilalang ang di nya TALIKURAN pag dating ng panahon? ano ang pag kakaiba nya sa mga taong nangako at sumumpa ring tayo ay paglilingkuran ng tama at wasto? silang mga naka upo at mga opisyal na ng bayan? hindi DYOS ang kausap nila..

    bahala na ang DYOS.

  3. Amon Ed is what this country needs, we need a good president.

    Becoming a president to lead the lives of many people requires popularity and money. Running a nation requires integrity and honesty.

    I admire the governor’s campaign against corruption, his hands-on work in improving the health care and educational services in his province, and his integrity.

    We are all fed up with the dirty politicians and recurring news of corruption. Is it time for a change?

    By the way he is fighting them right now in his province, and he fought well, though he didn’t actually knocked them out.

    I believe he deserves to have a chance to serve the nation for six years and let the change happen.

    There may be thousands of baseless accusations just to put his name in vain courtesy of his sour rivals and subbordinates. This is a well known tactic to put down any popular opponent and especially when it prevents them to steal millions of money from the people’s fund.

    God Bless!!!

  4. I dont mind Ed Panlilio run for president because he is a filipino of legal status to run for. However, the filipino people must be presented with an agenda or manifesto directly from him for his plans if he become president.

    What is his idea of the current administration. People can decide if he is really qualified.

    The only person that our country need right now is like a ninoy aquino in our midst. If only Mr. Oca Orbos would be tap, maybe but given his popularity to the masses, i doubt it.

    Godbless this country!

  5. Hello Bayan,

    I read about Fr./Governor Panlilio in 2007.It was a publication by a Pilipino press in the US.

    During my active student days in the Philippines (including People Power)
    I stood side by side with priesrs and nuns…chanting Down with Marcos and Imperialism.Stop Graft and Corruption……!!!!

    In 1986 I had the privileged of briefly serving our government under Cory.
    President Corazon Aquino was great but she was not ready to face some realities that part of the many problems confronting the Philippines is/are
    the few very rich people who supported Marcos then after the People Power:
    The Aquino,Ramos,Estrada,and Arroyo Administrations.Do you know those few super rich Pilipinos (including the Chinese business tycoons ) are behind the politicians. Without stating the obvious- lot of miseducation and misinformation are told to the Pilipinos about our predicaments.Traditional politics and the oligarchs are just some of the many problems we have.
    Communists are not the only one who knows this facts.Labeling people communists when they tell the truth is ignorance.

    I never forgotten my heritage.I am and I will always be a Pilipino.I never stopped loving the Philippines.Look back in history….the illusrado class- the rich and those with privilege always take the leadership role.
    Do you wonder why ? Because the poorest among the poor are busy surviving.

    If truly Fr.Panlilio is the chosen one ….I will continue to love my country and many of the Pilipinos I served with all my heart and wealth.

    If you need help email me at endpoverty.2009@gmail.com

    “Poverty is not absolute it has relatives all over the world”
    copyright rpanizal@fas.harvard.edu-Research on Poverty.

  6. I admire the courage of Among Ed to run for the presidency. He has the dedication, vision and the will to serve. He is also a model for good leadership. He is to me the person who will bring back the government to the people. I know it will not be very easy for him to run a country like Philippines where kotong and different modes of dishonest acts have already been rooted to the system. But, with his will to change, with the help of majority of the Filipinos and with the guidance of GOD, I am sure he will be what the country is waiting for. I actually don’t mind his being inexperience, what he only needs is WILL. I mean look at Gov. Arnold Szwarzeneger of California, look at Obama, they are what they called inexperience, but they are good leaders.

  7. I will support Fr. Ed Panlilio in his determination for change and his bid as the next president of our beloved country . I admire his moral courage ,and meet head-on the challenges , and face the sacrifices he has to endure , from the internal strife and bickerings from the traditional crook politicians , who bribe their way to the seats of power and amass ill gotten wealth . God works in so many strange ways the least we expect .Fr. Ed Panlilio is an instrument and a servant of God, he’s a priest and forever be a priest. His training in his youth in the seminary , his leadership in the parish he serve , and up to the time that his the governor of the province of Pampanga (the central nerve station of weteng, that corrupts the moral fiber of a community and the whole country as well .) has proven his worth to be a morally upright , will powered leader that this country needs now.

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