Manny Villar: Victim of political persecution?

Sen. Manuel Villar claimed that he is.

He complained that the ethics complaint filed against him is politically motivated. Obviously, whatever the politicians do are politically motivated. They are called politicians, aren’t they?

Let us make it clear the issue against Sen. Manny Villar is not only the double insertion of P200 million to an approved budget of C-5 road project. The biggest issue here is why C-5 road’s original plan was changed to traverse the properties of Villar. Because of this, Sen. Manny Villar and his wife, Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar gets benefited.

Of course, Senators Mar Roxas and Panfilo Lacson take this opportunity to put down Sen. Manny Villar as he is their biggest threat for their ambition in 2010. This is both about elections. This is also about exposing how politicians advanced their personal interest.

See? Elections benefit us in many ways. Political quarrels give us many opportunities to dissect politicians. At the same time, political war slows down our nation’s progress.

Reports say that Senator Manny Villar will boycott the Senate investigation. This is what I have been telling you: That I could not get any justice from these hearings. The decision is already cooked up. The presence of the presidentiables makes me sad because it clearly smacks of conflict of interest, Villar told reporters as quoted by report in Manila Standard Today.

It appears that Villar’s only savior is the heart of the people. Will Filipino people believe that he is innocent? Or will Filipino people feel that they are the victims.

We are persecuted by politicians.

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8 thoughts on “Manny Villar: Victim of political persecution?

  1. tell me about it. i’ve been volunteering in outreaches, i can’t help but notice that recently, these almost always draw attention from politicians obviously wanting to run for office again. the bad thing is when they just show up like they have some involvement in organizing these. they even bring the media. sus, maski magdala na lang gani ug snacks, wa jud! kapal!

  2. funny thing is, kahit uber ‘pinagkakaisahan’ na daw siya sa senado ay nakuha niya pang maglabas ng isa pang bagong commercial.

    if these guys really want to help they should be anonymous philanthropists.

  3. It is political persecution. Villar brought the media to show the map of the the C5 road and where his property is situated. With Villar’s businesses, it’s not even surprising that the road project will pass along his property. He said his property is not even situated at the center of business that is assumed to flourish at the finish of the project. What is sad really is the air time given to him when he made the public explanation. All the noise for the discovery, all the agog for the explanation but when it came…everyone was disinterested?
    General public’s disinterest might be based on disenchantment. But the media because of well…more juice on the katrina/hayden scandal. But the politicians?…oh and using yellow journalism again people?

  4. This is so frustrating to know that our political leaders act so innocent! As if they are so good! They love to take advantage of the people for their benefit!

  5. so di natin hosgahan ang isang tao na di natin gaanong kilala dapat nating makilala ang isang tao sa gawa at tulong sa kapwa.

  6. at dapat natin e check kung yung nanghusga ba sa kanya na senador malinis ba. naintidihan ko si senador manny villar agree ako sa paliwanag niya. kahit sinabi ng isang tao na dapat di siya iboto ako napatunayan ko na. madami na siya napasa na batas. at marami na siyang natulungan kahit noong di pa siya senador madami na. yung iba ngang preditiable na tatabok. ano kaya gagawin nila kung sila mananalo. tulungan nyua kaya ang mga mahihirap na aangat. basta kung saan ang puso nyo at sino ang karapadat sa inyo. Go but ang mapapayu ko lang sa inyo wag ninyo ibenta ang kaisa isa ang Boto niyo wag kayo masilaw sa pera. dapat panindgan nyo presipsyo. d yung ibenta natin boto natin. God Bless all. tamaan wag magalit. dapat mag isip na tayo imulat natin ating kaisipan at Mga mata.

  7. ako para sa akin kay senador villar ako madami na natulungan at madami ng projects na nagawa. pero di ko kau inodyok na iboto siya . yung nasa sa puso nyo yung iboto niyo. yung sa t.v wag natin paniwalaan mag search tayo sa internet kung sano ang pagkatao ng ating iboto. ok kahit sino ang manalo. if yung mga galamay niya corrupt. madamay yung presidente na tapat sa kanyang tungkulin. alm natin may tumatakbo na senador na di sarili ang pinadeside nya. o maibibigay nya kaya kung ano ang hiling ng isang tao na baguhan pa siya sa senado…….. di ko nga alam kung may nagawa ba yan sa sinado.

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