Poets, Patriots, and the Trees

Trees teach me a hundred lessons – and still counting. I admire the strength of a tree. I am amazed at its patience, persistence, and perseverance. I honor its generosity to my race.

At home, I planted Molave Tree (Tugas) beside the fast-growing Narra which was planted by my father. The last time I visited home, I saw how Molave Tree which I planted four years ago grew. Its green leaves looked very gratifying.

Perhaps, trees are so inspiring that it nurtures and continuously nourish the poet’s spirit. Perhaps, trees is an epic that it motivates heroes to fearlessly shed their blood.

In Rizal Shrine, in Dapitan City, Talisay trees still stand. Those Talisay trees keep the memories they had with our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

In UP Cebu campus, Acacia trees already stand as symbol like the oblation. School campuses are becoming more beautiful and meaningful with trees. When I was in high school, my classmates and I used to study under the shades of Mahogany trees right after lunch. My childhood had been colorful because I played under the shade of trees.

In my recent visit to Cotta, Ozamiz City (Spanish Fortres called El Fuerte de Nuestra Señora de la Conception del Triunfo built in 1756), I was stunned with the mighty Narra tree that stands beside the museum building. The Narra tree is named after Capt. Samaon Afdal who planted it in 1963. The marker says, Capt. Samaon Afdal was the Company Commander of the 79th PC Company. The Fort was used to be the headquaters of 79th PC Company.

Upon seeing Capt. Samaon Afdal tree, I felt the serenity of the Fort and I seemed hear children who recite in chorus Joyce Kilmer’s undying piece, Trees.

My hometown’s (Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur) treasure, the cold springs of Tuboran is gracefully lined with trees. It always reminds me that light, shades, and water are the charms of mystical romances and symbols of human survival.

When I heard about Kawasan Falls in Cebu, portrait of shades, lights, and crystals was drawn in my mind. Last weekend, I had confirmed that Kawasan Falls’ beauty secrets are its trees.

Some trees grow tall, some bear fruits, most are strong, all trees survive at its best.

What else shall I learn from trees?

In a couple of months, I shall be seeing my Molave tree again.

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5 thoughts on “Poets, Patriots, and the Trees

  1. Nice!its funny how u have taken the pic of my lolo’s tre(capt.samaon tree)thanks for the post!:)

  2. @ceejay: The tree reminds us and at the same time assures us that there is hope. I had a short visit in Cotta before going back to Cebu. I was really fascinated to see the changes in Cotta.

  3. I was in Cebu in the 80’s and in the mountains of Cebu helping and educating
    the people in those areas about the disastrous impact of the kaingin system.
    I climbed those mountains (I donot know how ) despite of the heavy rains during our trip.I have a positive experience except I saw poverty in the mountains of Cebu.

    I am not a patriot but I love the Philippines and its regions ie.Cebu,Panay and Mindanao.

    email me at endpoverty.2009@gmail.com

  4. Hi there, My name is Maria Corazon Afdal and I reside in the US. I have been trying to find my biological father who’s name i knew as Samaon Layman Afdal. Not a very common name, but after reading this article i could not help but wonder if this is my father. I was born in 1965 in Cagayan De Oro. I know that my father passed shortly after. In the 60’s. I really do not have a lot to go by, except that i was one of the many children he had. I remember hearing the name Earl Afdal as being one of my half brother. Can you please help, or perhaps if you have any information on Capt Afdal can you share with me? i can be reach via e-mail at nwilson828@gmail.com.

    Thank you

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